Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Montreal Love

I took advantage of the Canada Day long weekend about 2 weeks ago to visit Montreal. It's been a while since I've been there, and not to mention that I've never been there just to stroll around, it's always been on a tour. It's a whole different story if I have to talk about how much I despise tours. I stayed in the heart of Montreal for 3 days, and loved every minute of it.

I bought a 3 day metro pass for $16. I highly suggest it if you are staying at a hotel anywhere close to a station.

994 Rachel Est, Montreal

How can I leave Montreal without eating any poutine? I found this place online and I'm glad I did. The restaurant was packed with locals and tourists. We chose to sit outside, even though the waitress told us that they don't serve alcohol outside. There were loads of different topping choices for the poutine. I ordered a regular size, and it was way more than enough for lunch.

4350 Rue Saint-Denis, Montreal

This is my new found favourite restaurant!! The pictures don't do it justice. Same as the last one, I found this restaurant online, and once I went to its website I saw the pictures of buckets of mussels, I knew I had to give it a visit. Mussels definitely remind me of my vacation in Paris. At this restaurant, you can get a bucket of mussels plus fries for $20. If you go on weekdays (not Friday), you can even have all you can eat mussels for the same price. But I probably won't be able to take advantage of the all you can eat mussels even if I had the chance. One bucket was more than enough for me! Other than the mussels, this place is famous for the large selection of beers it has. You can choose from its beer menu with beers from all over the world.

4319 Rue Saint-Denis, Montreal

We stumbled on this awesome pizza place while searching for some dinner. There were tons of restaurants in Montreal that had patios by the street, and I absolutely adore patios on a summer day. We had pizza, sangria, and some escargot (not in picture). The sangria was a small sized, but it already made the two of us very happy lol.

I loved Montreal. I loved how eventful the city is, the good food, and the beautiful sceneries! I can't wait to visit again :)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Tea Time at Windsor Arms

I finally went to have tea with my friend Steph at Windsor Arms! I've read some reviews while researching and was super excited to go. Although I had a fun time, the tea menu was a bit underwhelming. Our reservation was at 5:30pm on Sunday. We were a little early so we walked around the hotel to take pictures. We saw that there was a table of girls having tea that were wearing really pretty hats! Me and Steph felt underdressed haha
Seems like there were 3 different tea rooms. The room I was in had black walls with white accent pieces. The room that led to it was mostly cream colours. And I saw another red room.
To be honest, I'm quite a noob in drinking tea. I just randomly selected one that's called "Once Upon a Tea" The taste was quite interesting. There was chocolate and mint in it. I think I preferred to add milk with it though.
We ordered the Complete Tea. The first tier includes the "Petite Fours" They looked really cute, but I don't think they're awesomely amazing. The second tier are the sandwiches. My favourite one was the Smoked Salmon and Wasabi Sour Cream with Salmon Caviar. I was expecting that the looks of them would be even more delicate :S The last tier includes the scones, which I'm not a big fan of anyway.
Towards the end of the tea time, we were served with the "Berries with Whipped Cream" which really was nothing special.
Me and Steph being silly! ;P

Overall, I think it's quite over price for the food. I went on a sunday so it was weekend price. If you work around downtown, it might be a good idea to go during weekdays to save a few bucks :) We are planning to go to Old Mills Inn to check out their Tea Time next. I'll let you girls know my thoughts after!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My Beauty Diary Alice in the Wonderland Pink Set

I bought the My Beauty Diary Alice in the Wonderland set from T&T Supermarket for a bit above $20. Since I'm relatively new to face masks (I've only tried the apple one before), I thought this would be a great chance to test out which ones I like and which ones I don't. There are 3 different Alice in the Wonderland set in the market (pink, blue, and yellow). It comes with 15 different masks: Strawberry Yogurt, Southern France Apricot, Bird's Nest, Mixed Berry, Japanese Cherry, Black Pearl, Cooling, Sake, Apple, Pearl Powder, Aloe, White Rose, Natto, Q10, Red Vine, and Collagen, plus 2 extra masks (the flavour depends on which set you get). The flavour of the bonus masks in the pink set is Arbutin Whitening Mask.
For my Mandarin speaking readers out there who watch newapplearial's youtube videos, in one of her "favourite" videos, she mentioned she really likes the Arbutin Whitening Mask. I've wanted to try it for a long time but I couldn't find a pack that sells standalone Arubtin Whitening Masks.
I decided to try the Cooling mask today, and thought it would be fun to give my after-use impression. I chose to tryout this one because today was oh-so-hot. And out of all days, the air conditioning in my car wasn't working :(
When I first opened the package, I wasn't impressed with the scent. It smelled like licorice, which I'm not a big fan of. After putting it on my face for a few minutes, the smell disappear (fortunately), and it became more pleasant. As suggest by the name "Cooling Mask," it had a cooling effect and gave off a minty feeling. Its ingredients include licorice root extract (hence the scent), peppermint and menthol (cooling the skin). My face feels extremely refreshed, cooled, and smooth after usage! It's definitely a different experience from using the Apple flavour which I'm more used to. I always thought there are no distinct differences between different MBD face mask flavours, and that it was a more of a gimmick, but I guess this proves me wrong. I'll continue to use the rest of the package and let you girls how it goes :)