Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Black, Black, Black and Blue, Beat me till I'm numb

Where have I been to the past couple of days? I took monday off work because I can't carry that many vacation days over to next year so me and the bf took a short trip to Niagara Falls on Sunday, stayed over the night, and came home Monday night. It was very fun, a lot funner than the last time we went which was in July. But brrrrrrrrrr, the winter is just oh so cold in Canada!!!

On Sunday morning, we had lunch at a local food court before heading to our destination. As you can see from the picture, I'm obviously a lot healthier than him!!! :P We stopped by Canada One Outlet at Niagara Falls. The sales weren't bad, but I didn't get anything though, props to myself!

We got a $45 voucher for The Keg with our hotel package so we had dinner there. We ordered baked garlic shrimp for appetizer and it was amazing :D I seriously couldn't finish that prime rib for the life of me, which is the reason why I got half of it packed and had it for breakfast the next morning. The bf thinks I'm extremely weird to have steak for breakfast lol

View from our room

Next morning, we handed to the casino to test our luck. This is the most exciting part of the trip...... cause the bf won the JACKPOT from the slot machine!!!! CRAZY MUCH? Yes, I didn't care if I'm allowed to take pictures in casino or not, I quickly snapped a few! $5k!! It was our lucky day :D :D :D We quickly left the casino right afterward thinking that we might get robbed LOL

We also got tickets to go on the skywheel with our hotel deal so there we went!

Then we had a few hours to kill before the Greg Frewin magic show at 8 pm so we stopped by the arcade and played games and bowled for hours! At the end, we traded our tickets for these 2 adorable prizes that are sitting on my desk right now!

Dinner at Boston Pizza

Ended the trip watching the show with a beer in our hand :)

Happy Holidays!


jnypooh said...

So jealous! I've never been to the falls during the winter season but I've always wanted to.

AND congratulations on the jackpot! I never win anything at casinos

Kristie said...

Wow that's awesome! You and your bf must be thrilled to win the jackpot. Your trip looks so fun. Thanks for sharing the adventure with us.

charlene-ann said...

YAY for Niagara Falls =) looks like you guys had fun =)

Elisa ♥ said...

wow lucky youuu at the casinoo xD and your food looks yumm :P haha

Susie said...

Niagara Falls!? That sounds so exciting =) I want to visit there, lol. Looks like fun! ^____^

MEOW said...

wow that must have been exciting to win the jackpot!!! :) thats awesome what a great xmas present from the casino! ^_^
is that ferris wheel a must see place at niagara falls? i always see pictures of it.. its really pretty! i actually didnt know it was niagara falls till now :)

Jenny said...

awww sounds like you had a fun time at niagara!! and WOW congrats on the winnings! now you can make your boyfriend buy you a nice fat christmas present ^_____^! and i've wanted to go on the skywheel for some time now! it's so pretty!

and you're going to LOVE the R&R blushes!! you won't be disappointed ;)

happy holidays edwina!! :)

L4pinkpetal said...

aww lucky, i wish i could go on a vacation right now haha and lovely pictures btw:)

suki pooki said...

wow jackpot!! you two are seriously lucky! If I eve see you at the casino I know that it's not my day =P

My bf was nagging me over the summer to go to Niagara falls with him but by the time I agreed it had already started to snow lol! It's definitely a lot colder this year in Canada than in previous years! What gives! Im so cold, and I can only wear one pair of pants/leggings when I go out =( how are you dealing with the cold?

Oh and Im sure the "nicer" hotels in your area would have afternoon tea, just take a look around or google it!

Merry Christmas btw!!! =)

Diana said...

Looks like you have a great time there. Mini trips are the best! Where's your next destination?

Toni Tralala said...

I can't believe that's food court food. Yummy! :)

How can you stuff yourself that much and still manage to have a good body? lol.

I miss bowling!