Friday, October 22, 2010

OOTD with New Boots

I haven't done a OOTD in a while. This is nothing exciting at all, just a very casual outfit with my new boots that I ordered from Charlotte Russe last week! I got an email informing me that it would arrive on Oct 20 to Oct 22, and it came on Oct 20 so I'm very impressed! Here's my outfit for the day. Excuse my make-up less face :S

- Aritzia Jacket
- H&M tshirt
- Cotton On long grey cardigan
- Costa Blanca black scarf
- Levi's "too superlow" skinny jeans
- Charlotte Russe boots
- Agnes b Boston Bag in purple

I bought my agnes b bag when I was in Hong Kong last Christmas. I wasn't a big fan of it at first, but I wanted a light and big enough bag for school at that time. Throughout this year, I found it extremely useful in a lot of occasions. It's a perfect size for school, work, and for traveling. It fits all the essentials plus more (notes, laptop, lunchbox, etc.) The best part is that it's very light weighted, and somewhat waterproof! :D I believe it also came with a long strap, but I never used it as this is quite a big bag already. It also comes in black, but I thought I had too much black clothes so I chose the purple. Click here if you're interested!

I love it when I see a package when I come home from work!

More photos of my awesome boots! It came in a cardboard box with a Charlotte Russe shoebox inside. There are tissues around and inside the shoes when it arrived. I thought these boots are very nice for the price. I paid $41.74 USD including tax, duties, and a $10.99 shipping since I live in Canada. It sucks that shipping costs so damn much when we wanna buy stuff from the states :( These boots have a 4 inch heel. It's rather high, but acceptable. It feels rather comfortable too. The quality of the fur and the buckles aren't the best quality though, but they're not bad either. I think they're a nice way to dress up a casual outfit :)


Rainy Days and Lattes said...

I have the same exact boots that came on the 20th as well!! :p I have the on in the brown/cognac color :) Aren't they insanely comfortable?! :)

s said...

Oooh I like those boots, especially the furry part! And I love your Aritzia coat! Now I wanna go there to look for one :)

Renee said...

love the Jacket

MissJayce said...

oohh, i think the shoes ARE AMAZing for its price!!! =))

Winnie* said...

I wonder if its cheaper if I bought them for you in person from the store then mail them to you? If you want anything from the States next time I could help you buy it. Maybe shipping something massively would help out the shipping cost a little? Since I have noticed everything in Canada is much more expensive. Nonetheless they are super cute boots!!

Marie said...

Cute outfit and the boots are nice.:D Fast shipping too.:D

Happy Tuesday!:D

***** Marie *****

milk tea girl said...

just much did they tax u (like about 30% of the price of the shoes? including duties + whatever processing fee LOL that's what i've found from my experience)? *sigh* sad thing is that even after all those additional fees + it's still a good deal buying from u.s. sites!! options in toronto are so limited *SIGH*

Rinny said...

Haha these boots seem to be very popular amongst the blogging community. Love the outfit, especially the coat! :)

amanda said...

its not cold enough in australia to be rocking hot boots like that!

Shop T.O. Live said...

I know, I get so frustrated with duties and shipping costs. I get a lot of stuff shipped to my uncle in the States and he brings it to me at Christmas (it's kind of a sneaky way to get around things).

But those boots look awesome. And for boots less than $55, that's a great buy!

yan! said...

the boots look cute! and i like the way it comes in too :)

VICTORIA said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
VICTORIA said...

aww what a cute post! i think i might be in love with your purple bag, i havent seen anything like that before! oh and your boots are to die for i must admit <3


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