Saturday, January 1, 2011

Getting Fresh, Getting Better

2010 has definitely been a year with lots of changes.

The last term of school
I had the easiest courses during my last term since I had all my core courses done and dealt with before that. It was lots of chilling, watching shows, and enjoying my last few months being in school. Odd enough, I really like being in school! I was in a co-op program so I would have to alternate from a school term to a work term every four months. Every time I get to be in school, I feel more free and I'm happier. Of course, that's until the workload gets in the way! haha I was also really worried about the future at that time. Having a few unsuccessful interviews really added to the stress. Getting a job lined up before I graduate was one of the things that I wanted to accomplish, and not being able to achieve that still pains me inside a little bit.

Bday clubbings

Grad Ball with my dearest roomie :)

After I moved back home from my university residence, I had a really hard time coping back to living with family. Don't get me wrong, I love them, but I was so used to living on my own and doing things my own way that I found it a little hard to come back. To be honest, I still do, but it's been gotten better. I was studying day and night for 3 weeks after I moved back to prepare for an exam in mid May. It was extremely exhausting to see people enjoying themselves in the summer while I was always stuck indoor. I later on found out (in July) that I passed :) My summer officially start after mid May, and I enjoyed my first free summer ever since I started university!! I went to Ohio for a roadtrip to visit Cedar Point, went to 2 cottage trips, short trip to Niagara Falls. Last but not least, I went to Europe with my family before I started working in August cause I did secure a job in June :)

George visiting from Germany! (my hair used to be so long @_@)


July cottage trip

August cottage trip

Europe trip with family

Work Life
I'm glad that work is so close to home, and it's not too busy most of the time. People there are really nice. Not much complaints overall :D I guess the most difficult part is to learn how to sleep early and wake up early! haha I did do another exam in November which I didn't pass :( Hopefully I get better results next time!

2011 New Year's Resolution
1. Spend less on make up - I seriously have enough to last me for a while and I don't even wear that much make up on a daily basis!
2. Only buy things that I will wear so I can afford higher quality stuff, stay away from buying too much F21 clothing.
3. Have a plan on when, how, and where I am going to move out to.
4. Pass exams.
5. Be active - start going to hot yoga again!
6. Eat more healthily - less meat, more vege
7. Worry less, complain less, fuss less!!

Happy New Year everyone! Hope 2011 will be a great year :)
*Holiday haulage to follow soon! teehee


Tam said...

Happy New Year :)
It seem like you had a blast in the second photo. Oh my you went to europe :O *envy*.
All the best for 2011 and sticking with the new year resolutions :D

charlene-ann said...

Happy New Year! have a great year ahead of you! =)

Candid Phobic said...

Happy New Year Edwina! :-)

May @ Rad said...

Happy New Year!! :D

suki pooki said...

Congrats on surviving uni~ I've yet to come close to graduating! I think working close to home is the best, working far and commuting is not nice at all, especially if you live here where I am and it rains half the time =(

I hope you keep to your new years resolution list, Im going to try harder this year as for last year I didn't really have any resolutions =P Hope you have a great 2011!!!