Thursday, October 14, 2010

More Browsing Means More Wants

After reading kenchiko's blog yesterday, I couldn't resist going on charlotte russe's site to browse around for shoes, more specifically, boots! They're having an awesome sale! Most boots are only $30 USD! I've never bought anything from charlotte russe before as they don't have any stores in Canada so I hope the quality will be good. The two pairs shown below caught my eyes. Then I took my sweet time deciding if I should actually buy them or not since I HATE paying for shipping. Then I saw nerdork's blog about getting a 10% discount code if you sign up on the site with your email address. I instantly gave up. I guess during the waiting process, someone else already snagged the last pair of the 4 strap boots (right) in size 7 :( So I ended up just buying the furry ones (left).

I got so sad afterward... I guess at least I saved $40? And to be honest, I really don't need more boots. I bought 3 pairs last year during a sale in which I only actually wear one of them.

Since I'm on the topic of fashion, I recently came across Fashion Week pictures from various places. Aren't these dresses so gorgeous? I just love the colours and subtleness of these.

The left two are by Monique L'Huiller. Sweetheart necklines are my favourite. The rightmost dress is by Jenny Packham.


s said...

Ugh the total of this post is sooo true! If I don't browse, then I don't want anything, but the second I start online window shopping.. DANGER! lol.

I'm curious to see what kind of outfits you'll style the boots with :)

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

I tried the furry boots in the store!! $30 is a really awesome price!! :D The quality is not bad either :)

Rinny said...

Those furry boots look like they would be perfect for winter weather! I've never bought shoes from CR before, hopefully the quality will be decent :)

Jenny said...

really cute boots edwina!! i'm going to go browse their site now :D

milk tea girl said...

stumbled upon ur site...ah sad to be canadians when it comes to online shopping...charlotte russe always have super good deals on shoes...but the extra taxes and duties really take the savings away x_x

Mimi said...

i am loving the boots, i love monique lhuillier, and i love sweetheart neckline too! :D

<3, Mimi

Katie Ngo said...

those boots are perfect! once you get the furry one, you should definitely tell us how the quality of the of it was.

also, sorry about all the trouble and confusion. it should be working tomorrow, the 19th! the code THATSALL

let me know if you decide to purchase anything. :)

Katie Ngo said...

of it**** haha, sorry mistyped!

WM STYLE said...


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Jenny said...

hey edwina!! alex gave me the mac eye shadow just now LOL thanks so much! its lovely :)

bubbs... said...

Great picks! I totally agree...the sweetheart necklines are super flattering!


Elle said...

Browsing is the death of my savings account...I can't help myself when I find good deals and/or small sizes. I love your new boots though...they look so comfortable and warm!