Sunday, November 28, 2010

Keep wishin', keep dreamin'

My wish list...

Vidi Vici Small Face Case 01 $950 HKD (~$125 CAD)
includes face powder, shading blush, cheek blush, and highlighter
This is way too expensive... Not sure if I will ever buy it for myself. I just think the packaging is so sleek and it's great for traveling (not that I travel too much anyway)... But what the heck, I'll just put it on the list just for fun!

Sigma brushes
Flat top kabuki F80 / Large powder brush F30 / Large concealer brush F35 / Small Duo Fibre F55 / Eye Liner Brush E05
I would've bought 2 or 3 of these brushes if I didn't miss the free international shipping on the Black Friday sale. I've heard amazing things about the flat top kabuki, currently I own the Elf powder brush and the shape is similar, but I personally would never use my elf one for liquid foundation, I use it solely for powder. And Holly (on her youtube video) said it's amazing for any type of foundation *-* As for the concealer brush, I don't own one that is that big, and it's more convenient for under the eyes. I wonder how small the small duo fibre brush is... the MAC one I own is a regular sized one and I do want to try out a smaller one to buff my liquid foundation in.

Beige / ebony fabric with white leather trim heart-shaped coin purse $240
I just think this is awesomely cute. I wouldn't use it for storing coins though since my wallet has a coin slot already. I reckon if I own it, it would just be there for random things. And obviously $240 is way too expensive to be spent on something to hold random things...

The following are a pile of high end key cases that I found when I was doing some online window shopping last night. The key case that I'm using right now is a pink hello kitty one that has gotten really dirty over the past year. Does anyone still use key cases? Or do you guys prefer key rings instead? Idk, I feel like key cases protect the other things in your bag (phone, wallet, etc.) that can be scratched up by your keys.

4 Key Holder Fleuri in Violet $285
The price is obviously overprice for this, especially with only 4 hooks. The pattern inside is so unique and cute though.

Monogram Multicolore by Takashi Murakami in Litchi 4 Key Holder $235
I'm normally not a big fan of the multicolour monogram just because I don't think it suits my style that much, but the pink inside is adorable!!!

Round Key Holder GM $225
The shape is unique, I think it reminds me of a glasses case, plus you get 6 hooks.

Monogram Vernis 4 Key Holder in Rose Florentin $235
I feel like this one is more subtle, more timeless, and suits my style more. Too bad it doesn't come with more hooks.

White guccissima leather with white leather trim, light gold hardware, 6 key hooks $210
I feel like this is my least favourite just because it gives me a more mature feel.

Miu Miu (price is unknown)... I just found a random picture of this. Ahhhhhhh WAY TOO CUTE! especially the bow, and 6 hooks too. I think I saw some other pictures of this in different colours, but I think the red works well with the bow, reminds me of christmas haha!

Wish list to be continued...

This post is just for jokes, don't think I'll go out and buy these, at least not anytime soon. Sometimes I like to keep items on my wish list that I know I won't get for a while... It keeps me going in life, so I'll have more to look forward to. Sometimes keep wanting but not getting something makes me happier, if you spoil yourself too much and buy everything for yourself without a second thought, you become less and less satisfied with life. After you own more and more things, then what? You'd just want to own even more, and the value of each new item to you would become less and less. If we step back, and valuate our actions, a lot of the makeup or fashion items that we buy are not necessities, no matter how hard we try to fool ourselves by saying 'I need more work clothes', or 'I need to expand my winter wardrobe'. Of course, treating ourselves once in a while for our hard work is necessary to put a smile on our faces :)

Now, what's on your wish list?


Amy said...

Interesting, I've never thought of getting a key holder like those before. Actually, to be honest I don't think I've seen those around much at all! I use a keyring/lanyard thing, but these seem useful in that they won't get tangled with other things in your bag.


Jenny said...

ooo i had fun reading your wishlist! i heard lots of good things about the sigma flat top brush too :)

i didn't even know there was such thing as key holders! i want a key holder now too! i always scratch things up (like my cell phone) with my keys :(

Winnie* said...

Nice list! I really hope to see another one of it soon :P I want sigma brushes for christmas. I am thinking about replacing all my old brushes with them. I want a key holder for the longest time too! The miu miu one is tooo cute!! I really like the LV monogram vernis one tho. Very pretty color but if I had to get one i would probably get a 6 key holder so it could double up as a card holder. Hm just a thought :) I agree with your perspectives on keeping a wish list. There are so much we want and its good to motivate ourselves with them than keep getting them nonstop. Food for thoughts :) I have been spending wayyy too much so probably not even going to do a wishlist this christmas haha

Mimi said...

i want sigma brushes too. :D

<3, Mimi

MissJayce said...

ive been dying to get the vidi vici case as well. but seriously out of my budget. how can that little thing cost SO much! i wish they come out with an empty case for me to just fill things in there with though. or i hope muji makes something like that haha. great post!

Kristie said...

Wow, I didn't even know LV had key holders like that. I haven't tried Sigma brushes at all so I'll wait for your review on them ;)

Rinny said...

Awesome wishlist! Hopefully you get some of the stuff you want this year :)

The key holders are all really cute, but I feel like they would take up a of extra space than a regular old key chain ring :(

Winnie* said...

btw just tagged you for the 'i love your blog' tag. check it out if you have time ^^