Friday, April 23, 2010

Deal or No Deal...

This NYX bundle sale was highly anticipated by me. I was so excited as I already missed the last $1 sale since it was around the time I placed a huge elf order. I figured I didn't need to buy that much make up all at once. Yesterday, I clicked on the site in the afternoon hoping to see some sweet deals, but I couldn't see anything. So I thought to myself, maybe they didn't update their site yet, I checked the site again at midnight. Still nothing. I did some research and found out that they don't offer their promotions to Canadians!!!! I'm so bummed out. I really want to their their lippies, jumbo pencils, and eyeshadows :(

Anyone else feeling the same way as me? (insert sad face)

If you live in the states, you should definately consider getting one or more of these bundles! The prices are unbeatable for what you're getting.

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Margaret said...

oooh cool. sadly i don't live in the states :(
love your blog
great posts!
stop by some time xx