Monday, August 14, 2017

Nature Republic Botanical Eyebrow Coating Cara Review

Hi girlies!

I've never been a brow girl my entire life, but ever since I started dying my hair in a lighter colour about a year and a half ago, I had to find a way to make my black bushy brows not stand out as much. At that time, my girlfriend gave me her Natural Republic eyebrow coating gel to try and I can't turn back ever since. Now I'm a newbie in brow products so there might be other products out there that perform much better than this. However, I'm quite satisfied by what this has to offer and the price point is extremely reasonable that I don't mind sticking around and not feel the need to test my luck with other brow products from other brands.

I repurchased this particular one in Korea earlier this year since for some odd reasons, I had trouble finding a Nature Republic in Hong Kong. Since I have an abundance amount of brow hair already, the only thing I feel that I need is to coat it in a lighter colour. The colour I have is 04 which should be the darker brown with a slight red tint.

It generally lasts all day and it doesn't slip and slide on my face. When the product is new, you have to be super light handed as the brush would be filled with an abundance of products. Be careful or else your face and your make up table would become messy real quick! At night when I wash my face, I would notice that there are little pieces of rubbery texture. Just be sure of wash them all away. They come off pretty quickly. 

The price is very reasonable at about 6,000 won which is around HKD40. How can you beat that for a reasonable product right?

Much love.