Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Totoro Nails

My little sis got inspired by Stylesuzi's Totoro nails tutorials so we decided to do this to her nails :) I wish I can be as creative with my nails, but unfortunately wearing Totoro nails to work might not be a smart choice for my career outlook lol. I'll stick with helping her with it instead.

Materials used:
- Urban Outfitters Nail Polish in Crowded
- Rimmel Base Coat Top Coat Pro
- Black and White Acrylic Paint
- Art brushes

I bought the Urban Outfitters Nail Polish on sale when I was in Vegas (It's still on my to-do-list to make a blogpost about it). I really like the soft shade and the texture of it. It requires a mere 2 coats to get the look that I want :)

For your reference, here are our inspirations:

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Hello Kitty Monopoly

Sorry girls for being MIA again for so long! I had some secret spy business to attend to ;) Yesterday while at the mall, I found this cute little thing! I couldn't resist not getting it. My house already has a monopoly game but it's a Canadian version with Canadian cities and such - kinda boring right? Enough of me blabbering on... here are some pictures!

The collectible tokens - Hello Kitty's Bow, Teddy, Milk bottle, Apples, Fish Bowl, and Lunchbox
Hello Kitty Moolah's ;)

I bought this for $37 at a store called Mind Games.
One weird thing... I can't seem to spot Hello Kitty's boyfriend anywhere in the game. Anyway, can't wait to play soon!