Sunday, November 28, 2010

Keep wishin', keep dreamin'

My wish list...

Vidi Vici Small Face Case 01 $950 HKD (~$125 CAD)
includes face powder, shading blush, cheek blush, and highlighter
This is way too expensive... Not sure if I will ever buy it for myself. I just think the packaging is so sleek and it's great for traveling (not that I travel too much anyway)... But what the heck, I'll just put it on the list just for fun!

Sigma brushes
Flat top kabuki F80 / Large powder brush F30 / Large concealer brush F35 / Small Duo Fibre F55 / Eye Liner Brush E05
I would've bought 2 or 3 of these brushes if I didn't miss the free international shipping on the Black Friday sale. I've heard amazing things about the flat top kabuki, currently I own the Elf powder brush and the shape is similar, but I personally would never use my elf one for liquid foundation, I use it solely for powder. And Holly (on her youtube video) said it's amazing for any type of foundation *-* As for the concealer brush, I don't own one that is that big, and it's more convenient for under the eyes. I wonder how small the small duo fibre brush is... the MAC one I own is a regular sized one and I do want to try out a smaller one to buff my liquid foundation in.

Beige / ebony fabric with white leather trim heart-shaped coin purse $240
I just think this is awesomely cute. I wouldn't use it for storing coins though since my wallet has a coin slot already. I reckon if I own it, it would just be there for random things. And obviously $240 is way too expensive to be spent on something to hold random things...

The following are a pile of high end key cases that I found when I was doing some online window shopping last night. The key case that I'm using right now is a pink hello kitty one that has gotten really dirty over the past year. Does anyone still use key cases? Or do you guys prefer key rings instead? Idk, I feel like key cases protect the other things in your bag (phone, wallet, etc.) that can be scratched up by your keys.

4 Key Holder Fleuri in Violet $285
The price is obviously overprice for this, especially with only 4 hooks. The pattern inside is so unique and cute though.

Monogram Multicolore by Takashi Murakami in Litchi 4 Key Holder $235
I'm normally not a big fan of the multicolour monogram just because I don't think it suits my style that much, but the pink inside is adorable!!!

Round Key Holder GM $225
The shape is unique, I think it reminds me of a glasses case, plus you get 6 hooks.

Monogram Vernis 4 Key Holder in Rose Florentin $235
I feel like this one is more subtle, more timeless, and suits my style more. Too bad it doesn't come with more hooks.

White guccissima leather with white leather trim, light gold hardware, 6 key hooks $210
I feel like this is my least favourite just because it gives me a more mature feel.

Miu Miu (price is unknown)... I just found a random picture of this. Ahhhhhhh WAY TOO CUTE! especially the bow, and 6 hooks too. I think I saw some other pictures of this in different colours, but I think the red works well with the bow, reminds me of christmas haha!

Wish list to be continued...

This post is just for jokes, don't think I'll go out and buy these, at least not anytime soon. Sometimes I like to keep items on my wish list that I know I won't get for a while... It keeps me going in life, so I'll have more to look forward to. Sometimes keep wanting but not getting something makes me happier, if you spoil yourself too much and buy everything for yourself without a second thought, you become less and less satisfied with life. After you own more and more things, then what? You'd just want to own even more, and the value of each new item to you would become less and less. If we step back, and valuate our actions, a lot of the makeup or fashion items that we buy are not necessities, no matter how hard we try to fool ourselves by saying 'I need more work clothes', or 'I need to expand my winter wardrobe'. Of course, treating ourselves once in a while for our hard work is necessary to put a smile on our faces :)

Now, what's on your wish list?

Wake me up when the winter ends

Ahhh It's getting so cold in Canada!!! I can't even go out without a scarf, mittens, and proper boots. This is the season I dread... and it's extremely long here. Since I don't do much winter sports - skiing or snowboarding, there's really nothing to look forward to other than the christmas decorations and gatherings. I'm especially not looking forward to having to drive in snow :(

Just before I went to the mall and ran some errands.
Sweater - H&M
Scarf - a friend's souvenir from India
Earmuffs - F21

It was also my sister's birthday party last night. Since she didn't want a birthday cake, we got her a bunch of cupcakes. Aren't these so cute :)

My best friend got me this for my birthday!! I'm loving the hearts, they make it so cute :) This would be perfect when going out with a small purse since my wallet is quite large. I can't wait to use this during the holidays!

