Friday, October 22, 2010

OOTD with New Boots

I haven't done a OOTD in a while. This is nothing exciting at all, just a very casual outfit with my new boots that I ordered from Charlotte Russe last week! I got an email informing me that it would arrive on Oct 20 to Oct 22, and it came on Oct 20 so I'm very impressed! Here's my outfit for the day. Excuse my make-up less face :S

- Aritzia Jacket
- H&M tshirt
- Cotton On long grey cardigan
- Costa Blanca black scarf
- Levi's "too superlow" skinny jeans
- Charlotte Russe boots
- Agnes b Boston Bag in purple

I bought my agnes b bag when I was in Hong Kong last Christmas. I wasn't a big fan of it at first, but I wanted a light and big enough bag for school at that time. Throughout this year, I found it extremely useful in a lot of occasions. It's a perfect size for school, work, and for traveling. It fits all the essentials plus more (notes, laptop, lunchbox, etc.) The best part is that it's very light weighted, and somewhat waterproof! :D I believe it also came with a long strap, but I never used it as this is quite a big bag already. It also comes in black, but I thought I had too much black clothes so I chose the purple. Click here if you're interested!

I love it when I see a package when I come home from work!

More photos of my awesome boots! It came in a cardboard box with a Charlotte Russe shoebox inside. There are tissues around and inside the shoes when it arrived. I thought these boots are very nice for the price. I paid $41.74 USD including tax, duties, and a $10.99 shipping since I live in Canada. It sucks that shipping costs so damn much when we wanna buy stuff from the states :( These boots have a 4 inch heel. It's rather high, but acceptable. It feels rather comfortable too. The quality of the fur and the buckles aren't the best quality though, but they're not bad either. I think they're a nice way to dress up a casual outfit :)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Things that a girl shouldn't cheap out on

or I guess a better word would be invest in. In my opinion anyway.

1. Cream. Face cream, eye cream, anything that's meant to be applied on or close to your face is of more importance. If your skin needs it, get more. If it doesn't, still invest in some, but just less, because you don't want to regret it when you turn 40.

2. A nice bag. It doesn't have to be flashy or covered with high-end logos. But it has to be of high quality, suits your style, and can be dressed up or down. One that you can use a lot and for a long time. And come on, people (especially strangers) treat you better when you are using a nicer bag. You girls know what I mean, right?

3. Screw it. Actually, a few nice bags. A few, not a ton. Again, high quality. Each with a slightly different style, preferably in slightly different colours. And try not to choose the ones that everyone else already has.

4. A wallet. You use it everyday. Even if it costs more than the money it holds inside, whatever right? ;P I have seen people checking out my wallet before, and I for sure check out nice wallets of other girls. Having a nice wallet may speak even louder than having a nice bag. And, to add to that, you just need one, and it can last for at least a few years, if not more. My mom has used hers for at least 20 years now.

I love Miu Miu wallets. I've used mine for almost 2 years now. Last time I went to Paris, I saw a few that were so lovely. But I promised myself when I bought mine that it would last me more than 2 years so I kept my promise to myself.

This one is a wider version of the one I'm using now. I do prefer the less wide version though cause it's more convenient to carry.

This pink one is sooo cute. It's not for me though, sadly :( It doesn't suit my style as much, but it would be perfect for some other girls out there.

This one has more of an edgier feel to it. I love how it has the silver hardware with the black leather. It's so gorgeous!

5. A Macbook. I love mine to death, even though it's more expensive than any other laptops. It looks nice, works extremely well, and very efficient. I can never look at a laptop the same way again. I have truly become an Apple fan after I got my MBP.

This is just what I think anyway. If you are to spend your money on something, it better be something that people will notice and something that truly makes you happy. Let me know what you think are things that a girl should invest in!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

More Browsing Means More Wants

After reading kenchiko's blog yesterday, I couldn't resist going on charlotte russe's site to browse around for shoes, more specifically, boots! They're having an awesome sale! Most boots are only $30 USD! I've never bought anything from charlotte russe before as they don't have any stores in Canada so I hope the quality will be good. The two pairs shown below caught my eyes. Then I took my sweet time deciding if I should actually buy them or not since I HATE paying for shipping. Then I saw nerdork's blog about getting a 10% discount code if you sign up on the site with your email address. I instantly gave up. I guess during the waiting process, someone else already snagged the last pair of the 4 strap boots (right) in size 7 :( So I ended up just buying the furry ones (left).

I got so sad afterward... I guess at least I saved $40? And to be honest, I really don't need more boots. I bought 3 pairs last year during a sale in which I only actually wear one of them.

Since I'm on the topic of fashion, I recently came across Fashion Week pictures from various places. Aren't these dresses so gorgeous? I just love the colours and subtleness of these.

