Sunday, May 22, 2011

Spring 2011 Shiseido / Nars Sale Haul

Last weekend, I went to the Shiseido / Nars Cosmetic Sale in Markham. This sale seriously has some awesome bargains for makeup!I think I did pretty well this time! I only picked up a few makeup products for myself because I think I'm good for skincare for a while.

This sale took place last weekend on
Friday (VIP ticket required)

I went on Saturday, which was the first day that was opened to public. My mom and I got there at 7:50am thinking that we were super early since the sale starts at 9am. And we were so wrong, there were already tons of people lining up! We got in at around 9:40am which wasn't too bad.

Shiseido Makeup Silky Eye Shadow Duo in S17 ($8)
Silver Thistle / Rose Chardon

This product is available on the YesStyle site for $38!! Being able to get it at $8 makes me insanely happy :D I wanted a grey matte eyeshadow for a while, and I realized I don't have any pink e/s in my collection so I went ahead to grab this one.

Shiseido Luminizing Satin Eye Color Trio in GD804 ($8)

This type of e/s palettes was not available in the tester area for some reason. A girl asked for it and the sales lady brought back a box from the back with these palettes inside. She opened each one for her to see. My mom saw one in PK403 and fell in love so I immediately helped her asked for it, then I saw this one in GD804 and got it as well. I'm not sure why they held these at the back without having testers for them :S

On the official site, this palette is available for $40.

Shiseido The Makeup Shimmering Lipstick in SL12 ($10)

I think coral lipsticks are in this summer? I picked this one up because I didn't fall in love with the really pigmented lipsticks there. This one is quite sheer but also buildable. I'm not a big fan of my lip shape so I try to stay away from bold colours (even though I love them on other people).

Shiseido Pureness Blemish Clearing Gel ($12)

When I went to the sale, I had a huge painful cystic pimple on my chin. My mom found this gel for me and I decided to give this a try. I'll do a review on this in the future.

Much Love.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Swedish Skin Review Part 2

Hi girls! I promised to review more Swedish Skin products and here you go :) Sorry it took me a while since studying is in the way these days. Reviews always take so long to write too (especially for multiple products). If you haven't seen my first part of the Swedish Skin Review, click here!

This time, I'll be reviewing the three products that come in containers as follows. If you don't know already, I think the Buy 1 Get 2 free deal is still going on. A lot of the products are not available anymore, however the cleansers that I've reviewed last time, the Intensive Anti-Wrinkle Moisturizer, and the Anti-Aging Eye Cream are still available on the site (Both products are included in this post).

Apple Rejuvenation Cream (1.7 oz) / Intensive Anti-Wrinkle Moisturizer (1 oz)/ Anti-Aging Eye Cream (0.5 oz)

Apple Rejuvenation Cream
$23.99 1.7 oz

I'm not a big fan of this. It has an interesting texture. I generally use this in the morning, but because it doesn't have spf, I pair this with other products as well. I find that this is not hydrating enough to be a standalone cream. When I tried this cream for the first time, I was actually turned off by its scent. Now that I've gotten more used to it, it's acceptable. I don't feel like this product is any special. But since I got it as a deal ($23.99 for 3), I think it's not bad. One thing I want to mention is that my mom tried this on her neck for 2 consecutive days, and she got an allergic reaction with red spots on her neck. I use this on my face and haven't had any abnormal reaction yet.

Intensive Anti-Wrinkle Moisturizer
$23.99 1 oz

This is a hydrating moisturizer. I like this. I've seen youtube reviews where people mention they really like the scent of this. Although I don't dislike it, I don't love it at the same time. It does smell like apple, and it's much more pleasant than the scent of the Apple Rejuvenation Cream, but the apple scent seems really fake to me for some reasons :S Texture wise, it glides one smoothly on your skin. It gets a thumbs up from me :)

Anti-Aging Eye Cream
$19.99 0.5 oz

Unlike the way-too-rich Shiseido Benefiance Concentrated Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream that I reviewed in this post, this Swedish Skin eye cream is light weight and moisturizing! It has no scent which I like. I find that it has a cooling effect too. It's comparable to my Clinique moisture surge extra refreshing eye gel, but the Clinique one is in gel form. This product gets 2 thumbs up from me :)

Stay tuned for the final Swedish Skin Review on the 2 products that come with a pump - Apple Rejuvenation Serum and Moisturizing Protective Lotion with SPF 15. Because these two products aren't available on the site anymore, I decided to do them last, and review the ones that are still on the site first.

Much Love. Have a great long weekend for my Canadian readers out there :)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Swimsuit Overload

So yesterday when I went to the mall to grab the Body Shop free gift (from buying the Princess bag a couple of weeks earlier), I dropped by H&M to check out their really inexpensive swimsuits that I've heard about. Unfortunately, there were only a rack of bikini bottoms left (bikini tops were no where to be found in the entire store). I quickly grabbed all the styles that I could find in my size which were very limited. I ended up getting 3 of them since they were only $5.95 each! Such a bargain!! Actually, this is one thing that I don't understand. Why are all swimsuits so super expensive when there is so little fabric used?

