Sunday, May 9, 2010

Short Update & Domo Collection

I'm still preparing for my upcoming exam this Thursday :S and time is running tighter and tighter.... so I don't think I'll be able to post much this week. Hope you all will have a great week! And Happy Mother's Day :)

Here, I leave you guys with a picture of my sister's and my domo kun collection :)

start with the left side at the back
- domo kun speakers (the speakers are its feet :P )
- domo kun book
- 2 domo kun stuff animals
- domo kun camera holder

- domo kun flash drive
- domo kun key holder
- collectible figure in orange

I got most of these as gifts and I got the key holder and camera holder as souvenirs from Taiwan :) I love domo kun!! It's like the cutest and craziest little monster!

Enjoy some short episodes of domo kun here (each episode is around 30 sec only):

Which character are you obsessed about?


Winnie* said...

Thanks for the award Edwina! I still don't have time to post it yet but will do soon :) I love domo too haha but I am sooooo obsessed with little mermaid and hello kitty (only the orignal one with red and blur outfit, not the pink new ones..) The domo flashdrive you have is so funny! his head is so long lol

Anonymous said...

aaww . . . very cute toys !

Selma said...

how cute! love these ones :)

Susie said...

I love Domo! :) So cute. I've always loved Hello Kitty though ^^

Susie said...

I haven't kept up with the whole strawberry thing :/ but it does work! My friend has been doing it for a while & her teeth are SUPER white! It's worth a try =) Cheap too, waaay cheaper than Crest White Strips!

ipehishere said...

i hv friend obssed with domo kun too! O.o
she is crazy bout this character like u.. lol
heii nice to meet you :))
i follow u back..^^

i love everything bout bunny !!! hehe

Pop Champagne said...

aww cute, I love Domo! I have a domo keychain hehe

hannahh♥s said...

hey, i just wanted to let you know that i did review the BB TM ( : i love your domo collection. i have an obsession for cow dolls. hahaha

junsama said...

nice blog!!!

junsama said...

this is j btw lol

heartofpearl ♡ said...

domo kun is sooo cuuute hehe lovely collection, i realised i dont own any domo kun :( hehe hope that exam went well!! x

Winnie* said...

Im back Edwina lol! I gave the award back to you.. I know it is kinda useless but just wanted to say thank you thank you for supporting all the time :) I put you in my giveaway automatically haha good luck <3 Let us know how ur exam went! hope domokun gave u some luck hehee

naturalnchicmakeup said...

These are so cute! I like the ugly dolls best.