Friday, November 5, 2010

Time doesn't wait for you at all

The bf surprised me with an early birthday present today :D My birthday's this coming friday. He asked if I want to see it now or on the actual day. I hesitated since I'm all stressed with exam and stuff right now, but I decided to just open it up today heheh How can you resist presents? :D I've been eyeing a white ceramic watch for a while. The first time I saw one was when a youtube guru wore the Chanel J12, it was sooo lovely but it's WAY over my budget. After a while, the Michael Kors watches caught my eyes cause they have a similar look and prices are a lot more affordable. I was actually thinking of getting one for myself after my exam this coming Monday!

Michael Kors White Midsized Ceramic Watch
Isn't it so pretty? :D I love love love it!

So after I got home, I showed my mom my new watch.
Our conversation:
Me: Hey mom, check out my new watch.
Mom: Oh, it looks nice.
Me: It's ceramic.
Mom: Doesn't that mean you can't drop it?
Me: Yes........
Mom: You're so clumsy, I bet it won't last for long until you break it.
Me: =__=

But it's true... I'm so clumsy all the time. I hurt myself frequently that I'm so used to it. I guess I'll just wear it when I go out, and not to work every day, just to be on the safe side. Do any of you have ceramic watches? What are your experiences with it?


Kristie said...

Happy early birthday :) It's a really nice watch indeed. I've never used a ceramic watch before but I'm not the MK one won't be that easy to break.

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

Your birthday is next Friday? Not today, right? I hope you have a happy one! :) Mine is on Wednesday! LOL We are both Scorpios huh? :)
That MK watch is really unique. I have never seen much white watches before :) It's really so pretty! I hope you have lots of wear with it :) I'm sure you can't break it... it looks sturdy enough. I can say the same about me when it comes to clumsiness. I went to the post office yesterday and while I was looking at some mail, I walked right into a large sign and scraped the right side of my face and my neck :P
It was during work time :p

PinkOrchids said...

Happy Birthdaay!! Aww that's so sweet of your boyfriend! My boyfriend got me a watch a few years back too, and i know what you mean about the clumsiness because the first day i got my watch, i accidentally drew on the white leather strap... haha!

May @ Rad said...

awww.. That is so cute of your boyfriend! I know the feeling of not being able to resist not opening presents as I keep thinking about it! haha.. I hope you have a great advance birthday as well! ;)

p/s: your mom is really funny. hehe

Candid Phobic said...

Happy Birthday Edwina! That's so sweet of your boyfriend :-) and he has good taste, definitely!

Rinny said...

That watch is so pretty! I've never seen a ceramic watch before :P

yan! said...

happy birthday edwina :) I LOVE UR WATCH SO PRETTY! ur bf is so sweet!! i love white watches and urs are perfect :) but yeh just be careful :)

xJOLE said...

Happy birthday!

That watch is beautiful.. I especially love that the face is so large, instead of those usual tiny ones for women!

Forever21 has some great trendy leggings (lame, motocross, sequins, etc) for under 22 bucks! I would avoid the plain ones though, as they're of a bit of a cheaper quality.

Sakie and Thomas Gantz said...

Happy birthday early. Wow, that is so cool, a ceramic watch. It must be so light, right? that was nice it got it for you :-)

Jenny said...

pretty! you bf is so sweet! :) you HAVE to go to IMATS next year! and let me know what you get from sephora ;) there are so many value sets! aHHhhhH!

xJOLE said...

It's not exactly 25% off.. It's kinda confusing how it works! You get 25% of your purchase back on a gift card, so if you had spent $100 that day, you get a $25 gift card. Spend $200, get $50 back, etc... House of Harlow got some new pieces in, and I've got my eye on a new necklace!

milk tea girl said...

aw omg great choice~~looks amazing on you!!
happy birthday~~n_n~~

TinkerBi said...

happy early birthday!!!! <3 the watch is likey!! ;)

Winnie* said...

Aw what a nice bf! and Happy Birthday, Edwina! (if I dont get to talk to you before Friday it is) That's a really pretty watch!!