Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Chanel Pouch Review

Hi girlies! Today I want to share a purchase I made in summer last year at Chanel. It's the Chanel pouch. I bought this because I was lacking a dark coloured purse that I could take on night outs, isn't too bulky, and still within a reasonable price. After some online browsing on Chanel's website, I decided to hit up the Chanel store in Times Square in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. During that visit, I saw a few choices, but I wasn't ready to make the purchase yet. On the next day, my friend and I decided to pop by the store in Harbour City in TST as we were around that area. We were paired with a very friendly sales associate who provided a large selection of pouches for us to choose from after asking us what we were interested in. 

I believe that Chanel pouches usually come in two different sizes. Mine is the smaller one and it's the perfect size for me. It fits a lot of stuff especially due to its zipper closure at the top. It came in black and dark blue. Even though it might be difficult to tell from the pictures, mine is actually the dark blue. The difference between the two colours is very subtle. I chose the blue since blue is my favourite colour and the subtle difference from black makes it a bit more interesting. Unfortunately, I couldn't capture a good picture of the inside. It's a maroon colour and the texture is as if it's made out of foam suitable for carrying an iPad. I love this since it feels durable.

I've used it numerous times since getting it last year. I'd say maybe even more than my Chanel East West flap since I got it 6 years ago. If you're interested, I did a blog post about it here! I feel like the pouch gives off a more effortless look. Not only is it suitable for formal events like attending a wedding, it's also great for casual nights out like going out for dinner.

Other options that I've tried on the shopping day was one in an envelope style. Not only was it more expensive as it was one of the travel collections, the leather was more delicate (which would not be a good idea for clumsy people like me), the envelope style has a v shape design so it couldn't fit as much and I would need to be more careful with holding it.

In terms of price, I paid about HKD7k which I think it's a total steal considering that it's Chanel and the number of times I've used it. I recall that the sales associate mentioned that there is a more basic design that sold for around HKD5k. However, that one is not as special and it's really hard to get due to its low price, and especially for popular colours such as black. 

If you're interested in getting one, I recommend stalking Chanel's website for all the new designs. When there's one that sparks your interest, then go in to the store to see if it's available. I'll share a few below as alternative options.

Aren't the tassel details to die for? Both would be such timeless pieces!

Hope you all enjoyed today's sharing. Much love.

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