Monday, November 8, 2010

The real life of the blogger

I never shared with you girls about what I majored in when I was in university and what I do for a living now simply because it's quite a stressful part of my life. The main reason I started this blog was partly because of that. I needed somewhere to express myself when I'm so close to being insane. Today is a very sad day for me, one of the many sad days I've had. I've learned to cope with it, but I can't help but feel disappointed again. So now, I'm here blogging my life away trying to let out a little bit of myself.

I just graduated from an actuarial science major in the summer, and started working as an actuarial analyst in an insurance company. If you're not familiar with the actuarial field, it's just basically A WHOLE LOT of math, more specifically, statistics. And depending on which one of the two designations you choose, you either have to finish 9 or 10 exams in order to get your designation. I wrote my first exam in first year when I didn't know any better what I was getting into. I didn't even study properly, maybe that was the reason why I failed horribly. Fast forward 4 years, I've successfully passed 4 exams (in which it's counted as 3, because 2 of them are counted as half each). Today, I wrote yet another exam. Since it was a computer based exam, I was able to know a few seconds after I was done if I've passed it or not. And sad to say, I didn't. This means 2.5 months of my studying life wasted. This means I have to spend the upcoming few months studying for the same material again. This means I'm set back half a year in life. I say in life, not just career wise, is because I really have to give up so many things to write these exams. It's common for people in my field to put your life on hold before you get your designation. It's virtually impossible to have a normal social life, let alone having a family and kids, while you're studying non-stop.

So, to cheer myself up, I went to Sephora to get my free birthday gift!

It includes the Sephora eye pencil in silver green, a pearly white e/s, and a lash plumping mascara. I love my free stuff :D

My little sister got these key holders for me a few days ago. She knows I love robots. I really do! These are the cutest things ever. I named the left one RO and the right one BO. I know... very uncreative of me.


Kristie said...

aww hang in there. I know it's definitely tough having to take the exam again but you can do it! Believe in yourself and maybe take the time to learn something new. Best wishes and big hugs.

Gaby said...

Those key holders are adorable!

Jennifer said...

awwww it must be so hard for you in university!

btw i just discovered your blog and am following you now :)

i'm also hosting a giveaway too - feel free to check it out!

The Little Dust Princess said...

Oh man. School is such a drag, but you always have people by your side!! It's crazy how many years of education we go through and we're not even guaranteed a secure job in the end. :(

Regarding the Sephora gift, the mascara sucked. I opened it and it was all dried up! The green pencil barely showed up on my skin so I dumped that too. The only thing I use is the white eyeshadow..and even that is pretty sheer. LOL

xx The Little Dust Princess

Leenda said...

Omg! My sis and I loveeee robots! She would flip if she saw this. lol

Fashion Nicotine said...

Cool key holders!

Annieo said...

HEHEHEHE those key holders are so cute!!!

MissJayce said...

hey girl, i really understand how you feel about the whole studying thing. i think the stuff im studying right now is not entirely as intense.. but i just find it so difficult because its so much math! ahh im sure if we were to rant about school, we can go on forever.

i got my sephora gift as well! did u start using it yet and how do u like it? i only took pix and its back in the back up drawer! haha