This post was quite random lol... hope you guys don't mind!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Product Rave: Dry Shampoo

I absolutely love this stuff! My mom got it for my sister when she went to her 3 day camping trip, but she never used it so now it's mine HARHARHAR!!! :D The number one reason why I wash my hair every other day is because I'm lazy. I used to have much thicker and longer hair so I would kill myself before washing my hair everyday. It's just too much of a hassle. And of course, so many people say that it's not good for your hair to be washed so often. However, on my 2nd day of my unwashed hair, usually my bangs become oily and nasty. This is when dry shampoo comes into play. It's so effective and time efficient!

How to apply:
1. Shake well.
2. Spray onto hair.
3. Leave for 2 minutes (I usually put on my face cream while I wait).
4. Brush out thoroughly.

After it's sprayed, you will see dry white powder on your hair. Don't freak out, it'll disappear after you brush it out. Last time I did that, I needed to go to my room from the washroom to get something, and my dad saw me with white hair and got scared. LOL. I especially love this product when there's only 15 minutes before I should leave the house to go to work but my hair looks so nasty even I, myself, don't want to look at myself in the mirror.

I only tried one brand, and this is the Klorane Laboratories Oil-suppressing dry shampoo. My mom bought it at Shoppers Drug Mart for about $8 for 150ml. I'm very happy with it. I will try out other brands if I ever run out of this one, but I have a feeling I'll want to come back to this.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Game night for real

Hello all, I went to my first ever basketball game last night! Come to think of it, it was actually my first ever full bball game that I watched (including on tv)... It was b/w the Toronto Raptors and the Houston Rockets. Surprisingly, I really enjoyed it. Three hours really just felt like one!! And the awesome part was that we won!!! :D It was located at the Air Canada Center. We got our tickets for $50 each at the 300 section, which was higher up but you could still see the game very clearly. Drinks and food was extremely overpriced, which was expected.

Silly us / Big raptor having a dance off with little raptor.

During one of the breaks, they gave out free pizzas! And I was literally fighting for a box! HAHA It was good :))) Especially when I was kinda hungry at that time!

Us enjoying our free food!

We wanted to go to Real Sports Bar & Grill for dinner after the game. It's located right beside the ACC. But when we got there (probably 5 minutes after the game ended), the line up was already way too long so we decided to just grab food in uptown. I was kinda craving for bar food too :( Oh wells, there's always next time!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Done and gone

I decided to review some of the face skincare products that I've finished using for the past 2 months. Hope you girls will find it helpful :) I will be doing a review soon on products that I'm using nowadays to replace these.

Biotherm Rides Repair / Rides Repair Nuit - 50ml each
($45 and $47)

I bought these two at Shopper Drug Mart before I found that you can purchase creams at much reduced prices at cosmetic sales. I am using a 2nd tub of the day cream right now. I bought it at the L'oreal sale, for a better deal. The texture of the cream is very thick and rich. I personally don't mind the thick texture especially in winters when the weather's a lot drier. I don't suggest this for the summers though cause it'd feel way too heavy. It makes my skin feel super soft throughout the day. The scent is a little chemically... not unbearable though.

Price: 2.5/5 - Relatively pricey, but it's good quality. The products last for a while too.
Texture: 4/5 - Thick and Rich (Suitable only for winters)
Scent: 3/5 - Chemically, but bearable.
Effectiveness: 4.5/5 - It leaves your skin feeling extremely soft.
Repurchase? Most likely... after I'm done finishing all the new creams I've bought.

Lancome Renergie Nuit - 50ml
(Reg. Price $90 to $100)

I obviously didn't spend that much on a jar of cream. I got this at the L'oreal sale for around $50. I feel like this is a similar, but lighter, version of the Biotherm Rides Repair. It also leaves the skin feeling extremely soft, without having that heavy feeling at the moment it's applied. It has quite a strong floral smell.

Price: 1/5 - Way too expensive, especially at regular price.
Texture: 4.5/5 - Moderately light.
Scent: 3/5 - Strong floral scent.
Effectiveness: 4.5/5
Repurchase? No at regular price, maybe if I find a very good deal.

