Saturday, March 26, 2011

All About Cheap Shoes

I buy most of my heels through a sample shoe sale that's for size 6 feet only. The majority of their brands are Nine West, but they also have Enzo Angiolini, Anne Klein, and so on. The best thing about this sample shoe sale is that their prices are unbeatable! Prices do change every time they have a sale, but they're EXTREMELY cheap most of the time. This time, all Nine West's are $15 and most of their other brands are $20! One slight downfall is that because these shoes are samples, oftentimes they have "samples" printed somewhere on the shoe (mostly inside), and they have a small hole punched in the sole. To fix that problem, I use a glue gun and fill the hole with glue and that should do the trick.

My favourite pair this time round. Nine West $15
The wide bands make the heels really comfortable to walk in. They give an edgier look too.

Brown Suede Enzo Angiolini $20
I love my T-straps. You get the point. I love shoes with some sort of band to secure my feet. Makes it sooo much easier to walk in! I've learned my lesson with shoes all these years. I try to hunt for those bands to make my life on heels a little easier ;P

Grey Enzo Angiolini $20
I got drawn to this shade of purple-ish grey. Loving the little bow detail too. I thought this would be a nice addition to my shoe collection if I need to be ladylike one day (really not sure when I would need to do that lol)

Pink Nine West $15
Love the funky pattern and the chunky heels. I usually go with neutral colours when it comes to shoes (and clothes and bags and everything else...) I thought the perfect time to buy a pair of pink heels is when it's at $15 cause I would never pay hundreds of dollars for a pair that I know I'll only wear a few times. So i thought this is such a crazy colour..... until I wear it and I realize it's close to being a nude LOL epic fail.

Nine West $10
Forgot to mention that the sale has tons of bags as well. I'm not really a big fan of Nine West bags so I usually don't bother looking. As I was walking toward to cashier to pay, I spotted this cute one. It has a decent size and enough zippers to keep organized.

Sorry girls, I've lost that piece of paper with all the details, but the location is around Don Mills and Leslie. And today is already the last day :( I will let you guys know when the next time will be when I know!


Rinny said...

Wow you got some really good deals! I think my favorite pair would have to be the gray suede ones with the bow :)

joey ♔ said...


i went to one of these sample sales a while ago bc my friend told me abt them.... but how do you guys find out abt when/where thses sample sales happen??

lol i want to get in the know!! =) is there some mailing list or club i need to join? haha plz tell me lol

btw i love the black bag you got! very cute!!1

Deborah said...

All the heels look really cute. I've never knew "sample sales" existed thanks for letting me know so I can look into it :D
Cheers deb.

Anonymous said...

Ah, you are so lucky to get such good deals! I really like your Enzo Angiolini shoes; especially the t-straps! I also find myself drawn to that purple-ish shade of pretty! :) ~♥☮Renee

The Little Dust Princess said...

Love the first pair and the bag is so cute : )

mizzsandychau said...

oh i wish i knew about this sample sale! i never went to one where the shoes are this cheap! the last one i went to it was in the 50+ range :(
boooo....lovely shoes you picked out through! really like that pink one!

Melissanh said...

lovely shoes!

La Petite Marmoset said...

Nice shoes!

Tammy said...

15-20?! :o I can't believe you were able to get these shoes for so cheap! The only time I've been able to find Nine Wests for that cheap was when I was at an outlet in Hawaii ^^

Leenda said...

I'm so jealous you got such cute shoes for such a great price!

Hercy said...

I'm loving the pink heels! And wow~ those are really cheap! You must be lucky to be size 6, keke~

suki pooki said...

Wow these ARE really great and amazing prices! My fav pair has got to be the grey bow heels hahah ( obvious right? =P) They're adorable! I think they're super girly but still very classy at the same time because of their subtle and somewhat mature colour =) The black strapped ones with wide bands are definitely edgy!

Alex said...

Such beautiful shoes and they were all so cheap! Im jealous you managed to find such bargains :o

May @ Rad said...

I really like the pink shoes! So pretty :D

DearKarYan said...

Wow! Great cheap finds! :)
I love them all, especially the pink one!

Lisa said...

EEK!! so in love with your purple-ish grey and the pink pair of pumps!! they're so pretty and feminine!!

ANNA said...

woow lovely and cheap, great deals!

Joey said...

Love all of them especially the pink pair. The colour's so pretty!

thechyrelgomez said...

i am in love with the pink shoes and the nine west bag! great find! :)

sweetie1202 said...

is it the one at lesmill? how do you hear about the sale?

Marie said...

Good deals!:D

I like the grey pair.:D

***** Marie *****

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