Monday, March 28, 2011

My 1st Loose Button Luxe Box!!!

I came home to 2 packages for me!!! One of them is the Loose Button Luxe Box that I ordered not long ago. Many thanks to Jenny tweeting about it or else I would never know! The company has the similar deal as the birchbox. You basically pay $10 including shipping fee for a few beauty samples. These samples are not the usual one try only samples, but the decent sized ones. However, Birchbox doesn't ship to Canada and I was so sad when I found out :( Now you know how excited I am when I got my Loose Button Luxe Box package today! I went through a lot of emotions to get it. Story of my life LOL

Loose Button only ships to Canada right now (as opposed to Birchbox that only ships within USA). It contains 3 to 5 deluxe samples of beauty products (skincare, makeup, fragrance, body, and haircare). Currently, it's only invite only which means you have to sign up to be on the waiting list and be patient to wait for a reply. It took me about 1 day or 2 to get invited via email. Then you have about a day to decide if you want to order it or not. On the site, it lists out some upcoming brands. The ones that interest me are: Shu Uemura, Bobbi Brown, OPI, Anna Sui, Chanel, and the list goes on...

The Luxe Box includes...
- a cute box with pretty packaging
- the deluxe beauty samples
- a description sheet with some details about the products
- a piece of chocolate :)

I received 4 sample sized products this month:
1. Stila Lip Glaze "Brown Sugar" (Reg Price: $22*) 0.5 ml
It's very small... I've never tried anything Stila before, would be cool to try
2. Estee Lauder Sumptuous Bold Volume Mascara (Reg Price: $21*) 2.8 ml
It's around the same size as any other sample mascaras I've gotten in the past
3. Elizabeth Grant Biocollasis Gentel Cleanser (Reg Price: $30*) 60 ml
According to the description, it's one of the best beauty buys by InStyle - Interesting!
4. Elizabeth Grant Lubricating Body Treatment (Reg Price: $20*) 25 ml
I wouldn't mind trying any body moisturizer :P

Repurchase? Most likely. I really like the idea of being able to try different products without needing to spend a ton of money. Most of the time, I can't finish a full sized product anyway. A deluxe sample size lets us be able to try more and finish products quicker! And of course, I love receiving packages (this really shouldn't be a reason for me to spend money fml -_-)!!!

I mentioned that I received another package - will be posting about that next time ;P

Saturday, March 26, 2011

All About Cheap Shoes

I buy most of my heels through a sample shoe sale that's for size 6 feet only. The majority of their brands are Nine West, but they also have Enzo Angiolini, Anne Klein, and so on. The best thing about this sample shoe sale is that their prices are unbeatable! Prices do change every time they have a sale, but they're EXTREMELY cheap most of the time. This time, all Nine West's are $15 and most of their other brands are $20! One slight downfall is that because these shoes are samples, oftentimes they have "samples" printed somewhere on the shoe (mostly inside), and they have a small hole punched in the sole. To fix that problem, I use a glue gun and fill the hole with glue and that should do the trick.

My favourite pair this time round. Nine West $15
The wide bands make the heels really comfortable to walk in. They give an edgier look too.

Brown Suede Enzo Angiolini $20
I love my T-straps. You get the point. I love shoes with some sort of band to secure my feet. Makes it sooo much easier to walk in! I've learned my lesson with shoes all these years. I try to hunt for those bands to make my life on heels a little easier ;P

Grey Enzo Angiolini $20
I got drawn to this shade of purple-ish grey. Loving the little bow detail too. I thought this would be a nice addition to my shoe collection if I need to be ladylike one day (really not sure when I would need to do that lol)

Pink Nine West $15
Love the funky pattern and the chunky heels. I usually go with neutral colours when it comes to shoes (and clothes and bags and everything else...) I thought the perfect time to buy a pair of pink heels is when it's at $15 cause I would never pay hundreds of dollars for a pair that I know I'll only wear a few times. So i thought this is such a crazy colour..... until I wear it and I realize it's close to being a nude LOL epic fail.

Nine West $10
Forgot to mention that the sale has tons of bags as well. I'm not really a big fan of Nine West bags so I usually don't bother looking. As I was walking toward to cashier to pay, I spotted this cute one. It has a decent size and enough zippers to keep organized.

Sorry girls, I've lost that piece of paper with all the details, but the location is around Don Mills and Leslie. And today is already the last day :( I will let you guys know when the next time will be when I know!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Makeup Remover: Pond's Cold Cream

What is cold cream you might ask? I didn't know either until I wiki'ed it: "Cold cream is an emulsion of water and certain fats designed to smooth skin and remove makeup. The name derives from the cooling feeling that the cream leaves on the skin."

