Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask Review

Hi girlies! A holy grail product that I've been using religiously for the past year or so is the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask. I first bought it in Korea in 2016. I believe it was a new product at that time. During a shopping trip, I picked it up since it was quite reasonably priced at around HKD1xx. I always have dry lips especially in the winter so I figured why not give it a try! To add to that, Laneige has always been one of my favourite brands and a well trusted one for my skin type.

The product came with a little applicator that is super cute and pink, but I have managed to lose it in the past few months :( so now I use my fingers to apply the product. It makes my fingers a bit sticky after, but I really can't complain for losing things.

The texture is super smooth and the scent is lovely. It's not sticky at all. However, if you apply too much (which you can easily do if you use the applicator), it would feel a bit oily for bit before the product gets absorbed into the skin. 

During Christmas last year, as I was running low on my favourite serum, I bought a Christmas set from Laneige that came with the little lip sleeping mask in travel size. Isn't it super cute? The container is made of a lighter material so it's really perfect for traveling. 

I just found out that there are now different flavours that come in different coloured containers! How cute are these! I want to try them all!

Effectiveness: A lot of moisture packed into this little jar for your dry lips! This product has earned its holy grail status in my heart in terms of lip products!
Texture: Smooth. Not sticky. Can be oily if you apply too much.
Packaging: Cute, generally lightweight. The applicator is a nice touch.
Price: Very reasonable.
Repurchase? Yes!

Much love.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Furla Stacy Bucket Bag Review

Hi girlies! Let's talk about bags! The Furla Stacy Bucket Bag has been one of my favourites for the past two years. Not only is it easy to pair with outfits, lightweight, fits a ton, the price point is also unbeatable. I bought this at Lafayette in Paris two years ago when I was visiting my friend after a road trip down in Bordeaux. At that time, I recall that the bucket bag trend was super popular. But up till this day, I still use it loads despite the trend has died down a bit. 

I believe this style is considered a classic at Furla as it's still available season after season although the colours offered in each season may be different. The one I have is a beige colour. I remember having a real hard time picking a colour since there were so many! A little disclaimer is that my version is from 2015 and Furla may have improved the design since then. I have not been to the store lately to assess the differences so I can't speak for newer versions.

I personally don't like bucket bags that have a circle bottom since it makes the bag look wider, and in turn, would make me look wider. This Furla one has a rectangular bottom which gives it a slimmer shape which I enjoy!

The interior is made of calfskin. When it was new, the feeling was extremely luxurious. However, after a couple of years, there has been major wear and tear as you may be able to see from the close-up picture. I don't use this bag as a daily bag, but it's definitely a go-to option during weekends or for casual dinners. It's very disappointing that the texture has become very rough especially towards the top where there is a lot of contact with items going in and out of the bag.

The overall shape of the bag held up pretty well I would say. Of course, it's not in perfect condition as when I first purchased it. And I don't tend to baby it too much. Given the situation, I think it's still quite acceptable.

The exterior is in textured leather which I personally love. I feel like it makes the bag a little more interesting and the textured leather makes it more durable being less prone to scratches. After two years, I'd say the exterior is still in great condition. I know Furla offers smooth leather finishes as well for this bag.

The bag also came with removable zipper pouch that I forgot the photograph. It's so practical that I was using it as a wallet for over a year when I was in Hong Kong. It was perfect for my lifestyle at that time where I needed a small pouch that was just big enough to store my cards, phone, office pass and some cash all in one, that I could just take with me during lunch without bringing my entire bag. 

I think this bag is great value for money and I highly recommend it! Since the calfskin interior requires more delicate care, you may want to consider if that would work for your lifestyle.

Here are some colours options that are available on Furla's site currently:

Moonstone in smooth leather / Kaki in smooth leather / Black Onyx in textured leather

Much love.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Nature Republic Botanical Eyebrow Coating Cara Review

Hi girlies!

I've never been a brow girl my entire life, but ever since I started dying my hair in a lighter colour about a year and a half ago, I had to find a way to make my black bushy brows not stand out as much. At that time, my girlfriend gave me her Natural Republic eyebrow coating gel to try and I can't turn back ever since. Now I'm a newbie in brow products so there might be other products out there that perform much better than this. However, I'm quite satisfied by what this has to offer and the price point is extremely reasonable that I don't mind sticking around and not feel the need to test my luck with other brow products from other brands.

I repurchased this particular one in Korea earlier this year since for some odd reasons, I had trouble finding a Nature Republic in Hong Kong. Since I have an abundance amount of brow hair already, the only thing I feel that I need is to coat it in a lighter colour. The colour I have is 04 which should be the darker brown with a slight red tint.

