Friday, December 17, 2010

Favourites at the moment

So after watching BeautyQQ's metallic nail video, I got obsessed with cool tone metallic nails. If you don't know who BeautyQQ is, she is a cantonese / mandarin youtube beauty & fashion guru. She's so pretty and all her videos are so inspiring! Anyway, back to nails, I remember I have a few silver polishes because I used to like to add silver to the tips of my fingers. I decided to give it a try and I am loving it! It's subtle yet different. And it's so festive, perfect for the holidays :D I think it'll look great if you're wearing dusty pink or red! I decided to use this nail polish brand called Golden Rose.

I bought the above 4 polishes in Hong Kong. I seriously forgot which store I got them from... I want to say SaSa, but I might be wrong. They were extremely inexpensive! If I remember correctly, they were less than $1.5 each (?) Each of them only has 5.5 ml though so they're quite small, but I seriously don't mind because my polishes usually go bad before I can finish them anyway. Upon some brief researching, Golden Rose is actually a South Africa company. These colours I have are under the "Fashion Colour" series. They don't have a name for each of them, but there's a code. From left to right: 39, 58, 19, 56. I'm pleasantly surprised by the quality of these. Although I still applied 3 coats to achieve my silver nail look, it goes on smoothly and it dries relatively quick!

I love my Tom Ford Black Orchid body moisturizer. I bought it at the MAC sale in September for $20. Now that I think about it, it's rather expensive. I have no idea why I would spend that much on a body moisturizer. But at that time, I was attracted by its packaging. It's nothing fancy, but I love how the gold looks with the black background. I almost bought the white version too. Luckily, I came to my senses right before I headed to the cashier. There's no way I'm spending $40 on moisturizer!! Despite the price, I'm not regretting this purchase. I absolutely adore the scent. It has a strong feminine floral scent. I usually just put a little bit on my wrists before I sleep.

I'm also liking my Shu Uemura pressed eye shadow in p black 990. It's one of those purchases that I made when I was on vacation. Why I would spend $25 on an e/s is still a myth to me. Let alone why I own a total of 4 Shu Uemura e/s =_= fml Anyway, I love how pretty it looks in the pan. It's actually the only black e/s that I own and it's extremely pigmented. It goes on smoothly. Lately, I've been packing this on top of my Shiseido cream eyeliner to avoid it from smudging. And it seems like it's doing the job :)


Candid Phobic said...

Love the metallic silver paint Edwina, gorgeous nails! :-)

Rinny said...

Love the nails, that color is perfect for the holidays! I love BeautyQQ's videos too; she does some really informative tutorials :)

May @ Rad said...

OMG! I LOVE beautyqq!! I want to look like her when I grow old. lol. I got obsessed with minx metallic nails after seeing her video as well! :p not that I have minx nails now.

Steph said...

I love the colours of the polishes! ive never heard of the brand before, but they look like such pretty dolours to add to a plain block colour. I also really like the look of the eye shadow. intense. :)
Lovely blog. :) xx

Mia said...

Really great colour for christmas! At the moment I'm loving colours with bits of glitter, anything shiny goes!

Winnie* said...

Haha. though its a little pricey but i really think shu uemura shadows (or everything) is well worth it. i dont regret buying any of their stuff. I got the plain black one - again, when i was on vacation. at first i wondered why i even spent so much on a single color eye shadow but it truly does it job and lasts forever. i really enjoy their products. Nice Post! have a wonderful xmas :)!!

alice said...

Just bought a nude nailpolish but for New Years, gotta have some sparkle?:-)Thanks for inspiering post..Merry Christmas! Alice

Anonymous said...

gorgeous nails!! never heard of the brand... dnt think we can get it here in uk/n.ireland? xx

suki pooki said...

Oh the Golden rose 19 is def. my fav! I just love pinks and that one looks adorable! I also agree with you about the metallic colour for the holiday season!

I actually got to a place called Glam to get my nails done,they're professional and never fail to please! hahah it sounds like im harsh promoting them but everything I say is true =)

aww thanks for the comment on my bf and I, we usually don't get many pictures of us together since usually one of us is taking a picture of the other, thus the large amount of solo photos on vacations lol

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