Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Retail therapy at its best

Last Thursday when I was so stressed about studying, I did what I do best- went online shopping. One of my favourite sites to shop at is Forever21, for several reasons. 1) They have a Canadian site, which means no international shipping and handling fees. 2) Free shipping for over $60. 3) There's a F21 store relatively close to me so if I don't like something, I can't easily go and exchange them. 4) Their online store is so much more easier to spot deals compared to their actual store which are too big.

Abstract Floral Print Skirt: $17.80
I really like the gold zipper at the back, and I am liking the colour scheme of this skirt too. I love to buy these types of skirts because I find them to be so versatile. When in doubt, just throw on a black top and one of these skirts, and you're done and cute! You can also find these types of skirts relatively inexpensive too.

Cheetah Print Skirt: $10.80, Heart Print Socks: $1.10
I normally don't really like animal prints on me, but I find that the print on this skirt is pretty subtle. The gold makes it suitable for the holidays too :) I thought this pair of socks is soooo cute! I love the multi-coloured hearts on the black socks. However, the quality isn't the best. The texture isn't the softest so I was kind of disappointed about that.

Chantilly Surplice Dress: $29.80
I am really obsessed with anything lace. I own a few lace tops and dresses. It's hard to find the right occasion to wear them though so my lace tops are often left untouched :S But they're soo pretty and feminine. The dress is so flattering on. It's so soft too. The material is stretchable, making it so comfortable to wear.

I also bought many other things that I will be taking to the store to exchange soon, which I don't mind at all because this means I'll have store credit to shop with again! I'm already eyeing a few things I like from the site heehee :P


yan! said...

i reli like lace products too! loving that dresssss :D its so great u have forever 21.... i miss the shop

Mimi said...

yay for retail therapy! you got a lot of really cute items. honestly, can we ever go wrong with forever21? ;)

<3, Mimi

Maria said...

I envy you because you found that pretty lace dress. I cannot find one here in the Philippines. Yours is so gorgeous! That will look good with stilettos. :)

Dolce♥Bunny said...

mmmmmmmmm retail therapy... the best kind of therapy~ =u= <3
Love the leopard skirt! Its so cute and so cheap! Lucky you for no international shipping!!

s said...

Ohhh I just love both skirts!! Especially the floral one! Now you're making me want to go shop there!

eatyourvegies said...

I recently purchased from them and was really pleased! :) I hope you like what you bought.

Marie said...

Nice buys!:D

The lace dress looks lovely and expensive!:D

***** Marie *****

Anonymous said...

OOO love the lace dress edwina! i totally did not know you could return online F21 purchases in stores! that means i could get free shipping from them everytime :D thanks for letting me know!

it was nice seeing you too yesterday! :) hope you a fabulous bday!

oomph. said...

those are all great buys. i've been liking lace recently too.


zafiro said...

love the dress!! check out my channel =)