Monday, October 11, 2010

More Cream in My Dream

I have a confession to make. I have an obsession with cream, especially with face cream. My mom always ask me why I have 6 jars of cream in the washroom, and if I even use all of them. And every time, I would reply YES! Anyway, I've been close to running out of my creams for the past couple of months, thus I've been stocking up on face creams that I want to try. I will do a post on my finished face products soon when I actually finish about 2 more in the near future. Just this weekend, my friend asked me to go to the L'oreal sale with her again. Wanting to cut down my expenses, I turned down her offer, but asked her to get me a Biotherm set if she sees one.

She picked up this Biolab agesolutions set for me for $37 plus tax, which is such a good deal! I got even more excited when I later on found this set on for $84.95! The set includes the Skin Vivo Reversive Anti-Aging Care ($68 in value), Cleansing shower milk, anti-drying body milk, and a grey makeup bag. I am a huge fan of free makeup bags :P A lot of people have problems with me using anti-aging products at such a young age, but I really don't think so... I don't think it's going to ruin my skin right? I'm just preventing skin problems earlier... at least that's what I think, please let me know if you know!

Can't wait to try out the new Skin Vivo cream!!

I've been trying to post more lately. Hope I can keep up with it! I have another exam coming up in early November, which is going to keep me very busy and stressful. At stressful times like this, I find blogging and reading people's blogs definitely keep me sane.


Winnie* said...

I've always wanted to try Skin Vivo after being a Biotherm fan for years but it just hurts everytime when I see the price! that's crazy $37 is such a good deal!! Let me know how it works out for you! I will be dying to know. I know my friend was using it and she really liked it. Ah I wish I could go to the Loreal sale :(

Marie said...

I love creams too, I have a lot and yes, I do use them all! Haha!:D

Looking forward to read your reviews on these products and good luck with studying!:D

***** Marie *****

Candid Phobic said...

I've been stocking up on face creams too but never used all of it lol. Good luck on your exams :-)

Renee said...

great deal, I'm looking for a cream always~

Mimi said...

i need more face cream. this looks good. :D

good luck with your exams!

<3, Mimi

Jenny said...

never tried this before but i really want to pick up a moisturizer from biotherm's aquasource line when there is a GWP! it claims to have 5000 L of water in just one jar haha