Wednesday, April 29, 2015

L'oreal Hydrafresh All Day Hydration Deep Boosting Essense Review 水清新深層導入保濕精華

Hi girlies!

I want to share one of my recent favourite skincare products - the L'oreal Hydrafresh All Day Hydration Deep Boosting Essense. I recently picked this up at my local Mannings Plus in Hong Kong around the beginning of this year. I'm already done the first bottle and I had to get myself another one immediately after. I have to admit that I go through these way too quickly which is a bummer. However, considering that this product is not too expensive, I'm actually okay with it. I believe the regular price is HKD 18x, but I always take advantage of the skincare deals at Mannings where they offer buy two of the stickered items and get 75% off both items.

What I love most about this product is that it makes any other skincare products that I pair this with work much more effectively on my skin. For example, I've previously provided so-so feedback on the Garnier Light Complete Multi-Action Whitening Cream as it was rather drying on my skin. However, when I paired it with this product, it became significantly more moisturizing and I didn't mind using it on a daily basis, and in fact I've completely finished it.

The packaging is very light. It has a twisted lock which I turn every time I use the product. It also automatically pushes the product up so when you're done the bottle, you're really done the bottle - nothing is being wasted! It's a lot more hygienic too. Props to L'oreal!

This is what one pump of the product looks like. To be honest, I usually use two pumps every morning and night, which may be why I'm going through it way too fast, but I do feel that two pumps are needed to cover my entire face.

Effectiveness: It's good on its own, even better paired with other skincare products cause it makes any other skincare work better for me.
Packaging: Light and hygienic, also props to no wasted product when a bottle has been emptied.
Price: Affordable, but on the pricier side considering that I go through a bottle way too fast.
Repurchase? Already did!
Verdict: Love.