Then because there were no more bikini tops at H&M, I decided to check out Old Navy and found out they were having a sale on all swim wear!!

Really like this style. It has enough support without looking like a bra.

I'm usually not a big fan of how bikinis look on me (I really need to go on an extreme diet before wearing a bikini in public lol) but I decided to get this one anyway cause the coral colour is lovely and I think the ruffle details would look really nice if I have a oversized tshirt or a sheer blouse on top.

I tried on this one piece and was pleasantly surprised on how well it fits! The tankini top fits quite nice too so I decided to get it as well since it's hard to find one that's nice.

Ok, I think I should run off to do some exercise now before the summer hits us...
Much Love.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Shiseido Benefiance Concentrated Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream Review

I bought the Shiseido Benefiance Concentrated Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream at the Shiseido Cosmetic Sale in Winter 2010 that I mentioned in this post. It contains 15ml of products and is available on the Sephora website for $52. Because I bought it at a cosmetic sale, I bought it for $36.

From the Shiseido website, it claims to be an ultra-rich age-defense eye cream that protects skin from a harsh, dehydrating environment* and dramatically minimizes the appearance of wrinkles and lines to promote a youthfully smooth, radiant look.

The Benefiance line is targeted towards mature women. I bought this eye cream because I'm a risk taker in the area of skincare. I like to try anything and everything skincare related. Usually, I would have no complains using a more mature line. However, this is one product I wouldn't recommend to anyone in their 20's.

The first time I used it, I was so surprised by how rich and thick this eye cream was. The eye creams I've tried in the past are usually lighter than face creams. I would imagine this eye cream being very effective for more mature women, especially ones who have issues with wrinkles and dark circles, and baggy eyes. Because of its richness, it's probably more suitable for night time use rather than morning. I've read reviews that it may cause milia for women in their 20's. And I can relate, when I use this product, I make sure I use a light hand because I feel like it's way too much for my eye area.

Price wise, it is quite expensive for 15ml of product. A little goes a long way because of how rich the product is. The packaging definitely feels luxurious and sturdy. Again, I feel like a lot of the cost goes into the packaging (I already talked about this issue in my last post).

Price: 3/5 Quite expensive for 15ml
Scent: 4.5/5
Effectiveness: Depends on your age and your skin condition of your eye area.
Repurchase? Not until I turn at least 35

I've stopped using this product and gave it to my mom since I've bought the Swedish Skin eye cream which I will review very soon.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Biotherm Skin Vivo Review

I bought my Biotherm Skin Vivo Cream in a set at a L'oreal sale last year that I mentioned in this post. It contains 50ml of products, and it retails for $70. Because I bought this at the L'oreal sale, I bought the whole set for $37 (Refer to link above).

From the Biotherm site, the product claims to be able to rejuvenate your skin through your genes’ vital impulse, and gain 10 years of youth for your skin in 4 weeks.

I bought this because of its anti-aging properties. I was really obsessed with anything anti-aging around last year (I'm less so now). I decided to give this a try. I definitely don't think I've gained 10 years of youth since I'm only 23 and anti-aging products are generally not marketed towards people my age. I'm sure the "10 years of youth" thing is more targeted towards the middle-aged group so it's not fair for me to use this against them.

The texture of the cream is very unique, it's not like anything else I've tried before. I want to describe it as being milky and solid. I say solid because as you see in the 3rd photo, it doesn't leave much residuals inside the container as most creams do. This cream like to stick together (for a lack of better words). I read some reviews on this products and some people said it made their skin dry. I can understand where they're coming from. This product is not your usual moisturizer and it's by no means water-based. If you want moisture, you're better off adding another product into your skincare routine. And because it's not "moisturizing," it leaves your skin feeling fresh and not greasy. I feel like it does a decent anti-aging job. My skin does feel tight after using it (not in an uncomfortable sense), and my complexion does improve.

The scent is decent. It's not too strong, but there's definitely a scent. Again, I want to describe the scent as milky... I don't know why lol. The packaging is very sturdy and well made. I'm not sure about what your views are on this, but sometimes, such well made packaging makes me wonder how much of the price that we paid went towards it. After the product is done, I can't really reuse the container, and have no choice but to throw it out. Not that I'm complaining that it's a good quality, but if I have the choice, I'd rather save a few bucks to have a mediocre quality container that I know I can't reuse.

Price: 2/5 It is very expensive for its retail price, and for what it is. I feel like for this price, you can get a cream that is moisturizing AND anti-aging.
Texture: 4/5 It's interesting and blends well.
Scent: 4/5
Effectiveness: 3/5 It's effective for what it claims for (anti-aging), but at the same time, it's not moisturizing enough to be used as a standalone cream.
Repurchase? Most likely not. And definitely not at its retail price.

