Friday, June 11, 2010

My Laneige Collection & Giveaway to Enter!

The brand that I own the most beauty / make up products of has to be hands down, Laneige. You guys might be able to tell already if you have subscribed me for a while. These products belong to me and my mom, I really don't use some of them anymore (ie the black powder compact and mini lip palette, but I don't seem to be able to throw them away) I have been using their products since 8 years ago when my mom brought back a set of their skincare line from Hong Kong. After that, I just kept buying, not because I absolutely love their products, but from habit and convenience (and their cute packaging). I can't help but visit their stores whenever I go to Hong Kong - there's a store at my local Hong Kong mall, I'm always amazed at how pretty the store looks whenever I walk by -_- And once every year around where I live in Toronto, there's a cosmetic sales for brands such as Laneige, Sulwhasoo, and Iope. And you know me and cosmetics sales, it's hard to not purchase anything when you go to one :S

I like their skincare products the most - they are quite hydrating, and they don't break me out. Let me know if you want me to review any of the above products.

1 Designing Eyeshadow in 701 - quite chalky, definitely need an eye primer for this
2 Designing Eyeshadow in 40 - better than the other eyeshadow, but not the best
3 Multi Glam Blusher in 20 - my favourite blusher in the winter, as you can see, I've hit pan already :(
4 Snow Crystal Blusher in 03 brown gradation - hate it - very difficult to use and blend, I don't recommend this at all
5 Sliding Pact in Natural No.2 - My old press powder until I messed it up with some liquid foundation... so I went and bought the new one (see number 6)
6 Sliding Pact Snow UV Crystal in 2 Bright Skin Tone - I use this on a daily basis, love it :D
7 Lipstick in 702 - This is actually my mom's. I'm not sure how much she likes it, but it's almost used up! She's allergic to most lipsticks out there, so I guess this one worked out for her.

I don't own too many of their make up products, most of the above picture are not available anymore No. 4 and 6. I'm not a big fan of their make up line.

So what's your favourite Laneige product? And is there a cosmetic / skincare brand that you just keep returning to buy out of habit?
I know a lot of ppl are addicted to MAC!! :P

While I'm at the topic of Korean make up, I want to mention Elli Duvolle's I have Seoul Makeup Giveaway!!!

She's giving out up to 3 items and up to $60 worth of Korean brand makeup / skincare products of your choice! I'm sooooo excited, and crossing my fingers for this :D


Leenda said...

I've never tried any of the laniege products, but would love to try them soon! I should check them out. =] What are your top laniege products?

Winnie* said...

Edwina you have SO many laneige stuff! thats awesome! Are the green bottles for sensitive skin? I use the blue ones but I always feel like theyre not moisturized enough.. dont know. tell us more about your favorites! moisturizers especially! :D

heartofpearl ♡ said...

thats a large collection!!:) i actually havent used anything laneige and i dont see it around here! must try one day when i find one!or online hehe:) i love trying all the diff brands out there! so fun but expensive haha x

Jenny said...

thanks for the birthday wishes edwina! and WOW thats quite a collection of laneige stuff!! i'll remember to come to you to ask for advice if i plan on buying any laneige stuff. i've only tried out their face primer which is so silky smooth :)

Jenny said...

oh and i just wanted to let you know, but you might know already that there's a store at FMP that sells laneige! probably much more pricier than getting them in hk though O_O

Anonymous said...

wow huge laneige collection! Ive never tried their makeup.. but the packaging looks really nice! There's also a laneige store in our local mall too!

ipehishere said...

omgg Laneige is ur fav!!! woohoo i hope u can win that korean giveaway ^^