Pond's Cold Cream (190mL)

I bought it on sale at Wal-Mart for $5. The regular price isn't that much more expensive either at less than $7. Tbh, I bought this for three reasons: 1. It was on sale 2. I wanted to tryout Pond's products 3. I love anything related to skincare.
I've been struggling to find a product that removes my eye makeup completely. I tried so many different products: make up wipes, Lancome's bi-facial, oil removers, Red Earth's mild & gentle, etc. etc. Usually they're not so mild & gentle... especially when I wear dark makeup and I need lots of products to remove it. Oftentimes, it involves a lot of tugging and rubbing the sensitive eye area, which is always a no-go for me. Call me crazy, I rather leave slight hint of eye makeup on my eyes rather than continuously rub my eyes for a good 15 minutes -_-
I'm so glad to have found this jug of cold cream. It's seriously the best eye makeup remover I've ever used. It's very gentle and soothing. I guarantee it'll remove all the dark eye makeup you have on. The instruction on the website tells you to wipe it off with tissues, I just use a cloth and I think that works fine, and you don't need a whole lotta product each time either. On a side note, my grandma used to use this stuff to remove her makeup too -_- that's how long this stuff has been around for! lol

Price: 5/5 - Unbeatable price!
Scent: 3.5/5 - Slight floral scent
Effectiveness: 5/5 - Great at removing dark eye makeup!
Repurchase? Most likely :)

Monday, March 21, 2011

My First Giveaway Winner :)

The winner is ♥ 熊貓girl ♥

Congratulations girl, I just emailed you :) Hope you'll like the Hello Kitty eyeliner kit!
And thanks everyone who entered! It was tons of fun to host a giveaway for the first time. I'll definitely host more in the near future :D

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Today's Mini Haul

It's been a busy weekend. My bestie visited from Hong Kong again and we planned tons of activities during the 2 days that she's staying. It definitely was one of the most eventful weekends I've had in a while. Today, we went to the mall for a brief shopping time and guess what I came out with? Yes more stuff -_-

Found these gorgeous Ralph Lauren's from Winners for $69. I don't own a classic style like this and decided to invest in one that will last me forever.

From H&M ($14.95)
It also comes in a black/white, leopard print, and flower print too, but I chose this one cause I love those retro colours! My clothes are usually quite plain, I thought it would be nice to brighten it up with a splash of colours. I say this is a steal at $14.95! However, the quality's not the best. I'd need to figure a way to prevent it from breaking... I was thinking if a clear nail polish (but that would be too much polish...) or spray it with some kind of shoe protectant? Let me know if you have experience with this!

Herbacin kamile hand cream ($4)
Fruits & Passion lotion samples (free!)
My girlfriend has this hand cream, I tried it and fell in love with it! I decided to get it from Wal-Mart and it's quite inexpensive too :) As we walked pass Fruits & Passion, we noticed that there was a booth with lotion samples. If you have a Fruits & Passion near you, remember to keep an eye out for these!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

My NYC Trip

About a month ago, I went to NYC with a friend to visit our bestie who was there for a few days. The timing worked out perfectly that we only needed to take a friday off for this much needed vacation :D On Thursday, we took the Megabus overnight from Toronto to NYC. When we arrived at the city, it was already around 11 am. We crashed into our friend's hotel room, freshened up, grabbed lunch at the cafe downstairs and we headed to Jersey Garden for some serious damage! I already blogged about my haul in my previous post, check it out if you want :)

After all the intense shopping, we decided to go out for some partying. We were so tired that night from all the traveling and shopping, we called it an early night and went back to our hotel room to gossip and get some serious girl's talk done :D

On Saturday, we headed to MoMA Museum. And again, we got tired from all the walking and art gazing so we sat down at Terrace 5, a cafe located inside the museum, for some snacks. The Flourless Chocolate Cake tasted AMAZING! I'm intrigued to learn how to make one myself :D

I took the chance to visit my dear friend Sonya who's studying at Parsons right now. She has been my university roomie for the longest time during our undergrad studying math day and night, but she decided to chase her passion in fashion to New York. She's my greatest inspiration. I sometimes wish I could be brave like her! I miss her so much, especially when I'm studying for my exams nowadays, I just wish we could study together like old times! But as long as she's doing what she enjoys now, I'm truly happy for her :)

We decided to go to 萩 Sake Bar located near Times Square at 49th and 7th street for dinner. The place was packed! We had to wait at least an hour to get a table. The restaurant was quite small, but cozy and the food was yummers!

On Sunday, we took the MegaBus back to Toronto at noon. Going back was way more tiring because it was during the day so I couldn't sleep on the ride. I had tons of fun during the trip. There was way too much to see, but too little time! Oh and I later on learned that Winnie arrived at NYC the day that I left for a very similar reason that I went for! We even stayed at the same hotel! I was in awe when I found out, what a coincidence! Next time I have any sort of traveling plans, I'll be sure to check with her so we can have some sort of meetup!!

And there you have it, my really short and sweet vacation to NYC! It all ended so fast, and on monday, I was at work again =_=

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Overdue NYC Haul

As some of you may have known, I went to NYC about a month ago. It took me forever to get to this post because I'm waiting for my friend to send me some pics, and she still hasn't.... so I decided to show my haul first :P

Juicy Bracelet + Charm ($40)

A&F shorts ($6.75)

A&F Jeggings ($10)
Lucky Brand OTK Boots from Saks 5th Avenue Outlet ($75)

I fell in love with how comfortable these OTK boots were when I tired them on. You girls know how long I've been wanting a pair of OTK boots! They look almost exactly the same as my Aldo ones that I blogged about in this post. I was so disappointed at how uncomfortable my Aldo ones were that I had to return them. I'm so glad I found these to replace them!!

VS Hydrating Body Lotion ($3 each)
VS fragrant candle ($2 each)

Jersey Gardens
Elizabeth, NJ 07201
United States

I did all my shopping at this outlet mall called Jersey Gardens. We took a bus from NYC to the mall for about half an hour each way for $13 round trip. There are a lot of discounted items if you are patients. A&F was seriously extremely cheap there! I couldn't believe it!

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