Monday, May 17, 2010

Haul (mostly Maybeline)

So yesterday I went to another cosmetic sale at the Steeles and Keele area (near York University) in Toronto. It was one of those sale places where you need a ticket to get in. My friend got one from her workplace, and she is allowed to bring a friend or go in twice herself, and she brought me! :D Products there range from L'oreal, Maybeline, Vichy, Biotherm, Lancome, and more. I picked up the following goodies :)

- L'oreal Hip Cream Eyeliner (about $5)
- Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Foundation ($5)
- Maybelline blush in Gentle Rose ($2.50)
- Maybelline Quad in Sapphire Ice (under $5 I think)
- Maybelline lip liner in 210 Mauve ($2.50)
- Maybelline lipstick in 100 Pink Pearl and 150 Healthy Rose ($2.50 each)
- Maybelline Moisture Extreme lipstick in A55 Orchid Frost and A50 Pink Bloom (2.50 each)
- Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush in 20 Peach Satin (about $3)
- Maybelline Dream Mousse Concealer in Ivory Light (about $3)
- Maybelline XXL extensions mascara (about $2.50) - not shown in picture

I can't remember exactly how much some of the stuff cost exactly :S

The two on the right are from the Moisture Extreme line.
100 Pink Pearl / 150 Healthy Rose / A55 Orchid Frost / A50 Pink Bloom

Sorry, swatches are not the best cause of my lighting.

Hope you guys enjoyed my haul. I may include some of these items in a future giveaway! :D Ahh, and I'm buying way too many makeup related items lately :S I should invest in some clothing items instead... as my summer wardrobe is kinda lacking :(


Angelique said...

Hey Edwina!

Great buys :] I really would love to do go one of those cosmetic sales! It seems that there's a lot of those in Canada.. Well at least all the ones I've read about :P

I'm liking the last two lippies. Very pretty :]

Renay Shanel said...

Great haul the colors you picked for all products are great !! Have a good week :D

Anonymous said...

i'm loving the colors!!!

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Claudia K

Susie said...

Wow you got a great deal on everything :) The HIP Cream Eyeliner usually costs around $12 here!

Marie said...

Nice haul!:D The cream eyeliner is so cheap over there!

Happy Monday!:D
...and everything girly under the sun!

Gaby said...

I have a few of the maybelline quads and i think they are lovely!
they def do not work without a good primer on me though

Mimi said...

oooooh, you got the dream mousse concealer. i hope you make a post about how it works for you. :D

naturalnchicmakeup said...

Awesome haul!! Hope you like the L'oreal cream liner cause I love it!

superwoolu said...

pink bloom looks like a really pretty color! thanks for the swatches (:

LIZ said...

wow. the price is quite cheap, if i compare it in Indonesia :)