Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Things that a girl shouldn't cheap out on

or I guess a better word would be invest in. In my opinion anyway.

1. Cream. Face cream, eye cream, anything that's meant to be applied on or close to your face is of more importance. If your skin needs it, get more. If it doesn't, still invest in some, but just less, because you don't want to regret it when you turn 40.

2. A nice bag. It doesn't have to be flashy or covered with high-end logos. But it has to be of high quality, suits your style, and can be dressed up or down. One that you can use a lot and for a long time. And come on, people (especially strangers) treat you better when you are using a nicer bag. You girls know what I mean, right?

3. Screw it. Actually, a few nice bags. A few, not a ton. Again, high quality. Each with a slightly different style, preferably in slightly different colours. And try not to choose the ones that everyone else already has.

4. A wallet. You use it everyday. Even if it costs more than the money it holds inside, whatever right? ;P I have seen people checking out my wallet before, and I for sure check out nice wallets of other girls. Having a nice wallet may speak even louder than having a nice bag. And, to add to that, you just need one, and it can last for at least a few years, if not more. My mom has used hers for at least 20 years now.

I love Miu Miu wallets. I've used mine for almost 2 years now. Last time I went to Paris, I saw a few that were so lovely. But I promised myself when I bought mine that it would last me more than 2 years so I kept my promise to myself.

This one is a wider version of the one I'm using now. I do prefer the less wide version though cause it's more convenient to carry.

This pink one is sooo cute. It's not for me though, sadly :( It doesn't suit my style as much, but it would be perfect for some other girls out there.

This one has more of an edgier feel to it. I love how it has the silver hardware with the black leather. It's so gorgeous!

5. A Macbook. I love mine to death, even though it's more expensive than any other laptops. It looks nice, works extremely well, and very efficient. I can never look at a laptop the same way again. I have truly become an Apple fan after I got my MBP.

This is just what I think anyway. If you are to spend your money on something, it better be something that people will notice and something that truly makes you happy. Let me know what you think are things that a girl should invest in!


Winnie* said...

I definitely agree with you, Edwina! I am still in search of my purse(s). I have been to cheap to buy a quality purse and all the ones I own have pretty much broken. Its so annoying.. though they are cheap but really do not worth my $ :( I love miumiu too! and have been wanting a continental wallet just like the ones you picked. I love the last one the most tho, its gorgeous! and last but not least I smiled reading your opinion about Macbook. I have owned my air for almost 3 years and it still works like a champ lol. If I invested any PCs I would actually have to invest more because they only last for around a year each. High quality stuff really makes a huge difference. Great post!!

Amy said...

Love that last Miu Miu wallet! I agree, that a good bag definitely needs to be thought of as an investment. I think that goes for a good pair of shoes too. And I don't know how many people would agree with me, but sunglasses as well! Cheapy sunglasses don't do anything for to protect your eyes.


s said...

Love that first MiuMiu wallet! I want one now!

milk tea girl said...

great list - agree with almost all of them since...i don't have a macbook YET i'm looking to replace my pink sony macbook is definitely a likely option
a couple more things i would add to your list~~
1) vacation/traveling...i like to splurge and have a big enough budget to enjoy myself fully when i'm on a vacation...rather than being really frugal which just totally ruins the experience for me...and expanding your horizons and making new frds on your travels is definitely priceless
2) decent camera is a good investment too...capture your best moments and memories...
3) hair cut & hair straightener!! although hair grows back, you'll feel horrible for at least a good month or two with a horrible haircut and it's hard to repair hair damage as well~~

Blushingloves said...

Those miu miu wallets look super cute and I really need a new one!!

Kasia_B said...

Thank you dear! Those miu miu wallets are amazing!


Jenny said...

super cute miu miu wallets! if only i could afford one lol.

i agree with you that the MBP is worth investing on! it's probably one of the biggest splurges that i don't feel guilty about :P

priincess emily said...

Miu Miu wallets for the WIN! :)

suki pooki said...

I agree with your list! I definitely think something that will last a long time is important not to mention something sturdy! It's sort of a pet peeve for me when people don't want to put their designer bag on the chair or table etc. i mean, isn't the bag suppose ot make your life easier? If the bag is too expensive for me to relax and enjoy then I say it's not the time to buy such an expensive bag yet!

I would also never buy something too "cheap" on my face, i think drug store brands are fine but i probably wont ever put anything on my face from a dollar store lol just because theres no credibility there =P oh god i sound like a snob ><