Saturday, April 24, 2010


Now that the warm weather is around the corner and we're making plans to go to our cruises, sunshine getaways and beaches, a lot of us are planning to purchase some garments from the swimwear department. A great alternative to bikini is the monokini. They are sexy and interesting to look at! I'm noticing that there are a lot more different choices of monokinis at the retail stores this year.

Audrina Patridge / Jessica Alba / Eva Longoria

Lindsay Lohan is sporting a fringed monokini which is very similar to a style that Victoria Secret offers.

The top two are from The Orchid Boutique. The bottom left is from Forever21, and the right one from urbanoutfitters is my favourite :)

Do you own a monokini? What are your thoughts on them?


Rainy Days and Lattes said...

Definitely more forgiving than a bikini :)

Susie said...

I love monokinis but I doubt I'll ever own one! I don't think I can rock it as well as others do, LOL. Audrina Patridge wears them quite often, she has such a nice body!

Phuong said...

very nice ones!

naturalnchicmakeup said...

haha I do own one and it's the only thing I can wear without making me look like a whale!

Words Rollin' Off Your Tongue said...

i want one!!!
Love the Urban Outfitter one

Dian Prad said...

i love the monokinis! its one piece, but its stunning as two pieces ... great post!!
im in love when Audrina shown up on the hills, She flirted on Brody Jenner when jacuzi-ing with that monokinis, furthermore made Brody Jenner cheating on Jade Nicole..
that was the first time i saw the monokini, and fall in love with it...

thankyou for your sweet comment and followed me, I very appreciate:)
So now you're enjoying your free time while waiting the convocation? is that same with graduation, commencement ? *sorry i have bad English
what major did you take, anyway?

so,Have a great free time , and I hope your graduation gonna be a brightest ever!!

Dian Prad

Dian Prad said...

thankyou for visiting back to my blog edwina :)

wow, quite surprise u also remembered that scene, yeah that was their Hawaii vacation...
I love the hills series so much since the first season.

My plan after this graduation, i think im gonna take a rest for about 3 weeks more before i really get into job searching seasons.. im gonna have vacation to China with family, to refresh my mind.. because honestly, right now, i still feel so hectic after the last thesis.

wow,actuarial science, such a heavy major, isn't it? I think you are very smart one...
bout your exams, i could feel you, I think you should working so hard for finalize your exams perfectly. So when the graduation is coming, you can feel very satisfied with all works that u have done, and you could be really proud with yourself, thats the best feeling ever :)
keep spirit, edwina.. mid may is 2 more weeks, wishing you the best luck ever...
and good luck also for the job searching :)

anyway, are you grown up in Canada? or from Asia?
dian prad

Ievu said...

Woouw...nice those monokinies :)

Have a nice and sunny day! ;)