It generally lasts all day and it doesn't slip and slide on my face. When the product is new, you have to be super light handed as the brush would be filled with an abundance of products. Be careful or else your face and your make up table would become messy real quick! At night when I wash my face, I would notice that there are little pieces of rubbery texture. Just be sure of wash them all away. They come off pretty quickly. 

The price is very reasonable at about 6,000 won which is around HKD40. How can you beat that for a reasonable product right?

Much love.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

YSL Forever Light Creator UV Protection Review

Hi girlies! It's the summer time (despite that it flew by so quickly - I can't believe August is almost half gone)! I want to talk about my YSL Forever Light Creator UV Protection today. I got this a while back at a YSL counter inside SOGO in Hong Kong. The reason for that shopping trip was because I had some spare time to kill before meeting up some friends so I hopped into the department store to check out the YSL foundation cushion which I did end up buying, but I will review that product in another post. 

The Forever Light Creator has been my go-to product if I want lightweight coverage with adequate sun protection at SPF 50 PA+++. This product can by no means replace foundation as it has close to no coverage. However, it gives off a dewy finish on my skin for that radiant look. For daytime outings, I would use this along with a concealer to cover up red spots or trouble areas, and I'm good to go. It feels super lightweight and it doesn't slip and slide on my face throughout the day since liquid foundation tends to do that for me especially in summer. The scent is lovely as well. 

The price tag, however, is quite steep at around HKD500. You get 30ml of products, but you don't need a lot per use as a little goes a long way.

Effectiveness: Adequate sun protection. Perfect for daytime outings paired with a concealer if you don't need a lot of coverage.
Texture: LIghtweight. A little goes a long way. Dewy finish.
Packaging: Travel friendly. Easy to use.
Price: Steep
Repurchase? Maybe not due to the steep price. Will try to explore cheaper alternatives.

Much love.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

23 Years Old Badecasil P 7 in 1 Solution Korean Review

Hi girlies! 

Today I would like to share a product that I've been using on a daily basis lately. It's the 23 Years Old Badecasil P 7 in 1 Solution Cream. I got introduced to this by my girlfriend when she asked me to help her buy the day cream (the one in the pink tube) when I was traveling to Korea earlier this year. She said that she was using the night cream and she has been enjoying it. So when I was picking the pink tube for her, I went ahead and picked up the night version for myself to try as it was extremely reasonably priced (at around CAD20) so why not.

I find that it has a calming effect, making my skin feel less irritated. I tend to need to use a generous amount to be able to feel like my skin is moisturized enough (and that is on top of my serum already). I recommend not to use this only, and to apply this along with other serum or moisturizer.

In terms of packaging, I find that it's very travel friendly since it's lightweight and doesn't occupy a lot of space. Do try to put the cap back on right away though as the product tends to drip out rather quickly.

I did a quick search online and found it quite difficult to track it down. I believe this is still hard to find especially in North America. And perhaps in Hong Kong as well. That's why my girlfriend asked me to help her buy it in Korea.

Texture: Lightweight. Need to apply a generous amount to feel moisturized. Recommend to pair this with other serums or moisturizers.
Packaging: Lightweight and travel friendly
Price: Very reasonable
Repurchase? Yes if I can track it down

Much love.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Chanel Pouch Review

Hi girlies! Today I want to share a purchase I made in summer last year at Chanel. It's the Chanel pouch. I bought this because I was lacking a dark coloured purse that I could take on night outs, isn't too bulky, and still within a reasonable price. After some online browsing on Chanel's website, I decided to hit up the Chanel store in Times Square in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. During that visit, I saw a few choices, but I wasn't ready to make the purchase yet. On the next day, my friend and I decided to pop by the store in Harbour City in TST as we were around that area. We were paired with a very friendly sales associate who provided a large selection of pouches for us to choose from after asking us what we were interested in. 

I believe that Chanel pouches usually come in two different sizes. Mine is the smaller one and it's the perfect size for me. It fits a lot of stuff especially due to its zipper closure at the top. It came in black and dark blue. Even though it might be difficult to tell from the pictures, mine is actually the dark blue. The difference between the two colours is very subtle. I chose the blue since blue is my favourite colour and the subtle difference from black makes it a bit more interesting. Unfortunately, I couldn't capture a good picture of the inside. It's a maroon colour and the texture is as if it's made out of foam suitable for carrying an iPad. I love this since it feels durable.