The left two are by Monique L'Huiller. Sweetheart necklines are my favourite. The rightmost dress is by Jenny Packham.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Blings from Austria (Part I)

As promised, here is another Europe post! During my summer trip to Europe, one of the countries that I visited was Austria. The landscape there was beautiful. We watched one of my favourite movies, "The Sound of Music," during the bus ride, which was also shot there. One of the highlights was to visit the Swarovski Crystal Museum. The museum is definitely underwhelming. It's filled with "modern art" that I can't appreciate. The shopping, however, was wonderful. You can find tons of choices with different price points that you prefer. The ones that I picked up are the cheapest line available there. I don't think I've seen this line anywhere else.

I originally bought 6 pairs of earrings (2 of which I've already gave to my friends as gifts). As you may have realized, I like very simple things so these earrings are perfect. The two pairs photographed above are cube ones, and square ones. The other two that are not photographed are heart shaped ones, and flat circles ones. I didn't include the bigger pictures of them because it's so hard to get a nice photograph of them! Each pair costs 11 euros.

Check back soon for Part II of my Austria visit :) Much love.

Monday, October 11, 2010

More Cream in My Dream

I have a confession to make. I have an obsession with cream, especially with face cream. My mom always ask me why I have 6 jars of cream in the washroom, and if I even use all of them. And every time, I would reply YES! Anyway, I've been close to running out of my creams for the past couple of months, thus I've been stocking up on face creams that I want to try. I will do a post on my finished face products soon when I actually finish about 2 more in the near future. Just this weekend, my friend asked me to go to the L'oreal sale with her again. Wanting to cut down my expenses, I turned down her offer, but asked her to get me a Biotherm set if she sees one.

She picked up this Biolab agesolutions set for me for $37 plus tax, which is such a good deal! I got even more excited when I later on found this set on for $84.95! The set includes the Skin Vivo Reversive Anti-Aging Care ($68 in value), Cleansing shower milk, anti-drying body milk, and a grey makeup bag. I am a huge fan of free makeup bags :P A lot of people have problems with me using anti-aging products at such a young age, but I really don't think so... I don't think it's going to ruin my skin right? I'm just preventing skin problems earlier... at least that's what I think, please let me know if you know!

Can't wait to try out the new Skin Vivo cream!!

I've been trying to post more lately. Hope I can keep up with it! I have another exam coming up in early November, which is going to keep me very busy and stressful. At stressful times like this, I find blogging and reading people's blogs definitely keep me sane.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Banana Peel Banana Spheel!

I went to my first Cirque Du Soleil show tonight!!! I always wanted to go see one, but I couldn't justify spending $100 on a 2 hour show... until I found cheap tickets for Banana Shpeel that is playing in Toronto right now. There were $25 and $50 discounted tickets available, but when I decided to go, all the $25 were sold out :( So I settled for two $50 tickets to go with my sister. It was also my first time going to Canon Theatre and I really enjoyed it. The drinks in the theatre were wayyy overpriced, which I guess was expected.

Banana Shpeel was promoted as a Vaudeville show with a twist. Now, even after some wikipedia, I'm still kind of unsure what a vaudeville show is... but nonetheless, the show was very enjoyable. There were some comedy involved, which is also a plus. My favourite part was the Russian guy who did crazy moves!

Click here to view the trailer.

More pictures of me and the Canon Theatre

Me and my sis being silly waiting for the doors to open

Much Love. Happy Thanksgiving to all Canadians :D

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Who loves free samples? I love samples!

Yay! I love it when I come home to packages POUR MOI :D especially free samples!!! I recently signed up for some P&G samples for the 2nd time. I just had to answer some simple questions online and got these products sent to me! I believe I got more items last time, but what more can I ask for when they're free!

Pantene shampoo and conditioner / Body Splash / Scope mouthwash / Head & Shoulder Shampoo / Covergirl & Olay serum primer

The above 3 products are part of what I got in my last P&G sample package a few months ago. I have no idea where I put the other ones... I love the Olay Touch of Concealer eye regenerating cream. I use it almost everyday as an eye cream. It also has a little bit of coverage (hence the name) to cover my dark circles. The texture is smooth :)

I received this about 3 weeks ago. Other than the daily scrub shown above, it also comes with a Biore green tea cleansing cloth that I've already used. I never tried Biore products before and am pleasantly surprised. The green tea scent was a plus!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Artsy Night at Nuit Blanche

Hi all, I spent last night walking around Toronto down Yonge St and Bloor St at the Nuit Blanche event. To be honest, I enjoyed the crowded atmosphere the most rather than the art itself. I didn't really understand a lot of the art there :S Since it's a free event, I glady spent more money than usual buying food to warm my stomache from the cold night.

First off, I stopped for some tiny donuts ($5 for a dozen). I chose mine with cinamon flavour, very tasty and filling.

We wanted to try the poutine from the Poutine Machine cause of the name. $5 for a medium size (picture above). It definitely was underwhelming to its name... The fries tasted powdery for some reason.

Here are some random artsy footage from the event:

To be honest, the hightlight of the night was to tryout the XBOX 360 Kinect. We played 2 games, one where we had to use our hands to block the leakage of a tank, and the other one is a volleyball game. It was really fun!! :D The idea is similar to the Wii but you don't need to hold on to anything while playing for the Kinect. However, the down side of this is that the censor has a lag time.