Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Swedish Skin Review

Hi all! I've been lazy in updating my blog, but it's getting warmer, you can't blame me ;P If you follow me on twitter, you would know that I hauled some Swedish Skin products a couple of weeks ago. I've heard tons of good things about this company and couldn't resist myself when I found out that they're having a Buy 1 Get 2 free deal (I read on their facebook page that the deal is on until August, don't count me on it though).

I want to share my overall thoughts on the products before I go into the specifics. There are products that I like and products that are just so-so. Do expect the packaging to be somewhat cheap. Don't get me wrong, they are quite durable, I doubt the packaging is going to break on you, but at the same time, don't expect to get some fancy luxurious looking containers and such. Next up is the scent. I've watched various youtube videos on this company and a lot of the youtubers said they liked the scent. Now I have a different opinion... My first impression of the scent is that about half of the products have an unpleasant smell (I will go into detail about the specific ones), the other half were not bad. After a couple of weeks of using the products, I think I've somewhat gotten use to the scent and they've become more tolerable. Another thing I want to mention is because I live in Canada, shipping was quite expensive at about $30. I did buy a lot though and the containers have their weights so I was expecting a high amount. One thing I didn't expect is that the package didn't come in a box :( It came in a normal shipping packaging (usually the ones you get for clothes). When I opened it up, the cap of an eye cream got loose and about 2/3 of the products got leaked to everywhere :S

Today I'm reviewing the cleansers and exfoliator.

I don't think it's specified on the website, but the back of these 3 products made it quite clear that they should be used in the order of Deep-Pore Cleanser Lotion, then Water-Activated Gel Cleanser, then the Exfoliating Gel Scrub. (2.7 oz each)

Deep Pore Cleanser Lotion

Deep Pore Cleanser Lotion - This is one of the products that I don't enjoy the scent too much. It has a chemically smell. This is a quite a gentle cleanser. The texture is similar to Cetaphil. I don't believe this is a must have.

Water-Activated Gel Cleanser

Water-Activated Gel Cleanser - I really enjoy this. The scent is one of the best in the line, in my opinion. Again, I would rate this as a gentle cleanser but it leaves the skin feeling fresh afterward which I really enjoy. And I just realized that "cleanser" is spelled incorrectly?

Exfoliating Gel Scrub

Exfoliating Gel Scrub - LOVE this! It's the best exfoliator I've ever used. Definitely not a harsh one. As you can see, when you rub it, very tiny particles form and give the exfoliating effect.

Thoughts on these 3 products:
I like them, but I don't think they're worth the price of $10 each if the deal didn't exist. With the deal, you get $10 for 3 tubes which is a decent a mount I think. They work decent, I enjoy the Water-Activated Gel Cleanser and the exfoliating gel scrub more. However, they made it clear in the description at the back of the packaging to use them 3 in a specific order, and I haven't tried not following through since it works fine as is.

I just went on the site and it seems like some of the products just as the serum have already sold out :S These 3 cleansers are still available on the site though!

Here's a sneak peak of the other products that I'll be reviewing next :) Leave me a comment if you have specific questions and I'll answer them on my next Swedish Skin review post.

Friday, April 15, 2011

You make my heart melt

It's been a total fail in trying to limit my spending. Here and there, I keep finding things that I love. I remember back in the day when I worked in downtown Toronto, 10 minutes walk to Eaton Centre was brutal to my wallet. Then I worked at the Bloor area... right across from Holt Renfrew. Now I work uptown and my work place is not connected to any mall or shopping area, I think I can get away with spending money during lunch hours - very wrong. There was a market sale yesterday where 10% of proceeds go to charity. I spotted these amazing finds for very reasonable prices. I was never one to buy home decors, but as I get older, I appreciate these things more. Creating a cute display on my bag shelf just make me so happy. My biggest inspiration is hrhcollection! If you girls haven't checked out her site yet, you definitely should. She has amazing styles in fashion and everything else!

Great steals!
Leaf plate $10
Bunny $2
Jeweled handle cutlery $0.50 each

I didn't bring my wallet at first thinking that I wouldn't find anything I like. When I was at the market sale, I was instantly attracted to the cute cutlery. I couldn't believe it when the lady told me that they were $0.50 each. You know what happened next, I dashed back to get my wallet at once ;P

Then I fell in love with this leaf plate. It comes in white, green, and blue. I really love the white one because I know it goes with everything. When I got home, I made this cute little display of my perfumes and the eiffel tower that I bought when I was in Paris. Now that I'm looking at this picture, I realize that I got the Reverence by Marina De Boubron perfume in Paris also. I bought it in Versailles Palace and I absolutely love the packaging of it :)

Now you might ask why I bought a bunny? If you don't know already, each year is assigned an animal in the Chinese culture. The year that I was born in is the year of rabbit. I have tons of rabbit things around the house. When I saw this cute little thing, I couldn't resist (especially at the amazing price!) I use it to hold some of my jeweleries.

