Sunday, October 3, 2010

Artsy Night at Nuit Blanche

Hi all, I spent last night walking around Toronto down Yonge St and Bloor St at the Nuit Blanche event. To be honest, I enjoyed the crowded atmosphere the most rather than the art itself. I didn't really understand a lot of the art there :S Since it's a free event, I glady spent more money than usual buying food to warm my stomache from the cold night.

First off, I stopped for some tiny donuts ($5 for a dozen). I chose mine with cinamon flavour, very tasty and filling.

We wanted to try the poutine from the Poutine Machine cause of the name. $5 for a medium size (picture above). It definitely was underwhelming to its name... The fries tasted powdery for some reason.

Here are some random artsy footage from the event:

To be honest, the hightlight of the night was to tryout the XBOX 360 Kinect. We played 2 games, one where we had to use our hands to block the leakage of a tank, and the other one is a volleyball game. It was really fun!! :D The idea is similar to the Wii but you don't need to hold on to anything while playing for the Kinect. However, the down side of this is that the censor has a lag time.


Mimi said...

those tiny donuts are really yummy! :D

<3, Mimi

Winnie* said...

droooooool! what is that lantern bus made out of? paper? It is so pretty! Is the Nuit Blanche event always there or just a one time thing? I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

s said...

OMG poutine!!! Yummy!!!

Hercules sport said...

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