Friday, November 25, 2011

Brassy gold nails

I hauled this Sally Hanson nail polish in Burnt Sienna from Lisa's Cosmetics Sale from my last blog post for $0.99. It reminded me of Chanel Peridot, but without the green duo-chrome. For the prize, I can't complain. I absolutely love the finish and the colour of this Sally Hanson one. I think it's perfect for the holiday season and spring time as well. For some reason, I just wearing white / cream with metallic nails in the spring haha.
This picture is the closest to how the nail polish looks like in real life. All the other pictures look really gold and bright, but in real life, it's actually quite dull which I prefer.

I put on about 3 coats because I like it to be really opaque. I think you can get away with just 2 coats as well.
Hope you all enjoyed my post. Much Love.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Fall 2011 Lisa's Cosmetics Sale Haul

I don't go to Lisa's Cosmetics Sale every time, but after reading people's blogs, I couldn't resist not going to check out the holiday gift sets there! This year, they also have CARGO products which I've never tried before so I was especially excited to see as well. At the end, I didn't pick up any CARGO sets even though they were only $9.99. I didn't think I'd have enough opportunity to wear those colours. I opted for this Smashbox Everyday Glamour set instead for $25.99 which is a total steal!

The set includes:
- Photo op under eye brightener
- Eye liner in Onyx
- Lip gloss in Covet
- Eyeshadow brush
- Eye shadow quad in Seduce
- Cream blush in Entice (opps I forgot to include it in the picture)
The eyeliner's cap is attached to a sharpener! So convenient right?
Really wearable colours! I swatched it at the sale and they are very blendable.
Very pigmented lipgloss / Eye brightener
Other things I picked up:
- Sally Hansen Extra Firming Thigh & Leg Gel $1.99
- Elizabeth Arden Toner $13
- Olay cleansing cloths $4.99
- Vaseline Lotion $3.99
- Burt's Bees lip balm $2.49

Nail polishes I picked up:
- NYC Extra Shiny Top Coat $0.99
- Sally Hansen in Burnt Sienna (It reminds me of Chanel Peridot! We'll see how it turns out) $0.99

I absolutely love everything I bought :D Hope you girls enjoyed my haul! Much love.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Zombie Bride on Halloween

Boo! I know it's a little late, but as promised, this is my scary Halloween costume - the zombie bride! I dug out a white lace cardigan, bought a skirt from F21, bought some flowers from the dollar store, and that's my costume! I actually also bought a veil from ebay for $1, but it came 2 weeks late :(
With girlies

I bought some fake blood and liquid latex from the halloween store to create wounds.

Sorry for the how messy it is lol. For eyeshadow, I used my Laura Mercier e/s in Twilight Grey all over my eyes and under my eyes. Then I added the magenta colour in my Shiseido duo in S9 Iris Light under my eyes to have that bruised look.
For lips, I borrowed my mom's Clinique lipstick in 97 Party Red, which was too much of a bright red for my look. So I darkened it up with my Smashbox lipgloss in Prep, which I bought for quite a while now but never had a chance to use. I love the combination of these two together! And I absolutely adore the vintage look of the Clinique lipstick!

Hope you all enjoyed my Halloween look, Much Love!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Crackled Halloween

This post features my sister's Halloween nails using my 2 new polishes - China Glaze's Crackle Glaze in Cracked Medallion from my October Luxe Box, and Sally Hansen's Lacquer Shine (I can't find the name of it). I bought the Sally Hansen polish from CNE for less than $2 :)

I quite like the combination of dark blue and gold. I think they complement each other quite well :) My sister said that the key is to not apply too much of the Crackled polish because when it's too thick, it doesn't "crack" as well, so have a light hand ladies!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hello Kitty iPhone 4 Case :D

Bought from eBay, my Hello Kitty iPhone case arrived! I absolutely love it :D I've been searching for an iPhone case for a long time, but haven't found one that I really love... so the other day, I decided to try eBay. I originally chose the red bow just because I feel like that's how Hello Kitty should look like! When the package came, it was with the pink bow. I was so disappointed because I thought they mixed up my order, but little did I know that they included a red bow on the side as well! The bows can be switched if wanted :D They're very easy to be switched, and once it's on, it's quite secured.

I believe I paid less than $10 for this case. Isn't it adorable?
If you're interested, simply search for Hello Kitty iphone 4 silicone case

Much love!