Monday, December 27, 2010

Just wanna quickly show you girls something I hauled today at BCBG for my best friend's belated christmas present! I thought this purse was cool, a little lady gaga like, but not over the top. There are all these studs all over the purse! The downside of it is that it's pretty small.. it's probably gonna just fit your phone and some cash.

I picked up this pack of bumpits at a Chinese store in the T&T plaza on Warden and Steeles for just $3 (left pic)!!! This might be just knockoffs since they're not from the brand Bumpits, but I don't care cause I'm not paying $10 for a few pieces of plastic! I've been wanting to tryout these for a long time now. I also really wanna tryout another type of bumpits that are made out of velcro (right pic) Anyone tried these before?

Here are just some pics taken during the holidays!

Hope everyone had an awesome time off, got tons of great gifts, and spent some quality time with friends and family :D

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Black, Black, Black and Blue, Beat me till I'm numb

Where have I been to the past couple of days? I took monday off work because I can't carry that many vacation days over to next year so me and the bf took a short trip to Niagara Falls on Sunday, stayed over the night, and came home Monday night. It was very fun, a lot funner than the last time we went which was in July. But brrrrrrrrrr, the winter is just oh so cold in Canada!!!

On Sunday morning, we had lunch at a local food court before heading to our destination. As you can see from the picture, I'm obviously a lot healthier than him!!! :P We stopped by Canada One Outlet at Niagara Falls. The sales weren't bad, but I didn't get anything though, props to myself!

We got a $45 voucher for The Keg with our hotel package so we had dinner there. We ordered baked garlic shrimp for appetizer and it was amazing :D I seriously couldn't finish that prime rib for the life of me, which is the reason why I got half of it packed and had it for breakfast the next morning. The bf thinks I'm extremely weird to have steak for breakfast lol

View from our room

Next morning, we handed to the casino to test our luck. This is the most exciting part of the trip...... cause the bf won the JACKPOT from the slot machine!!!! CRAZY MUCH? Yes, I didn't care if I'm allowed to take pictures in casino or not, I quickly snapped a few! $5k!! It was our lucky day :D :D :D We quickly left the casino right afterward thinking that we might get robbed LOL

We also got tickets to go on the skywheel with our hotel deal so there we went!

Then we had a few hours to kill before the Greg Frewin magic show at 8 pm so we stopped by the arcade and played games and bowled for hours! At the end, we traded our tickets for these 2 adorable prizes that are sitting on my desk right now!

Dinner at Boston Pizza

Ended the trip watching the show with a beer in our hand :)

Happy Holidays!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Favourites at the moment

So after watching BeautyQQ's metallic nail video, I got obsessed with cool tone metallic nails. If you don't know who BeautyQQ is, she is a cantonese / mandarin youtube beauty & fashion guru. She's so pretty and all her videos are so inspiring! Anyway, back to nails, I remember I have a few silver polishes because I used to like to add silver to the tips of my fingers. I decided to give it a try and I am loving it! It's subtle yet different. And it's so festive, perfect for the holidays :D I think it'll look great if you're wearing dusty pink or red! I decided to use this nail polish brand called Golden Rose.

I bought the above 4 polishes in Hong Kong. I seriously forgot which store I got them from... I want to say SaSa, but I might be wrong. They were extremely inexpensive! If I remember correctly, they were less than $1.5 each (?) Each of them only has 5.5 ml though so they're quite small, but I seriously don't mind because my polishes usually go bad before I can finish them anyway. Upon some brief researching, Golden Rose is actually a South Africa company. These colours I have are under the "Fashion Colour" series. They don't have a name for each of them, but there's a code. From left to right: 39, 58, 19, 56. I'm pleasantly surprised by the quality of these. Although I still applied 3 coats to achieve my silver nail look, it goes on smoothly and it dries relatively quick!

I love my Tom Ford Black Orchid body moisturizer. I bought it at the MAC sale in September for $20. Now that I think about it, it's rather expensive. I have no idea why I would spend that much on a body moisturizer. But at that time, I was attracted by its packaging. It's nothing fancy, but I love how the gold looks with the black background. I almost bought the white version too. Luckily, I came to my senses right before I headed to the cashier. There's no way I'm spending $40 on moisturizer!! Despite the price, I'm not regretting this purchase. I absolutely adore the scent. It has a strong feminine floral scent. I usually just put a little bit on my wrists before I sleep.

I'm also liking my Shu Uemura pressed eye shadow in p black 990. It's one of those purchases that I made when I was on vacation. Why I would spend $25 on an e/s is still a myth to me. Let alone why I own a total of 4 Shu Uemura e/s =_= fml Anyway, I love how pretty it looks in the pan. It's actually the only black e/s that I own and it's extremely pigmented. It goes on smoothly. Lately, I've been packing this on top of my Shiseido cream eyeliner to avoid it from smudging. And it seems like it's doing the job :)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

All I want for Christmas is you

Probably not for Christmas, or anytime soon...
but this is my WISH LIST PART 2!!

1. Over the knee boots

I've been wanting a pair of flat over the knee boots for some time now. I checked a handful of stores and they generally costs about $80 to $300+. Some details I'm looking for:
- Black
- Faux or real leather rather than suede material
- I like it when the front part is higher than the back, but that's not a must
- Preferably better if I have the option to flip the part that's over the knee down so it's more versatile cause I'm not sure how long these boots will be in style for
- Flat or little heel

I checked out some high end over the knee boots on for some references, and I found the following two that I'm drooling over.

Chloe Flat leather over-the knee boots $1,385
The material looks extremely soft. I think the bow detail looks cute, but I'm usually not a big fan of details like that cause it would look sloppy if not paired well. I prefer clean lines so I'm a little iffy about that. It looks like it's soft enough to flip the 'over the knee' part down too, but that would cover the bow detailing... Oh, and how can I forget, the price is ridiculously high! lol

Marc by Marc Jacobs Eyelet-embellished flat leather boots $595
The back details are edgy yet subtle. I actually like the Chloe heel better than this pair because I prefer a little bit of added height. The ability of flip the over the knee part down is a plus. The material looks sturdy. Ahhh love!

2. Cute house decorations

I do plan on moving out in a year or two. I can't wait to decorate my own place! I think you can find all of the following at Urban Outfitters.

Over the Door Flock $28
How cute it would be to see your towels, scarfs, or even necklaces hanging on these birds!

Round Venetian Lace Printed Rug $48
Absolutely loving the colour and the pattern!

Porcelain plates 4 for $20
I'll be the happiest girl ever if I can eat some home made pasta with this pink bow plate!

Aubin & Wills Cushion $150
This item is not from Urban Outfitters... I forgot where it's from actually. I just saved the image cause I thought it's so unique. It reminds me of the double deck buses in Hong Kong, but of course the reference in this cushion is the UK.

3. Dream Car

I present to you my ultimate dream car: the Jeep Wrangler. Actually, I drive a decent car right now and a lot of people think it's ridiculous that I would want this instead but I just think the Wrangler is so exotic and awesome looking! When I need to get my own car with my own money, I'll be wanting this one.

It just looks too perfect! *-*