I do realize that I try quite a bit of beauty products (more so for skincare because I'm a skincare junkie). I will to try to do more reviews from now on. Hope you girls will like it :)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My 1st Chanel Bag - The East West Flap

I present to you my baby, my first Chanel bag ever, my east west flap in beige! Please note that I'm not trying to brag, I'm here to share my passion for something that I truly enjoy, and hopefully share some insights through my experience for those of you who are interested in this bag or this brand in general :)

I have planned for this purchase for a long time. I always knew I wanted to eventually purchase a Chanel bag. Around last year, I learned about the existence of the East West flap which looks very similar to the classic for very a slightly cheaper price. I had my eyes set on it as my 25th birthday present to myself (end of next year.. the thought of being a quarter of a century old is just daunting). However, I have been considering of advancing the purchase because of Chanel's constant price increases. Then one thing happened last week that pulled the trigger. I found out that Chanel was discontinuing the East West Flap. My heart sank. I knew I had to somehow track down the last ones that are still in the market.

So on Saturday, I went with my girlfriends to Holt Renfrew at the Bloor location of Toronto to check out the Chanel boutique there. The reason why I chose to go to Holts rather than the actual store about 5 minutes down the street is because Holts was having a promotion where you get 25% of your purchase back in a gift card for your next purchase. I was thinking WHOA what an awesome deal right (especially when I was going to commit to such a large purchase). The story will continue later regarding this gift card. So I walked into the store, and there I was inside the most beautiful store I can ever be in surrounded by gorgeousness. I went straight to the SA and asked for the East West flap. She referred to it as the "Baguette"? I'm not sure if that's the second name for it. Let me know if you know! Anyway, she handed me the bag from the shelf behind her, a gorgeous beige - the colour that I wanted from the beginning. And there, the first thing she told me was "We are having a 15% to 20% price increase tomorrow." I nearly had an heart attack. I knew at that time that I was going to get the bag now or never.

Trying to calm myself down, I spotted the classic small in black with gold hardware. I immediately grabbed it for comparison. If I'm spending that much money on something, I better make sure I choose the right one. The one that I absolutely love. After a thorough comparison in which the process includes drawing a venn diagram in my head, listing the pros and cons, completing an intense mental report, I walked out of the store with a big smile on my face. What about the gift card, you ask me? Chanel doesn't participate in the Holt Renfrew promotion :( Sigh.

Difference between the East West Flap and the Classic Small
- The e/w flap is wider, shorter, and narrower
- The e/w flap has only one chain that goes to around my waist at most whereas if you can adjust the Classics to be around your hip area with only 1 chain or under your shoulders and have 2 chains.
- The Classic has another flap inside.
- Before the price increase (already happened on May 1st), the East West Flap was $700 cheaper than the Classic Small.

The strap can be adjusted so that it can be used as a clutch.

The side

The back

This is how to adjust the length of the strap. There's a hook inside the bag where you can hook your strap on to the length that you prefer.

The interior

It comes with an authenticity card with a number at the back.

Inside the dust bag

Now you might prefer the Classic over this, but I had my eyes on this for a while and the fact that it's discontinuing and that it's cheaper got me. Leave a comment if you are planning to purchase a Chanel bag, own a Chanel bag, or just love the Chanel bag! If so, which colour and style do you prefer?

Sunday, May 1, 2011


My baby girl came for a visit again and we decided to hit up the club for an opportunity to dress up :) I'm loving the look of a loose fitting top with a fitted skirt! I think it's classy and sexy without being too slutty if you know what I mean :)

- F21 Leopard Print skirt (Bought here)
- Jack by BB Dakota Matilda Velvet & Lace Top (Click here for link)
- Nine West Nude Pumps
- F21 belt
- yellow Jacobs by Marc Jacobs clutch with a chain

I love my yellow clutch with a chain! I call it a clutch with a chain because I don't think it's big enough to be called a purse or bag lol. I bought it at Paris at a Marc Jacobs (outlet?) store. I'm not sure what it is actually because it's not the traditional store but it sells much more affordable bags and accessories and cute stationary. I think I've heard that a very similar, if not the same, store exists in New York called Bookmarc. I'd love to visit again! I bought my yellow clutch for around 25 euros (can't remember exactly how much) WHAT A BARGAIN!

I bought my velvet and lace top from Hautelook for around $21. You girls know my obsession with lace ;P I couldn't resist not getting it even though I wasn't sure about the velvet at first, but now I absolutely love it, I think it's definitely an unique element that you don't find in a lot of place. It's probably a good idea to wear a cami underneath just in case. I decided to also add a safety pin at the back to secure it from drooping too low on the chest area since I don't think it's flattering to see the cami underneath anyway. One thing I wanna add is that it runs pretty big at the top but fitted around the waist area. However, the velvet material doesn't stretch at all so it's a little difficult to wear and take off. If you have a small waist, do consider getting a size down. If you don't have a small waist (unfortunately that's me -_-) then it's better to just get your usual size cause it'd be uncomfortable to have a non-stretchy and too small of a fabric around your waist area.

Me being silly ;P

The pretty and I at the club :)

Btw, I used these Dolly Wink No.1 lashes that I won from Emi's giveaway! You probably can't see them clearly on my eyes in the pics :( Sorry girls