Monday, January 24, 2011

IPSA x Ella

I just found this video and decided to share with all my Cantonese readers. I've always been a fan of Ella because she's so cute and pretty! I never tried IPSA products before, but have seen their stores in Hong Kong here and there. My 3 best friends all use IPSA's concealer and they swear by it. I never tried so I can't tell you how it is. From what I remembered, they are quite pricey, and I'm not sure if they're worth it. This video definitely makes me more interested! Enjoy :)


Elisa ♥ said...

I never heard of this brand actually ^^ I love ella as well =D she's so sweet and pretty, I once met her while she was in Holland ^_^

Winnie* said...

I have seen her in person :) She is really cute but got real attitude.. maybe having a bad day? Yay but IPSA! Really looking forward to check out their new stuff in person!