Friday, April 30, 2010

OOTD & Date Night

Another OOTD?!?? Hellz yeahhh!!
- Forever21 black lace racerback tank
- basic white beater underneath
- long purple cardigan from Sirens
- stirrup leggings
- beige / pink scarf
- Forever21 studded skinny belt
- mom's Ralph Lauren bag from 20 years ago

So I went out to watch Date Night with my favourite Steve Carell! He's awesome, and of course so is Tina Fey! They are both hilarious. The added bonus is Leighton Meester, but she was only in it for 2 scenes and she barely had any lines :S Overall, I thought it was entertaining and above-average. If you want to spend the night to sit back and laugh, this is the way to do it! Other than that, I thought the plot was semi predictable though.

Spotted the black label barbies in ToysRus! Anyone else love barbies?

Have a great weekend everyone! Much Love.


naturalnchicmakeup said...

ooo Black label barbies. Are they a special set or something?

lovelyviolet5 said...

Love your outfit and the scarf so pretty!!!

Susie said...

Love your outfit! =)The scarf really adds to it! ^^ Barbies were my favorite growing up<3 I had so many! Hahaha.

Susie said...

They are all from Walgreens =) They were on sale for 1.99 each!

sonya said...

pretty hair, pretty necklace, pretty lip color! and your mom's twenty-yr-old bag? now that's precious :)

Jenny said...

love your outfit edwina :) black label barbies!! i want to go to toys r us to check them out too now :p

Really Petite said...

I love the whole outfit! The scarf really is a great touch! I have always wanted to do the scarf thing but just can't seem to find one I like :)

Thanks for following! Following you back!!! :)

Edwina said...

thanks everyone!

@naturalnchicmakeup : The black label barbies feature the little black dress! I believe there's also a red label collection.. I saw that in toysrus too, but not sure what it features! :P

Bec said...

Very lovely! :)

reneerx said...

I like your outfit, you are a cutie~