Thursday, April 15, 2010

Intro about me

Hi everyone :) my name is edwina, but I go by sumlala or lala in short on the internet. I'm definately not new to blogging, but I have to consider myself as a newbie in this type of blogging. The reason is that I own another blog (actually a livejournal if you have to be specific) mainly about my life and my feelings, it's more like my own spin on LeLove but based on my everyday feelings and experiences regarding love. In the past 8 months or so, I've started intensively watching Youtube beauty videos and reading blogs of various gurus, and I'm in love. I think it's about time I focus on the happy things that makes me smile as I'm prone to dwell on my pessimistic thoughts. This blog will be mostly about the things in my life - fashion and beauty hauls, my travels, movies, TV shows, materialistic obsessions, basically anything that makes me smile :) I look forward to sharing with you all a little bit of my life.

Much love <3

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Chanel Craves said...

can't wait to hear more. Come check out my blog.