Thursday, March 10, 2011

Overdue NYC Haul

As some of you may have known, I went to NYC about a month ago. It took me forever to get to this post because I'm waiting for my friend to send me some pics, and she still hasn't.... so I decided to show my haul first :P

Juicy Bracelet + Charm ($40)

A&F shorts ($6.75)

A&F Jeggings ($10)
Lucky Brand OTK Boots from Saks 5th Avenue Outlet ($75)

I fell in love with how comfortable these OTK boots were when I tired them on. You girls know how long I've been wanting a pair of OTK boots! They look almost exactly the same as my Aldo ones that I blogged about in this post. I was so disappointed at how uncomfortable my Aldo ones were that I had to return them. I'm so glad I found these to replace them!!

VS Hydrating Body Lotion ($3 each)
VS fragrant candle ($2 each)

Jersey Gardens
Elizabeth, NJ 07201
United States

I did all my shopping at this outlet mall called Jersey Gardens. We took a bus from NYC to the mall for about half an hour each way for $13 round trip. There are a lot of discounted items if you are patients. A&F was seriously extremely cheap there! I couldn't believe it!

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Re nee said...

wow, great haul, can't believe the shorts just $6**.

Lisa said...

ohhh great haul!! can't believe the deal you got on those shorts.. love your new OTK boots!

L4pinkpetal said...

awesome haul Edwina,You went to NYC? aww i'm jealous haha and I love your juicy couture charm :) so pretty.

Angelique said...

Great buys! I'm glad you had fun and got some good buys :D

MEOW said...

what a great deal on ur AF stuff!!!
soo jealous :)

suki pooki said...

wow you got some awesome deals on great stuff! I can't believe how cheap the vs lotion was!!! Those boots are lovely! I know how hard it is to find comfy and good looking footwear! Im glad you finally got otk boots!

Winnie* said...

Such good deals!! My friend bought a similar bracelet for his gf for really cheap too. I kept offering them that I would drive to the outlets if they wanted. They are so going to regret after seeing this post of yours :P

mizzsandychau said...

awesome haul! i wish i can encounter a A+F with awesome deals. $6 shorts? that is such a steal! i've never been to jersey garden, i really want to go!

The Little Dust Princess said...

Yay you finally got OTK boots! They look great on you :D

xx The Little Dust Princess

Alex said...

I love the shorts! And what a bargain they were :o
So many nice purchase here, Im jealous :)

che said...

Great haul and goods deals, you pull off those OTK boots well. I wish I could but I know I'm too short since I have short legs :/

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love your outfit! That is such a cute top and I also love your OTK boots! I can't believe you got A&F jeggings for sooo cheap! I was thinking of getting a pair, they are like over $50 on sale in stores though! Actually, all of your purchases seem like really good deals! You are a lucky girl! :)

Christina said...

wow wow wow look at those boots!!! What a fantastic the way, just found your blog at LOVE IT

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Squeeze the Pug said...

OHHH. that Juicy couture bracelet is so lovely.

Jenny said...

great haul! those boots look so comfy!! and the VS products look divine! and SO CHEAP!

and thanks for the congrats! i will definitely make future posts on the internship ^^

also, can't wait to receive our loose button luxe boxes! i heard that the first one wasn't that great. *fingers crossed* for the second box!

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

I love your boots!!! :) They look awesome!!!!! ^_^ I bet you're not done doing damage yet! :) hehe

Miss Jayce said...

O M G, i cant beleive A&F is so cheap there!!! I've enver been to jersey gardens before! Thanks for the heads up!!!

Marie said...

Outlets are always fun!:D

It's good that you took advantage of the A&F outlet prices, regular prices are just too much sometimes.:D

***** Marie *****