Sunday, June 27, 2010


Quite a few of my good friends continuously suffer from self confidence whether it is in a relationship, at work, or overall self worth. This is something I understand, but don't have that much experience myself. Say that I have superiority complex or whatever, I just don't like to take shit from people. When there are signs that they are going to treat me with disrespect, I deliberately ignore them right away. Usually, they get the message and start to treat me with greater respect or they just back away. I'm happy with either way. I guess this is much harder to accomplish if you're in a relationship. It's always difficult to back away from the one you love. However, I can't imagine how it is to have to live through life worrying every second if you're good enough or not, or if there's another person who your loved one will fancy more. That, to me, is a torture and not worth it no matter how much you want to be with that person. No one should feel the need to constantly second guess yourself. We must learn to be comfortable in our skins, not dress or act to impress. Please let me know if you have any comments on this matter. I am almost out of idea or things to say to my friends who suffer from confidence issue, I sometimes don't know how to help them anymore.

Sorry for being MIA again. I just don't feel like posting as of late, but I do have some hauls and reviews to show you guys :P Look out for those in the near future!

Much Love.

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Winnie* said...

I was once with a guy who made me completely at a stage where I had no confidence. I was stuck with him ( I lost a lot of friends because of him being rude to them ) and I had such a hard time letting go. He accused me of going to the gym as a way to show off my body in front of guys, swore at me in front of everyone. But i was emotionally stuck for about 6 months. i thouhgt i could change him.. but of cuz not. Your right, esp someone you love its esp difficult. but i guess its always up to us, or whoever has the problem of confidence, to get out from the situation. there are ups and downs in life and many moments we are lost. urghh i dont want what I am saying anymore lol but if its your friends having problems, bear with them. it will just be the moment that they are lost. they will finally know :D good luck! and hope to see your updates soon!