Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Who loves free samples? I love samples!

Yay! I love it when I come home to packages POUR MOI :D especially free samples!!! I recently signed up for some P&G samples for the 2nd time. I just had to answer some simple questions online and got these products sent to me! I believe I got more items last time, but what more can I ask for when they're free!

Pantene shampoo and conditioner / Body Splash / Scope mouthwash / Head & Shoulder Shampoo / Covergirl & Olay serum primer

The above 3 products are part of what I got in my last P&G sample package a few months ago. I have no idea where I put the other ones... I love the Olay Touch of Concealer eye regenerating cream. I use it almost everyday as an eye cream. It also has a little bit of coverage (hence the name) to cover my dark circles. The texture is smooth :)

I received this about 3 weeks ago. Other than the daily scrub shown above, it also comes with a Biore green tea cleansing cloth that I've already used. I never tried Biore products before and am pleasantly surprised. The green tea scent was a plus!


Kristie said...

wow that's awesome. I always thought these things don't work. I should definitely try out the questionnaires next time.

Winnie* said...

whoa that's awesome! hehee free stuff is always good :) I am going to look into it.

Edwina said...

I believe this is the site to sign up for P&G samples. I signed up a couple of weeks ago, so I don't know if it still works. Worth a try though! http://www.pgbrandsampler.com

L4pinkpetal said...

oh wow.. this is so cool :D

Dolce♥Bunny said...

oooo! That's soooo cool! I'm gonna see if that campagn is still on! thanks for sharing!!

♥ Pixie D ♥ said...

hahaa, I love free samples too. who doesnt like free stuffs LOL

Marie said...

I love samples too!:D

The green tea cleansing cloths look promising!:D

***** Marie *****