I've used it numerous times since getting it last year. I'd say maybe even more than my Chanel East West flap since I got it 6 years ago. If you're interested, I did a blog post about it here! I feel like the pouch gives off a more effortless look. Not only is it suitable for formal events like attending a wedding, it's also great for casual nights out like going out for dinner.

Other options that I've tried on the shopping day was one in an envelope style. Not only was it more expensive as it was one of the travel collections, the leather was more delicate (which would not be a good idea for clumsy people like me), the envelope style has a v shape design so it couldn't fit as much and I would need to be more careful with holding it.

In terms of price, I paid about HKD7k which I think it's a total steal considering that it's Chanel and the number of times I've used it. I recall that the sales associate mentioned that there is a more basic design that sold for around HKD5k. However, that one is not as special and it's really hard to get due to its low price, and especially for popular colours such as black. 

If you're interested in getting one, I recommend stalking Chanel's website for all the new designs. When there's one that sparks your interest, then go in to the store to see if it's available. I'll share a few below as alternative options.

Aren't the tassel details to die for? Both would be such timeless pieces!

Hope you all enjoyed today's sharing. Much love.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Kate Spade Tassel Earrings

Hi girlies! Happy long weekend Monday :) I'm so glad that there's no work today and I can just sit around and blog in this beautiful weather.

One fashion trend that I'm loving lately is the tassel earrings trend. I love seeing these lovely and classy styles everywhere from both high end and high street brands. Even though I'm not a big earrings wearer, I couldn't resist jumping on this bandwagon a few weeks ago during a shopping trip when my girlfriend came to visit Vancouver. I'm sure I can find an occasion to wear them - I'm thinking the upcoming wedding that I need to attend or girly dinners during my visit to Hong Kong in Sept. We stopped by the NcArthurGlen Outlet mall in Richmond and there was a huge sale at Kate Spade where I picked up these lovely white tassel earrings. I believe after the discount, I paid around CAD20 for them. What a steal right?

I did also purchased a couple of other items at Kate Spade during that shopping trip. Perhaps I will share those in another post in the future.

Another earrings trend that I've been eyeing is the ball drop trend (I think that's what it's called, but it does sound weird after saying it a few times :P). Here are a few that I want to share from browsing online way too much!

Classic Silk Corded Clip Earrings $298

Let me know if you're liking these statement earrings trends or not, or if so, have you picked up anything lately? :D

Much love.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate Review

Hi girlies! I can't believe it has been more than 2 years since my last post. A lot has happened in these past couple of years. In short, I have relocated back to Canada, but this time I'm in Vancouver! I can't wait to explore this beautiful west coast city! Maybe I'll go through that in another post. Because of this change, I was in search of a new skincare regime that would work well with my new lifestyle and new climate. During this search, I believe I've found a product that I truly enjoy using on a daily basis - it's the Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate.

The Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate claims that it's "a replenishing elixir of pure essential oils and distilled botanicals to visibly restore the appearance of skin by morning". The one I have is 1. fl oz or 50 ml. I purchased this online along with the Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado during a 20% online sale from their official website back in February this year. At that time, I had tried the eye treatment previously and had liked it. I wanted to try the concentrate in a smaller size, but they were sold out so I had to get the larger size. To be honest, I was a bit hesitant at that moment since I've never tried it and didn't want to commit to a big bottle right off the bet. However, I was in desperate needs of a serum-like product that I went ahead and made the order. I recall that since the order was above a certain value, free shipping was included.

In terms of texture, even though it's a oil, this product does not leave your skin feeling oily or uncomfortable. It is quite lightweight. One thing is that if you don't apply other creams on top of it, it tends to slide around on your face (afterall, it is an oil). After about 5 months of using this, I do feel it has positive results on my skin. My skin now feels adequately moisturized most of the time. I'm trying to apply this product to my neck as well as it's an area that I often miss and now the skin there is a bit rough. I will report back if I see any drastic results! 

This product is lightly scented. I personally don't mind the scent too much, actually I quite like it. But beware if you usually don't like scented products.

 I'm more than half done the bottle after 5 months of usage, which I think it's pretty good considering that I actually use the produce during the day as well since I haven't found a daytime serum that I like yet. If you have any recommendations, please let me know! 

Effectiveness: Leaves your skin feeling moisturized throughout the day.
Texture: Great consistency. Lightweight. It's better to apply other creams on top of it in a timely manner as it tends to slide around on your face if applied alone.
Packaging: Loving the pump design and how messy-free it is!
Price: Reasonable
Repurchase? YES!

Much love!