Friday, May 14, 2010


I know the quality of these pictures are really bad... but I'm too lazy to retake them :(

- Forever 21 cardigan
- Forever 21 tank top
- Uniqlo black skinny jeans
- Louis Vuitton bag

Oh, and can you tell? I got a hair cut!! Finally :) Not anything dramatic, just got more layers! I'm into clipping my bangs to the side these days to keep it in shape and out of my eyes heh do any of you guys also do that? :P

I watched Iron Man 2 last night. I was dead tired cause I only had 3 hours of sleep the night beforehand. I can't believe I actually fell asleep at the beginning of the movie! Opps :S But I did wake up shortly after and enjoyed it very much :) I have to say that I loved the first one much more than this. But it was entertaining enough to be worthwhile for the ticket price!


Susie said...

Love your cardigan! :) I've heard a lot of mixed reviews on Iron Man 2, I don't know if I should go watch it or not! Hahaha :/

naturalnchicmakeup said...

I was thinking about watching Iron Man2 although I haven't even watched the first one. LoL.

Candid Phobic said...

I like your outfit! I haven't seen Iron Man 2 (I'm pathetic) but I've heard so many good reviews, I dunno.

P.S gave you an award on my blog Lala, check it out! :-)

*Anita* said...

cute outfit! :)

i can't wait to watch Iron Man 2!! even though i hear the sequel isn't as good as the first, i still want to watch it for all the action haha :D xx

Mimi said...

i like your bag! i love LV. :D

PinkOrchids said...

Your new hair cut looks really nice! ^.^

ipehishere said...

oh im trying to get my bang longer and its soo hard.. hey go bling ur phone! its cute. hehe
i watched Iron man2 !! scarlette soo hot there!