Wednesday, June 30, 2010

USA Haul

I went to Ohio last week to visit Cedar Point Amusement Park. It was sooooo fun! If you're into roller coasters, I highly suggest that you go! I spent 2 days at the park, and did a little shopping on the 3rd day while driving back to Canada. I bought all my beauty products in Target and Ulta. My bf had to hunt down Ulta for me close to Cleveland :P

From left to right:
Philosophy Purity cleanser: Since I used up all my Cetaphil face cleanser, I decided to give this a try although it's 2x the price of a Cetaphil cleanser... I have sensitive skin, so the fact that the Purity cleanser has a similar texture as the Cetaphil one is a good thing. One thing that I'm not a big fan of is the smell. It's not so strong that I can't stand, but it has a chemically smell that I don't fancy.
Philosophy Unconditional Love perfume spray: I got this as a gift from purchasing the Purity cleanser. The spray contains 4ml, which is a decent size for a gift. I'm not good with describing smell, but it's very sweet. It definitely smells like spring / summer.
Revlon lipstick in Soft Nude: I tried to find this in Canada for the longest time and couldn't... Now that I've gotten it in the States, Canada has already launched the product -_- Anyway, I got it b/c I've always been a big fan of nude lipsticks and b/c of all the raves in the beauty community. At first, it reminded me of my favourite lipstick (Lancome in Rich Cashmere). After putting it on my lips, I thought the shade is a bit off for my skintone. The formula is quite drying for my lips too (this is probably my lips are EXTREMELY dry all the time) So this is a miss for me, which is quite sad cause I was expecting so much :(
Revlon Super Lustrous lipgloss in Lilac Pastelle: I saw this in Holly's youtube video and knew I had to get it. I am so glad I did. It's soooo pretty. The formula is nice. On top of a pink lipstick, it just makes it look pinker with a hint of lilac. I love it! Now I'm sort of regretting not getting the one in Pink Pop.
NYX Round lipstick in 509 Narcissus: I bought 2 NYX lippies b/c there was a buy 1 get the 2nd one half off deal. The lipstick range in the store wasn't that great. I just picked the 2 colours that stand out the most for me. I haven't tried this one yet, but I'm a little intimidated by it. It looks so bright! I'll let you guys know how it goes.
NYX Round lipstick in 504 Harmonica: This one is a pale pink. It looks very frosty on the swatch, and I was like uh oh. Then I tried it on today with a light hand, then put on my coral Smashbox lipgloss (Can't find the name of it), and it looks very nice. I think I found my favourite combination for this summer :)
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in 608 Cottage Cheese: I think Leinababy used this before b/c I remembered I chuckled at the name when I heard it. I must've forgotten that it's so sparkly. Originally, I wanted a matte colour for highlighting the browbone and this is way too shiny for that purpose.

Revlon Soft Nude / NYX Narcissus / NYX Harmonica

NYX Jumbo Pencil Cottage Cheese / Revlon Lipgloss in Lilac Pastelle / Revlon Soft Nude / NYX Narcissus / NYX Harmonica

I was soooo happy when I found this polish! I was looking everywhere in Toronto and couldn't find it :( It's Revlon's Minted nail polish! It's gorgeous. I'm such a happy girl now :)

To end this post, I would like to show you guys a video of the Top Thrill Dragster roller coaster! We took it when we go to the park cause we were in shock! You can hear me saying 'waaa' in the video :P

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Quite a few of my good friends continuously suffer from self confidence whether it is in a relationship, at work, or overall self worth. This is something I understand, but don't have that much experience myself. Say that I have superiority complex or whatever, I just don't like to take shit from people. When there are signs that they are going to treat me with disrespect, I deliberately ignore them right away. Usually, they get the message and start to treat me with greater respect or they just back away. I'm happy with either way. I guess this is much harder to accomplish if you're in a relationship. It's always difficult to back away from the one you love. However, I can't imagine how it is to have to live through life worrying every second if you're good enough or not, or if there's another person who your loved one will fancy more. That, to me, is a torture and not worth it no matter how much you want to be with that person. No one should feel the need to constantly second guess yourself. We must learn to be comfortable in our skins, not dress or act to impress. Please let me know if you have any comments on this matter. I am almost out of idea or things to say to my friends who suffer from confidence issue, I sometimes don't know how to help them anymore.

Sorry for being MIA again. I just don't feel like posting as of late, but I do have some hauls and reviews to show you guys :P Look out for those in the near future!

Much Love.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Fun and Easy reads

Now that I have more time on my hand, I find myself reading again. I used to love books (when I was in high school). My ultimate favourites are The Time Traveler's Wife and Gone with the Wind. I shed a whole lotta tears while reading those, no matter how many times I'm rereading them... I guess I can relate a little bit. I thought I would read more in university since I was living alone, but nope, that didn't happen.. I just gave up on books. Now that university is finally out of the way, somehow I am starting the books that I couldn't finish before. And I find myself wanting to read books that are more light hearted.

I just finished rereading Can You Keep a Secret? and Remember Me? Now I'm reading Christopher Moore's Island of the Sequined Love Nun. I bought it such a long time ago, and never finished it. I'm about half done now, it's actually really funny. And yesterday, I stopped by Indigo, and bought myself The Debutante Divorcee by Plum Sykes just because it's pink and was on sale for $4.99! It seems like it's similar to the Sophie Kinsella books, but more gossip girl like. I'll see how that one goes.

What are your favourite books? Needing some recommendations! :D

Friday, June 11, 2010

My Laneige Collection & Giveaway to Enter!

