Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Biotherm Skin Vivo Review

I bought my Biotherm Skin Vivo Cream in a set at a L'oreal sale last year that I mentioned in this post. It contains 50ml of products, and it retails for $70. Because I bought this at the L'oreal sale, I bought the whole set for $37 (Refer to link above).

From the Biotherm site, the product claims to be able to rejuvenate your skin through your genes’ vital impulse, and gain 10 years of youth for your skin in 4 weeks.

I bought this because of its anti-aging properties. I was really obsessed with anything anti-aging around last year (I'm less so now). I decided to give this a try. I definitely don't think I've gained 10 years of youth since I'm only 23 and anti-aging products are generally not marketed towards people my age. I'm sure the "10 years of youth" thing is more targeted towards the middle-aged group so it's not fair for me to use this against them.

The texture of the cream is very unique, it's not like anything else I've tried before. I want to describe it as being milky and solid. I say solid because as you see in the 3rd photo, it doesn't leave much residuals inside the container as most creams do. This cream like to stick together (for a lack of better words). I read some reviews on this products and some people said it made their skin dry. I can understand where they're coming from. This product is not your usual moisturizer and it's by no means water-based. If you want moisture, you're better off adding another product into your skincare routine. And because it's not "moisturizing," it leaves your skin feeling fresh and not greasy. I feel like it does a decent anti-aging job. My skin does feel tight after using it (not in an uncomfortable sense), and my complexion does improve.

The scent is decent. It's not too strong, but there's definitely a scent. Again, I want to describe the scent as milky... I don't know why lol. The packaging is very sturdy and well made. I'm not sure about what your views are on this, but sometimes, such well made packaging makes me wonder how much of the price that we paid went towards it. After the product is done, I can't really reuse the container, and have no choice but to throw it out. Not that I'm complaining that it's a good quality, but if I have the choice, I'd rather save a few bucks to have a mediocre quality container that I know I can't reuse.

Price: 2/5 It is very expensive for its retail price, and for what it is. I feel like for this price, you can get a cream that is moisturizing AND anti-aging.
Texture: 4/5 It's interesting and blends well.
Scent: 4/5
Effectiveness: 3/5 It's effective for what it claims for (anti-aging), but at the same time, it's not moisturizing enough to be used as a standalone cream.
Repurchase? Most likely not. And definitely not at its retail price.

I do realize that I try quite a bit of beauty products (more so for skincare because I'm a skincare junkie). I will to try to do more reviews from now on. Hope you girls will like it :)


Winnie* said...

Is the scent like those Biotherm scents? I have been eying on this forever but its wayy too pricey. I think at our age, we still (slightly) favor moisturizing creams over anti-aging. Just slightly, plus this price, I think I am going to hold on for awhile (until I became a baller). Great review though. At least now I know it's pretty good :)

Marie said...

Thanks for the honest review and pictures!:D

The price is crazy high for something not worth repurchasing.

The book review is up, btw.:D

***** Marie *****

Lisa said...

Great review! I'm always looking for a new better face cream with anti-aging properties so keep up the reviews :)

And your right I think they are called sling backs :)

xNTA said...

Amazing review. I'm also a skin care junkie and a big fan of Biotherm. But at retail...I think I'll wait before I actually WANT to be de-aged by 10 years before trying this one out. And not moisturizing? My skin is too dry for that.

Have a great one! x

Rinny said...

Great review :) The texture of the cream sounds very interesting - I guess Biotherm intended ppl to use the cream sparingly? Water-based products are usually more diluted and less potent, I believe. Too bad it's not very moisturizing though.

suki pooki said...

Nice review! Too bad it wasn't up to standard though, especially with the moisturizing affect, I totally agree with you, for that price there are probably creams out there that do both those things! (but perhaps in "cheaper" packaging =P)

ThisIsAlx said...

thanks for following!! soo kind of you =]... I like the packaging of this cream its sooo cutee looks like an egg =] hehe...

Unknown said...

Hello! I came across your blog as I was looking for some information about this product. I just started using it and my skin feels very dry. I also have this tingling sensation, as if it contained some AHA to exfoliate your skin.. I also noticed some redness and peeling..I'm also a fan of Biotherm and was very happy with the Age Fitness products. But with Skin Vivo I'm not so sure.. Just wanted to add, at your age you don't really need to spend money on this type of product.. Really, all you need is a good moisturizer with SPF! Thanks Bea.

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