Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Gossip Girl Finale!!!!!! (spoil alert)

So I just finished watching gossip girl.... the only thought is WTF JUST HAPPENED? whooaaaa drama overload! First off, I feel very bad for blair. After all that chuck has put her through, she decided to give him a chance, and what did she get? gahhh!! As much as I love them together, I don't think he deserved the second chance since he never gave an acceptable apology, in my opinion. But at the moment where he was going to take out the ring, I was this close to having tears in my eyes. His facial expression when Blair shows up at his place was also priceless - I really felt how happy he was, and at the same time, how much he knows that he screwed up.

Other than that, I really do dislike Serena and Jenny. Serena seems to have feelings for any guy within reach at times of vulnerability. And Jenny, I know I'm supposed to feel bad for her, but I really don't to be honest. I truly believe she brought it upon herself. Nate is definitely an awesome guy, he's so patient with Serena. And please, no more Dan and Serena anymore. I had enough with them, and also Dan and Vanessa :S

Definitely the most dramatic and shocking finale I've watched. Can't wait till next season!


Marie said...

I so agree with you. And that last minute of the finale.. I was like "WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!"

Can't wait for the next season!:D

Happy Thursday!:D
...and everything girly under the sun!

reneerx said...

totally agree~

Boutzie' said...

I do have to agree with you on the Serena thing. I mean come on she like a little bird flying any where. But I have to disagree on the Jenny part. I mean before she never wanted to be apart of that world, but she was force. I don't believe she brought it on herself, I believe she wanted more out of life, and well the people around her are not her real family.

Gaby said...

I know I loved it!

and omg thank you I freaking hate serena. she is so rude!
i really liked her on the first season but they really turned her into a snob.

I am excited now that I found out that ed is still signed up to play chuck for next season, so yay!

lipstick cherry said...

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Jenny said...

i finally watched the finale this weekend! WTH happened?!!!!! I hated the finale! i dont like sad endings!

Leenda said...

I agree! I feel bad for Chuck and Blair's relationship, but yea...Chuck messed up big time. I think they need a new awesome character on the show. I wonder how they are going to open up next season?