Saturday, January 22, 2011

You hear yourself singing in the weirdest times

One of my best girlfriends came to visit from Hong Kong for a brief few days. It was a bummer that we only got to meet up once, but it was nonetheless really fun. It seems like she never left us, it was just like old times :) Definitely a nice night out shopping, having dinner, bbt, and gossiping! Heehee

I got my belated bday present and I absolutely love it! My first ever Chanel!!! I literally screamed when she handed it to me lol :P It's a makeup palette with eyes, face, lip products plus a mini mascara. I was actually considering on getting something Chanel (cosmetics wise) using one of the gift cards that I received during Christmas, but I couldn't decide!

Btw, I was wearing my faux fur Anthropologie sweater. I'm easily drawn to anything faux fur, but I try to keep myself away from buying because I find them difficult to incorporate into my daily life. I couldn't help but snatch this piece a few weeks ago when I visited Anthropologie with my mom since it was on sale. And yes, I did trim my bangs! It was done by yours truly ;P I just couldn't stand my hair anymore so I picked up some scissors and started cutting away! Hope it turned out alright.

The gorgeous and moi! Can't wait to see you next time! Hopefully soon :)

Just like old times :)

Fabbrica (inside Shops at Don Mills)
49 Karl Fraser Rd., Toronto

I just realized recently that I really enjoy going to Italian restaurants. You can almost always count on them for awesome food! We chose this restaurant called Fabbrica just because we wanted to venture into the stores at Shops at Don Mills (mainly Anthropologie) right before dinner time. Awesome thing is that each of us came out from Anthropologie with a bag in our hands :D Just love that store!


The Little Dust Princess said...

Aw looks you you ladies had fun! Have you tried the Thai place called Linda at Shops @ Don Mills? It's soo good, but it's owned by Chinese people..not Thai. LOL

I think you look great in the faux fur sweater. You should wear more of it! : )

xx The Little Dust Princess

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

It's so sweet to see old friends get together :) I know what you mean though.. living far away from each other :/ Have fun w/the palette!! :) Review it when you can! :)

Tam said...

good friends are the ones you rarely see but still feel the same. wow lucky or what you got a chanel kit. I'm digging their eyeliner but it is beyond out of my price range. True story: "you can almost always count on them for awesome food" - so true edwina!

May @ Rad said...

That is so nice of your friend to get you the chanel goodies! :D

Winnie* said...

Love Anthropologie - though I seldom buy anything there. I love Free People more :) Italian restaurants. I never thought about it until you mentioned. You're right! It was never disappointing going to one. You and your girl friends are so pretty! Hopefully the next gathering is lined up already. And please do a review on the chanel palette you got. It must be lovely!

Karen said...

You all look gorgeous Edwina and that's so sweet of your gf to buy you a nice luxury gift! I don't think I've tried any Chanel products before (except for their perfume and cream) so you'll have to let us know how ti goes!
Dale loves Italian restaurants so I go with him a lot. You're right - it's hard to not like Italian food especially with all the tomato sauce, herbs and cheese. yum!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, the tee is really old ):. I think I got it last year, and I've never seen anything similar at Forever21.

Kristie said...

Happy belated birthday! Which Chanel palette did you get? Sorry for the late response - Chanel Rouge Allure are lipsticks with a glossier effect compared to Rouge Coco.