Laneige Sensitive Dual Enhancing Cream - 10ml eye cream, 30ml face cream
Laneige Sensitive Essense - 30ml

On the Amore Canada site, they sell for $49 each, but I'm pretty sure I bought them for cheaper in Hong Kong. I switched over to the sensitive line because my skin condition used to be a lot worse with way too much discolouration / redness. It's a lot better now that I've extensively paid more attention to the face products that I use.

It's interesting that there are two different creams (face and eye) in the same jar. I guess they wanted to make it convenient, but the packaging of it is so big and heavy that I wouldn't bother taking it with me when I travel so it defeats the purpose. Another thing is that I think they're trying to trick you on the amount of products it holds. It really doesn't last that long considering the price. Note that the price of the sensitive line is more expensive than their basic line.

Note that the texture of this line is quite different from the Biotherm and Lancome ones I reviewed above. These are more water based. This line is very nice to use during the summer. It's light and hydrates the skin. I like the essence more than the dual enhancing cream though. It's more like a serum type product that has medium thickness, but unlike the heavy thickness of the Biotherm Rides Repaire, this one just feels more hydrating.

Price: 2.5/5 - I keep thinking I got ripped off because the basic line is cheaper.
Texture: 4/5 - Very hydrating
Scent: 4/5 - The scent is not strong, smells like water... does that make sense? lol
Effectiveness (Cream): 2.5/5
Effectiveness (Essence): 4/5
Repurchase? Probably not since my skin has gotten better recently so I won't be purchasing the sensitive line anymore. I will retry the basic line whenever I visit Hong Kong again.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Shiseido Sale Haul!! Plus the rest of my day.

I went to the Shiseido sale today in Markham. It's actually my first time there even though I've heard a lot of good things about this sale before. There are mostly Shiseido and NARS products, and some other brands that I'm not familiar with. I arrived at 9am with my mom thinking that I was relatively early... but boy was I wrong! Cars were parked all over the nearby streets. The lineup was long. It took us 2 hours to get in!!!! >_<

The sale is opened Friday (only for people with VIP tickets), Saturday and Sunday (for public). The location is 303 Allstate Parkway, Markham. If you still haven't checked out the sale yet, and live around the area, you can do so tomorrow from 9am to 3pm. I warn you though.. the ladies there are VERY AGGRESSIVE... so be prepared!

My haul:
Shiseido Benfiance creamy cleansing foam: $25
Shiseido White Lucent Brighening Protective Moisturizer: $30
Shiseido Benefiance Eye Cream: $36
NARS Sheer Glow in Gobi: $14
NARS e/s in GoldFinger: $8
NARS glitter pencil in 54: $6
Shiseido Cream Eyeliner: $6

My most favourite purchase of the day is my NARS Sheer Glow. I actually wanted this for such a long time now. I've been to Sephora multiple times just to swatch it. The regular price for this is $42, and I never persuaded myself to spend that much on a foundation especially when I haven't ran out my current ones yet. Getting this at $14 just puts a smile on my face. And after trying it for the day, I declare this is the best liquid foundation I've ever used. It's sooo light that you wouldn't be able to feel it at all. The coverage is awesome too! Highly recommend this!!!

I've been loving cream / gel eyeliners recently ever since I owned MAC's fluidline in Shade. Then I remembered that I bought L'oreal Hip Cream eyeliner in a dark blue colour. When I saw the shiseido one in black, I had to get it! Cream / gel liners just give you much better control over how you want your eyeliner to be drawn, and they're pretty forgiving too. So if you're not a pro, you can always use a q-tip if you made any mistakes.

I'm also very impressed with NARS goldfinger e/s. It's very pretty and since gold is similar to the skin colour, it just gives a very subtle shimmery look.
Conversation b/w me and my mom before I was about to go out for lunch:
Mom: So did you end up getting that gold e/s? (thinking that it's ridiculous)
Me: Yea, I'm wearing it right now!
Mom: Really, let me see. *look* Wow it's actually very nice.
Me: *smartass face*

Now that I think about it, I should've gotten NARS e/s in Night Fairy.. I keep thinking how pretty it looks :S

Later on the day, I went to F21 to return a lot of the things that I didn't like from my online purchase. Every time I go to the actual F21 store, I don't even bother looking at clothes cause it's always such a pain in the butt. It's hard to find sizes.. the store is way too big. The lineup for change rooms are always so long. But I do always check the accessory section because it's hard to tell the actual sizes and material online, and you can refund them!

