Sunday, August 20, 2017

Banana Republic Haul

Hi girlies! Just sneaking in a little haul in the middle of all the review posts that I've been doing. The fiance is at work today on a Sunday so I decided to head out to some outlet stores near by. I literally am 10 minutes walk away from these shops! Most of the time I try to steer away, but I figured it might be a good idea to add some transitional pieces to my work wardrobe since the weather is expected to be cooler soon.

I picked up two pieces from Banana Republic - a pair of white stretchy pants in 4P and a lace skirt in 2.

I find that the pants in 4P from Banana Republic normally fits me pretty well. Whenever I see them at the clearance, I would take all of them to the changing room with me. This time, I found 3 pairs but ended up just picking up this white number since the other pair of white pants I own is a pair of distressed denim which I can't wear to work. The fit and the length are also lovely. It hits about 2 inches above my ankle so it's definitely more suitable for autumn than winter. My wardrobe currently lacks pants because I'm used to wearing skirts and dresses in the hot humid weather in Hong Kong. I'm sure when the cooler weather rolls around, I'll make a lot of use out of these. Oh I haven't mentioned prices yet - these were discounted from CAD 89.99 to 39.99. Not a bad deal at all!

The lace skirt wasn't from the clearance section but Banana Republic was having a 40% off all skirts sales. When I passed by this little number, I couldn't resist not taking it to the change room with me. I purposely picked a regular size instead of a petite because as I age, I now prefer skirts that are a tad bit longer. I normally wear a 4, but I had to size down to a 2 as this skirt fits really big. I love the fit and the delicate lace details. The black lining inside goes down to about 1 or 2 inches above the knee so my knees would peak through in the lace at the bottom. It's very pretty. This skirt was 40% off from CAD 89.99 so about $54.

Unfortunately I'm not able to find these items on the Banana Republic website for you all. I suspect this is because the store that I went is an outlet store so the styles might not be available anymore. Anyway hope y'all are enjoying the weekend :)

Much love.

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