Thursday, May 21, 2015

Essie Nail Polish in Find Me An Oasis - Perfect Summery Light Blue

Hi girlies! I've been in love with painting my toes in this particular shade of Essie nail polish in Find Me An Oasis. I absolutely love how fresh and clean it looks! It's different from painting your nails in white. I sometimes find that white nails kind of look like white-out... but if that's your thing, then you do you! It's just my personal opinion.

I bought this nail polish at a complete steal at the L'oreal Sale in Toronto last October when I visited. If you're interested, I blogged about it in this blog post :P
Sorry for showing my toes.... eekkkkss!! By the way, this is my new home slippers that I bought from Muji. It's oh-so-comfortable... I totally recommend it! :P

Much love.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Boots Fashion Survival Cooling Massage Foot Gel Review

Hi girlies! 

I'm all about those foot creams. I absolutely hate it when the skin on my feet becomes scaly... eeks!! I bought the Boots Fashion Survival Cooling Massage Foot Gel last time I visited Bangkok. My girlfriend recommended it and she said she loved to buy these as little souvenirs. I got tempted and picked one up for myself to try. It has 100ml. The tube is light and easy to carry. I find that the fact that it's shaped like a foot is super cute... lol. 

It states that it's "with icy menthol to revive feet and legs." It's exactly what it says it is - a cooling gel, and when applied to the skin, there's a slight cooling effect which is quick pleasure. While it provides some moisture, the effect is not long lasting. After several minutes, my feet would feel quite dry again. Maybe this product is meant to be a quick way to revive the feet after a long day of shopping in high heels or something. But I expected it to be more moisturizing and actually make my feet smoother. 

I'm also a bit disappointed that the product is already 1/3 done even though I haven't used it for too long. Now what I liked about it is the menthol scent... I find it to be super fresh!

Effectiveness: Quick way to revive your feet after a long day of shopping in high heels... but the effect is not long lasting.
Price: I remember it to be quite inexpensive
Packaging: Light and cute
Scent: Love that menthol freshness
Repurchase? Most likely not
Verdict: This product didn't impress me. I've actually used another foot cream that I absolutely love and work a lot better than this. I'll share it next time :)

Much love.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Nature Republic Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel Review

Hi girlies!

I've been using the Nature Republic Aloe Vera Soothing Gel since last summer... and I've been meaning to blog about it, but never got around to it. I tell you this stuff is literally a steal. You can find this selling at HKD 2x in Hong Kong. I recall buying mine at Bonjour, but you can get this at SaSa or just anywhere. I think you can even find this at a cheaper price in Korea.

What it is is just an aloe vera gel. I use this as a sleeping mask at night as added hydration. It's also useful for cooling the skin down after sunburns. Sometimes I use this on my body as well as my face. It's just so cheap that I let myself use as much as want and don't feel bad about it. 

The texture is a little sticky at first after application, but the product gets absorbed into the skin relatively quickly so it doesn't bother me. The product has a refreshing scent.

Effectiveness: Added hydration on top of my normal skincare routine. Multipurpose.
Price: Simply can't be beaten
Repurchase: Sure, why not?
Verdict: Bang for the buck!

Much love.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

L'oreal Hydrafresh All Day Hydration Deep Boosting Essense Review 水清新深層導入保濕精華

Hi girlies!

I want to share one of my recent favourite skincare products - the L'oreal Hydrafresh All Day Hydration Deep Boosting Essense. I recently picked this up at my local Mannings Plus in Hong Kong around the beginning of this year. I'm already done the first bottle and I had to get myself another one immediately after. I have to admit that I go through these way too quickly which is a bummer. However, considering that this product is not too expensive, I'm actually okay with it. I believe the regular price is HKD 18x, but I always take advantage of the skincare deals at Mannings where they offer buy two of the stickered items and get 75% off both items.

What I love most about this product is that it makes any other skincare products that I pair this with work much more effectively on my skin. For example, I've previously provided so-so feedback on the Garnier Light Complete Multi-Action Whitening Cream as it was rather drying on my skin. However, when I paired it with this product, it became significantly more moisturizing and I didn't mind using it on a daily basis, and in fact I've completely finished it.

The packaging is very light. It has a twisted lock which I turn every time I use the product. It also automatically pushes the product up so when you're done the bottle, you're really done the bottle - nothing is being wasted! It's a lot more hygienic too. Props to L'oreal!

This is what one pump of the product looks like. To be honest, I usually use two pumps every morning and night, which may be why I'm going through it way too fast, but I do feel that two pumps are needed to cover my entire face.

Effectiveness: It's good on its own, even better paired with other skincare products cause it makes any other skincare work better for me.
Packaging: Light and hygienic, also props to no wasted product when a bottle has been emptied.
Price: Affordable, but on the pricier side considering that I go through a bottle way too fast.
Repurchase? Already did!
Verdict: Love.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Daniel Wellington Classy Sheffield in Black

Daniel Wellington Classy Sheffield in Black

Hi girlies! I've always wanted a simple watch with black leather strap. Daniel Wellington is usually more known for their larger case size, but when I saw the Classy Sheffield model at one of the stores at PMQ in Hong Kong, I instantly fell in love. I held myself back that time, but I brought my mom back for a second look when she was visiting Hong Kong over the holidays. She gave me the approval and pushed me to purchase it. My mom is seriously an enabler... trying to get me to buy all sorts of things even when I'm not even thinking about it. Anyone's mom is like that as well? 

After doing some research, I found out that buying it online through the official website is actually cheaper as it's super easy to search for a 15% discount code and the brand actually offers free shipping so I went ahead and got myself one. I paid around HKD 1,000 for the watch. Shipping was extremely fast. I received it at my office in 3 business days.
I chose rose gold as the case colour and I'm super happy with this choice.
I am very happy with my purchase and I would recommend it to anyone who's thinking about it. The price is very reasonable and it is versatile for any occasion. Hope you girls enjoyed my sharing :)

Much love.