Saturday, December 4, 2010

Love at first sight

I had an awesome and fun shopping date with my good friend Steph today! We went all around Toronto to shop, talk, and catch up :) I haven't seen this girl for a few months now, and I was so excited to do girl stuff together again! hehe We started at around 12:45 this morning at Bloor. Our first stop was Holt Renfrew but we didn't see anything that we particularly liked, so we had lunch at Ginger, a Vietnamese restaurant on Yonge.

Then Steph brought me to Anthropologie. And I think I fell in love. It's 2 stories of awesomeness. It has a similar vibe as Urban Outfitters. However, the prices are pretty high so I just indulged myself in the sale section. Its sale section has quite a large variety of clothes. Prices are usually marked down 50 to 80%.

80 Yorkville Avenue, Toronto
Another location is at Shops at Don Mills, 19 Clock Tower Road, Toronto

Other than clothes, bags, shoes, and jewelry, it also sells home accessories such as cushions, beddings, and such.

Me in the changeroom. OOTD:
- F21 red plaid shirt
- Black leggings
- Brown riding boots
- Black Costa Blanca scarf
- Prada bag

I did end up getting these three tops. The material is so soft and feels so comfortable to wear! I love these earthy tones too. The fit is awesome. Maybe I'm so used to the quality of Forever21 clothes, so I was in awe when I felt the quality of these. I couldn't resist not getting them even though I shouldn't be spending anymore :S

Christmas Tree at Eaton Centre

I had such a fun time today even though I'm super tired now after a full day of shopping! Can't wait till we meet up next time :D


Jenny said...

hey edwina! i dont use that panasonic heated eyelash curler that much at all, it takes time to work with it and i'm lazy most of the time! haha i feel like the more i know about makeup the longer i take to get ready =___=

daisy at $65 was still quite a bit for me to swallow but i know at retail price its $100?? you should get it next time!

i'm going to make alex take me to anthropologie! i've been to their online store before but i haven't actually been in the real store! those tops look GORG! how much were they?

looks like you had a fun girls day out! ^^

Leenda said...

I love your outfit! So cute! I think anthropologie has a bunch of cute stuff, but I rarely get anything there bc yea..its out of my budget. T_T

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

I love Anthropologie but the steep prices often make me hesitate to buy things there! :p Did you buy those you tried on? :D They are really cute!!

I love Vietnamese food! It's the perfect time for soup! Hope you had a nice time today :)

Susie said...

Mmmm, is that pho I see? :P
I like your outfit! ^__^

Anonymous said...

I miss Toronto ! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. I remembering liking Anthropologie when I visited one of their stores in LA but yes it is expensive ;-/

Tasja said...

I like your outfit ^^

and those tops you got are great!!

Edwina said...

@Jenny: The left brownish beige top was marked down from $118< to $49.95, the middle one was marked down from $68 to $19.95, the right one was marked down from $78 to $39.95. The original prices were pretty expensive, but after sale, they're acceptable considering the quality we're getting. I was still hesitant on the brown top though but it was soooo soft and it's pretty practical so I'm sure I'm make a lot of uses out of it. You should definitely go and check it out :)

@Susie: Yes! It's pho :D I love pho!! heehee

@Everyone: thanksss :D

PinkOrchids said...

I love your outfit! The clothes there look so amazing... i wish the UK had great clothes with affordable prices like tht... =) xX

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