I ended up getting this heart shaped ring with sparkly rhinestones on it for $1.50! What the heck, right? It's such a great deal, and cute too! It also comes in gold.

I've been looking for a cute, rather dainty necklace for some time now. I found this one with a small eiffel tower, leaf, and a fake pearl for $3.80. LOVES!

Wing It
20 Fred Varley Drive, Markham

The bf and I wanted wings, but we were both somewhat sick of AllStar Wings because of the mediocre service, watered down coke, and overrated flavours. So we decided to tryout Wing It right beside Main Street, Unionville. The restaurant isn't that busy, so it was very easy to get seats. Service was awesome, there was only 1 waiter there, but he was friendly and efficient. Food was worthwhile to try. Most importantly, the coke wasn't watered down! HAHA

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Retail therapy at its best

Last Thursday when I was so stressed about studying, I did what I do best- went online shopping. One of my favourite sites to shop at is Forever21, for several reasons. 1) They have a Canadian site, which means no international shipping and handling fees. 2) Free shipping for over $60. 3) There's a F21 store relatively close to me so if I don't like something, I can't easily go and exchange them. 4) Their online store is so much more easier to spot deals compared to their actual store which are too big.

Abstract Floral Print Skirt: $17.80
I really like the gold zipper at the back, and I am liking the colour scheme of this skirt too. I love to buy these types of skirts because I find them to be so versatile. When in doubt, just throw on a black top and one of these skirts, and you're done and cute! You can also find these types of skirts relatively inexpensive too.

Cheetah Print Skirt: $10.80, Heart Print Socks: $1.10
I normally don't really like animal prints on me, but I find that the print on this skirt is pretty subtle. The gold makes it suitable for the holidays too :) I thought this pair of socks is soooo cute! I love the multi-coloured hearts on the black socks. However, the quality isn't the best. The texture isn't the softest so I was kind of disappointed about that.

Chantilly Surplice Dress: $29.80
I am really obsessed with anything lace. I own a few lace tops and dresses. It's hard to find the right occasion to wear them though so my lace tops are often left untouched :S But they're soo pretty and feminine. The dress is so flattering on. It's so soft too. The material is stretchable, making it so comfortable to wear.

I also bought many other things that I will be taking to the store to exchange soon, which I don't mind at all because this means I'll have store credit to shop with again! I'm already eyeing a few things I like from the site heehee :P

Monday, November 8, 2010

The real life of the blogger

I never shared with you girls about what I majored in when I was in university and what I do for a living now simply because it's quite a stressful part of my life. The main reason I started this blog was partly because of that. I needed somewhere to express myself when I'm so close to being insane. Today is a very sad day for me, one of the many sad days I've had. I've learned to cope with it, but I can't help but feel disappointed again. So now, I'm here blogging my life away trying to let out a little bit of myself.

I just graduated from an actuarial science major in the summer, and started working as an actuarial analyst in an insurance company. If you're not familiar with the actuarial field, it's just basically A WHOLE LOT of math, more specifically, statistics. And depending on which one of the two designations you choose, you either have to finish 9 or 10 exams in order to get your designation. I wrote my first exam in first year when I didn't know any better what I was getting into. I didn't even study properly, maybe that was the reason why I failed horribly. Fast forward 4 years, I've successfully passed 4 exams (in which it's counted as 3, because 2 of them are counted as half each). Today, I wrote yet another exam. Since it was a computer based exam, I was able to know a few seconds after I was done if I've passed it or not. And sad to say, I didn't. This means 2.5 months of my studying life wasted. This means I have to spend the upcoming few months studying for the same material again. This means I'm set back half a year in life. I say in life, not just career wise, is because I really have to give up so many things to write these exams. It's common for people in my field to put your life on hold before you get your designation. It's virtually impossible to have a normal social life, let alone having a family and kids, while you're studying non-stop.

So, to cheer myself up, I went to Sephora to get my free birthday gift!

It includes the Sephora eye pencil in silver green, a pearly white e/s, and a lash plumping mascara. I love my free stuff :D

My little sister got these key holders for me a few days ago. She knows I love robots. I really do! These are the cutest things ever. I named the left one RO and the right one BO. I know... very uncreative of me.