Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Furla Stacy Bucket Bag Review

Hi girlies! Let's talk about bags! The Furla Stacy Bucket Bag has been one of my favourites for the past two years. Not only is it easy to pair with outfits, lightweight, fits a ton, the price point is also unbeatable. I bought this at Lafayette in Paris two years ago when I was visiting my friend after a road trip down in Bordeaux. At that time, I recall that the bucket bag trend was super popular. But up till this day, I still use it loads despite the trend has died down a bit. 

I believe this style is considered a classic at Furla as it's still available season after season although the colours offered in each season may be different. The one I have is a beige colour. I remember having a real hard time picking a colour since there were so many! A little disclaimer is that my version is from 2015 and Furla may have improved the design since then. I have not been to the store lately to assess the differences so I can't speak for newer versions.

I personally don't like bucket bags that have a circle bottom since it makes the bag look wider, and in turn, would make me look wider. This Furla one has a rectangular bottom which gives it a slimmer shape which I enjoy!

The interior is made of calfskin. When it was new, the feeling was extremely luxurious. However, after a couple of years, there has been major wear and tear as you may be able to see from the close-up picture. I don't use this bag as a daily bag, but it's definitely a go-to option during weekends or for casual dinners. It's very disappointing that the texture has become very rough especially towards the top where there is a lot of contact with items going in and out of the bag.

The overall shape of the bag held up pretty well I would say. Of course, it's not in perfect condition as when I first purchased it. And I don't tend to baby it too much. Given the situation, I think it's still quite acceptable.

The exterior is in textured leather which I personally love. I feel like it makes the bag a little more interesting and the textured leather makes it more durable being less prone to scratches. After two years, I'd say the exterior is still in great condition. I know Furla offers smooth leather finishes as well for this bag.

The bag also came with removable zipper pouch that I forgot the photograph. It's so practical that I was using it as a wallet for over a year when I was in Hong Kong. It was perfect for my lifestyle at that time where I needed a small pouch that was just big enough to store my cards, phone, office pass and some cash all in one, that I could just take with me during lunch without bringing my entire bag. 

I think this bag is great value for money and I highly recommend it! Since the calfskin interior requires more delicate care, you may want to consider if that would work for your lifestyle.

Here are some colours options that are available on Furla's site currently:

Moonstone in smooth leather / Kaki in smooth leather / Black Onyx in textured leather

Much love.