Sunday, December 12, 2010

All I want for Christmas is you

Probably not for Christmas, or anytime soon...
but this is my WISH LIST PART 2!!

1. Over the knee boots

I've been wanting a pair of flat over the knee boots for some time now. I checked a handful of stores and they generally costs about $80 to $300+. Some details I'm looking for:
- Black
- Faux or real leather rather than suede material
- I like it when the front part is higher than the back, but that's not a must
- Preferably better if I have the option to flip the part that's over the knee down so it's more versatile cause I'm not sure how long these boots will be in style for
- Flat or little heel

I checked out some high end over the knee boots on for some references, and I found the following two that I'm drooling over.

Chloe Flat leather over-the knee boots $1,385
The material looks extremely soft. I think the bow detail looks cute, but I'm usually not a big fan of details like that cause it would look sloppy if not paired well. I prefer clean lines so I'm a little iffy about that. It looks like it's soft enough to flip the 'over the knee' part down too, but that would cover the bow detailing... Oh, and how can I forget, the price is ridiculously high! lol

Marc by Marc Jacobs Eyelet-embellished flat leather boots $595
The back details are edgy yet subtle. I actually like the Chloe heel better than this pair because I prefer a little bit of added height. The ability of flip the over the knee part down is a plus. The material looks sturdy. Ahhh love!

2. Cute house decorations

I do plan on moving out in a year or two. I can't wait to decorate my own place! I think you can find all of the following at Urban Outfitters.

Over the Door Flock $28
How cute it would be to see your towels, scarfs, or even necklaces hanging on these birds!

Round Venetian Lace Printed Rug $48
Absolutely loving the colour and the pattern!

Porcelain plates 4 for $20
I'll be the happiest girl ever if I can eat some home made pasta with this pink bow plate!

Aubin & Wills Cushion $150
This item is not from Urban Outfitters... I forgot where it's from actually. I just saved the image cause I thought it's so unique. It reminds me of the double deck buses in Hong Kong, but of course the reference in this cushion is the UK.

3. Dream Car

I present to you my ultimate dream car: the Jeep Wrangler. Actually, I drive a decent car right now and a lot of people think it's ridiculous that I would want this instead but I just think the Wrangler is so exotic and awesome looking! When I need to get my own car with my own money, I'll be wanting this one.

It just looks too perfect! *-*


The Little Dust Princess said...

I love the first pair, but will never pay $1000+ for a pair of boots!! LOL Not more than $100-200 for me!

xx The Little Dust Princess

Jenny said...

i adore chloe boots, too bad they come with such a high price tag :( and i wouldn't imagine you liking the jeep! i have some kind of obsession with the honda element...bahahaha alex on the other hand thinks the element is ugly :(

May @ Rad said...

I honestly am not confident with over the knee boots as I'm very, veryyy small (5 ft). And, I always think that these boots will make me look shorter? I don't know. What I know for sure is that my wishlist seems to be growing and growing as well! :p

Serena said...

OoOoO... I like this list. I'm adding the behind the door hanger to my wish list. I need it for my scarves. I have WAY too many just lying on a chair in my room.

I love the boots!! But that's just too out of my price range. =X

<3s Serena,

suki pooki said...

I also dream about the day when I finally get full reins in decorating my house lol I've already told my bf that the living room walls will be yellow and I don't care if his black leather couches clash with it, its going to be yellow!

I play my dsi wayyyy more than I play the wii. I actually carry my dsi with me in my purse all the time! I only played the wii for abit jut for harvest moon and a bit of mario then I stopped and no one's touched the poor thing since =P my sibs and I tend to gravitate towards the ps3 and xbox more, poor mr.wii

you should definitely create an account since it's free they might be sending those calenders out next time, hopefully!

Rinny said...

I love the look of over the knee boots, but I'll look like a dwarf wearing them because I'm so short already lol. And I love the decor items from UO! Can't wait until my lease is up so I can decorate my new apartment hehe

Yvette said...

Those boots are amazing!

Check out my blog and stay tuned for new updates! Feel free to leave a comment or to follow me with google friends!


Mia said...

I seem to have no end of boots! Great choice, and I can't help going off topic and notice the amazing aviator, need to get my paws on that one! And I especially like the cushion, I have a city canvas and it would go great along side it!

Anonymous said...

Those Chloe boots are so hot ! ;-D They are expensive, but I've always seem to make excuses for buying shoes like how they will last for so long and won't go out of style, if the style of the shoe is classic cut. It's terrible !

I love that double decker bus cushion too. I didn't realise that there are double decker buses in HK ! Actually HK seems to have a lot of similarities as the UK e.g. really efficient transport system.

suki pooki said...

All those presents underneath my tree aren't for me =( BOO!!!! but I agree with your comment on Bubz! I love how she's so cute and pretty but can still be a goof ball and be loved for it! I think more girls should be e,bracing the "goofy" side of us more often! I know I do and more than my fare share too, but it's still only my family members who have seen about my special (and very embarassing) "crab" walk, others have only heard about it =P

Steph said...

Aubin and Wills is a store in the UK, its like a sister brand to Jack Wills. They both sell some nice stuff. Jack Wills is more preppy though. :) xx

oomph. said...

i want over the knee boots too, but think i'm too short to pull them off. i like the one with the zipper.

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