Hope you all enjoyed this post. Have an amazing weekend everyone :)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Letting things go

Everyone knows that makeup do expire eventually, but how many of us actually throw them out regularly? I for sure don't... and I'm not sure why. One thing I know is that it takes FOREVER for me to finish using a product because I don't put on makeup on a daily basis. Throwing out unfinished makeup just feels like throwing money away. And just like anything else that we own, it triggers a part of our memory. The time and location you bought that eye shadow... The person who was beside when you bought it... That special event you went to with that particular lip gloss on... Everything is hard to let go, but letting go will make us feel lighter. Going forward, there'll be less burden.

Some have been in my drawer for literally years. I don't touch them anymore and would not dare to put any of it on my face.
If you're scared, let it go.
Some broke and leaked. It's impossible to take it anywhere.
If it's incapable to function, let it go.
Some are finished. Don't keep it for the packaging.
If there's nothing left, let it go.
And some, just plainly suck.
If it sucks, let it go.

The cap of this elf gloss broke off... not sure if you can see the crack on the cap. It makes everything else sticky :S

Making space for the new. I will be better.

Other than throwing things away, I also cleaned my brushes...... for the first time (how embarrassing) I'm one of the laziest people you can meet. I have a high tolerance for dirty brushes, but lately I find myself being scared to use them. Now THAT'S when you know for sure there's a problem.

Dirty and filthy

Shampoo, bowl, napkins

It was hard work, and it's definitely worth it! Looking forward to doing this more often in the future!

Monday, April 11, 2011

And the music goes on and on...

Me and my friends went out about a month ago to Pravda Vodka Bar for a friend's birthday. Now I'm not big on partying, but I do go out once every few months just to remind myself that I do have a life other than studying all the time (fml). But seriously the main reason that I go out is because of being able to get all dolled up. How else do I find the chance to wear all my fancier clothes and make use of all the makeup I hoarded? LOL

To be honest, as I'm getting older, it takes the whole day after to recover from sleeping late. My legs get sore from dancing, my throat gets dry from alcohol far too easily. Oftentimes, I rather call it an early night and play Cooking Dash on my phone till I get tired. Am I a hopeless elderly already? -_-

I really enjoyed this place. It's not very big, but quite cozy and trendy.

Posing just for fun ;P I don't think that bottle at the front is even alcohol lol

Have a great week everyone! Much love.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Spring OOTD

I haven't done an OOTD post in a long while just cause I keep forgetting to take pics of my outfit. Tonight, I went out for dinner for a friend's birthday. It's getting really warm here in Toronto which is always great. Hopefully it'll stay this way! I decided to curl the ends of my hair just cause I haven't done that for some time now.

- H&M top (love the pale pink colour and the details on the shoulders)
- Levi's ripped jeans (got these cheap from outlet in the states)
- Nine West nude pumps (very comfortable cause of the platform!)
- Juicy Couture bracelet
- Ralph Lauren bag

Just friends :P

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I need these...

1. The Celine calfskin luggage shopper....
I think I just died a little.

My favourite one is definitely the one in nude. This is absolutely beautiful, I can't even use words to describe it!!

2. A pair of white sperrys

A bit too manly

A bit too plain

If these come in white, it'll be perfect.

I had a pair a very similar pair that I found in the Hong Kong street a few years ago. I wore them too much that I had to throw out after a season's use. I still miss them till this day. If anyone knows where I can get the 3rd pair above in white, please let me know! I'll be eternally grateful LOL

3. Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit

I want this, I need this! This will potentially be my next big beauty purchase.

So many things I've been wanting lately. I definitely got the shopping bug on me. Kill it for me pleaseeee! before I go broke.... :S

Saturday, April 2, 2011

My lucky month

I won my first ever giveaway from xJOLE. Everyone should go check her out! She's a Toronto blogger who has a passion for fashion - there are always great hauls and style tips :)

The giveaway includes the MAC impeccable brow pencil in Taupe and Lustreglass in Lustrewhite. Thanks girl :)

Then not long afterwards, I found out I won another giveaway from Emi! I was sooo excited because I have been wanting to tryout DollyWink products for the longest time! Emi is extremely cute and pretty!! You'll know when you visit her page ;P She even included a cute note when she mailed me my giveaway. Thanks so much!

The giveaway includes
- DollyWink Eyelashes in No.1 Dolly Sweet
- DollyWink Eyelash Case
- Red Ribbon Fringe Holder
- Chocolate Mirror

I've already used a pair of the DollyWink lashes and I love them!! They're a little long for my eyes so I had to cute off a little part at the end. It comes with a small tube of eyelash glue. I tried it but I still prefer my Duo because I feel like it dries up being more clear rather than white.

Thanks girls for hosting these amazing giveaways!