The brand that I own the most beauty / make up products of has to be hands down, Laneige. You guys might be able to tell already if you have subscribed me for a while. These products belong to me and my mom, I really don't use some of them anymore (ie the black powder compact and mini lip palette, but I don't seem to be able to throw them away) I have been using their products since 8 years ago when my mom brought back a set of their skincare line from Hong Kong. After that, I just kept buying, not because I absolutely love their products, but from habit and convenience (and their cute packaging). I can't help but visit their stores whenever I go to Hong Kong - there's a store at my local Hong Kong mall, I'm always amazed at how pretty the store looks whenever I walk by -_- And once every year around where I live in Toronto, there's a cosmetic sales for brands such as Laneige, Sulwhasoo, and Iope. And you know me and cosmetics sales, it's hard to not purchase anything when you go to one :S

I like their skincare products the most - they are quite hydrating, and they don't break me out. Let me know if you want me to review any of the above products.

1 Designing Eyeshadow in 701 - quite chalky, definitely need an eye primer for this
2 Designing Eyeshadow in 40 - better than the other eyeshadow, but not the best
3 Multi Glam Blusher in 20 - my favourite blusher in the winter, as you can see, I've hit pan already :(
4 Snow Crystal Blusher in 03 brown gradation - hate it - very difficult to use and blend, I don't recommend this at all
5 Sliding Pact in Natural No.2 - My old press powder until I messed it up with some liquid foundation... so I went and bought the new one (see number 6)
6 Sliding Pact Snow UV Crystal in 2 Bright Skin Tone - I use this on a daily basis, love it :D
7 Lipstick in 702 - This is actually my mom's. I'm not sure how much she likes it, but it's almost used up! She's allergic to most lipsticks out there, so I guess this one worked out for her.

I don't own too many of their make up products, most of the above picture are not available anymore No. 4 and 6. I'm not a big fan of their make up line.

So what's your favourite Laneige product? And is there a cosmetic / skincare brand that you just keep returning to buy out of habit?
I know a lot of ppl are addicted to MAC!! :P

While I'm at the topic of Korean make up, I want to mention Elli Duvolle's I have Seoul Makeup Giveaway!!!

She's giving out up to 3 items and up to $60 worth of Korean brand makeup / skincare products of your choice! I'm sooooo excited, and crossing my fingers for this :D

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My First BB Cream!

After watching Ava's youtube video on Korean makeup, I couldn't resist myself from browsing online for some! For those of you who don't know, Ava is a Hong Kong singer who does beauty videos on youtube. Most of her videos are in Cantonese, sorry to those who don't speak the language :( I initially had my eyes on the Lioele line as it has been enormously raved about from different Youtube gurus. The product on the left is the Lioele Beyond Solution BB Cream ($19 on The only concern is that this product doesn't have UV protection. Of course you can go up a notch and pay $32 for the Lioele Triple Beyond Solution BB Cream that has SPF30 and PA++. (You'll also be able to find some cheaper ones on ebay, but you just gotta be more careful) I'm hesitant to spend that much on a product that I haven't seen in person so I decided to visit Pacific Mall in Markham to hunt down this product and also check out some other BB Cream brands.

To my surprise, none of the stores in Pacific Mall had Lioele products, or maybe I missed it.. If you know which stores carry them, please let me know! But they did have brands such as Skin79, Missha, Dr Jart, L'egere, and so on. Being a sucker for packaging, the oh-so-cute pink Skin79 bottles instantly attracted my attention :S And I purchased my first BB Cream: Skin79 Hot Pink Super+ BB Cream! It claims to have 3 functions: whitening, UV protecting (SPF25 PA++), and wrinkle free (I guess that just means it improves wrinkle prone areas (?))

The colour is a bit 'ashy' but being extremely pale myself, I think it suits my skintone. One thing to note is that the coverage is quite sheer. And also, a little bit of product would cover the whole face. I can't give a detailed review until I've tried this product for longer. Skin79 also has different BB Cream lines suitable for different people. Check their website for more information.

Price wise, it's listed at $32 on the website. However, most stores sell them for $25 at Pacific Mall. I did find this store that sells it for $23 on the 2nd floor, that's where I bought mine, but they don't have any samples there. You're better off trying it at another store beforehand.

After 2 days of browsing online, I officially started a wish list.... -__-

Left to Right:
Lioele Blooming Pop in Pink Tint (similar to the benetint)
Lioele 3D Jewel Cheek & Highlighter
Lioele Silky Highlighter BB Touch
Skin79 Luminous Pearl BB Cream (similar to Lioele BB Touch but brush can be removed for cleaning)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Mini Polish Haul & Free Magazines WHAT!

Sorry guys for being MIA for so long.. I received a call last Tuesday about an interview on Friday. After that call, I've been extremely busy preparing and feeling nervous! The interview turned out all right. Now I'm just hoping for the best. During the weekend, I did some shopping at the mall :D I intended to buy some summer clothes, but ended up with 3 nail polishes b/c there was a 3 for $10 deal.

L.A. Girl Flare in Flushed NL62
L.A. Girl Matte in Matte Baby Pink NL538
L.A. Colors Art Deco in Sky Blue NA910

I do have the Matte polish on at the moment, but I did a horrible job applying so they look rather messy - that's why I don't have a picture up. I can't decide if I like the matte finish or not. It's rather hard to control the consistency even after 3 coats. Somehow, this finish makes my nails look kinda fake, which I'm not a big fan of.

And look what I realized when I got home? The L.A. Girl bottles are exactly the same as the Forever21 nail polish bottle that I bought not too long ago :S

Also, I want to share this with you girls! I've been receiving Elle Canada magazines for the past 4 months. At first, I was so clueless on why they are even sending it to me. Then on the May edition, there's a sticker on it saying 'Enjoy your 1 year subscription compliments of and ELF' And yes, I did placed a huge order of ELF cosmetics last year. This is such a pleasant surprise :D I can never say no to free magazines!