Saturday, May 1, 2010

Black Label Barbie Contest

Click on the above link for the chance to win a custom-tailored Little Black Dress, created by the award-winning designer of the TFI New Labels Fashion Design Competition, or 1 or 10 secondary prizes of a Barbie Basics doll and accessory set.
All you have to do is to dress up a barbie doll on your screen using the accessories given. The whole process is easy and fun!
Contest ends May 16th

I was looking through the April 2010 issue of Elle Canada. There's a Black Label Barbie article inside, with a short interview with the semi-finalists of the little black dress design competition.

On a side note, I'm breaking out like crazy cause it's almost the time of the month and because of the stress from the upcoming exam :S How do you guys deal with this?


CCWai said...

Looks like something quite interesting.
It's nice seeing Barbie on fashion magazine covers!

Phuong said...

very cute!!

Ericca Ayako said...

I think I'm going to do this! What a great contest!

misscindee said...

hi babe. thx for the follow =)i just wanted to come say hi. this contest looks interesting. did you enter it yet?

and i love the sparkle tipped nails you did in ur previous entry. i did mine with gold sparkles before but i think it looks better with the sparkles you used. with the gold it kind of looked like my nails were turning yellow. my go to nail routine when im feeling lazy is putting on 2 coats of OPI Nail Envy.

Jenny said...

hey edwina! i hope that manuka honey works for u! i also use it with a bit of emu oil to make it transfer into my skin better. but see how the honey works by itself first! it makes big pimples come to a head much faster, but i've also seen it help fade the whole pimple altogether (that takes about 2-3 weeks though for the really annoying ones)! i just find the honey doesn't dry the zit plus skin around it like benzoyl peroxide which makes it easier to cover up! hope it works!! i'm also testing out manuka OIL i bought from ebay i'll let u know if it works :P

Winnie* said...

Hi Edwina! You just need to sleep a lot and ur face will stop breaking out. I had a crazy break out last saturday.. my face broke out like crazy and my forehead was filled with red/white bumps.. scary! I didnt know what to do either but the following night I passed out for a good 14 hours lol. its all from stress and by chance the time of the month too! But they were significantly lighter and going away after i woke up. so happy about it haha dont want to have a crazy face for my graduation next weekend. yea so rest up! its very important.. and drink more water :)

hannahh♥s said...

hey girl, thanks for commenting! i'll do a more detailed review of the BB tinted moisturizer as soon as i can try it out a few more times. but so far, i really like it! ( : also, about the breaking out part during the time of month.. drink plenty of water and get lots of rest. and a simple exercise moves/stretches can help you feel a little less sluggish. ( : hope this helps!