Friday, January 7, 2011

Favourite Tricks and Products of 2010

I'm sharing some of my favourite beauty tricks that I've used throughout 2010. They've worked wonders for me, and hopefully they'll work for you girls as well. Let me know how they turn out for you, and please share some of your favourite tips and tricks as well :)

1. The lipstick blush

Why waste money on cream blushes when you already have tons of lipsticks in your drawer? Apply your BB cream, while your face is still moist, dap your favourite lipstick on the apples of your cheeks, rub it to soften the colour, continue with your makeup routine (eyeliner, mascara, and such), then after you're done, just powder your face. I guarantee your face makeup would look very natural and pretty :)

2. Black eyeshadow over eyeliner
If you use a pencil liner or cream / gel liner, you might notice that your liner would smudge after several hours (depending on the quality of the liner). And everyone knows that it's not cute to have black running down your face. Padding a black e/s over it seals the liner nicely, your liner will last for so much longer.

My favourite eyeliner is this sample size Lancome Le Crayon Khol in Black Ebony that I got as one of the GWP last year. It has the longest staying power I've ever encountered for a pencil eyeliner, not to mention how black it is!

3. Lipgloss before Lipstick

I have insanely dry lips. They're extremely chapped most of the time. I need to apply a lip balm once every few hours, if I don't, then I'll most likely have bloody lips by the end of the day. With this horrible lip condition, it's virtually impossible to have any lipstick work for me especially during the winters. One thing I'd do is to instead of using a lip balm before applying a lipstick, is to use a lip gloss because it's even more liquidty.

4. Stippling brush to buff, not to apply
Maybe I'm not using the right products... but my stippling brush never worked for me, at least not to apply liquid foundation. It eats away the product and I end up using a lot more product than I'm used to. What I like to do with the stippling brush is to buff my liquid foundation to achieve the flawless look after applying with my fingers.

5. Sample perfumes on the go

I got these along with a perfume gift from my friend a while back. I love to take one with me when I'm having a night out to freshen up. It's also really convenient to take with me when I'm traveling :)


helen said...

I definitely need to use lipstick as blush more often (even as a base for a matter of fact).

I've never tried lipgloss before lipstick before.. hmmm...

Renee said...

Dark eye shadow can also use as eye liner, it will appear very natural good for a soft look.

This is a good post.

Winnie* said...

Very good tips! hehee sometimes I put lipgloss before lipsticks too. Almost no lipsticks work for me either but try shiseido one. I could have it on my lips for couple of hours (which is a miracle to me). I love perfume samples too. too bad I only have a few I got from sephora and those are not the scents I like - I am thinking about buying a roller ball one. :)

Anonymous said...

I use the "black eyeshadow over eyeliner". That has saved me so many times!

Jenny said...

thanks for the tips edwina! no matter what technique i use, eyeliner NEVER stays on my eyes :( I've resorted to just using dark eyeshadow as eyeliner lol

The Little Dust Princess said...

#1 and 2 are so me! I've tried gloss before lipstick before and didn't like it. I usually just do lip balm before. Lip gloss makes my lipstick look weird.

xx The Little Dust Princess

A Shine Bunny said...

Great staff and tricks, pretty fun to read!!

Amy said...

I use sample perfumes on the go too! :) And I used to set my eyeliner with eyeshadow, but I stopped for some reason. Either it dulled my eyeliner or I just got too lazy. Probably the latter haha.

Thanks for the great tips! :) Might have to try the first one sometime, I just hope it doesn't turn out disastrous though.

Karen said...

Hi Edwina! Great tips :) I always use black eyeshadow as well to top off my creme liner - although the creme liner I use is very good on its own as well (MAC Fluidline). I like the Urban Decay Zero eyeshadow - its' the most pigmented black shadow I have come across so far...much more so than my MAC ones ;)
And I LOVE perfume samples since as you said, it's great to have it so small for a night out and you can just discard it after using it when you're out.
My lips are also very dry constantly as well. What's your favourite lip balm so far? I'm currently using MAC Lip conditioner which I love!

The Little Dust Princess said...

In reply to your comment:
The heels aren't even an inch high so it was kind of awkward for me as I'm used to higher heels. After a couple of hours though, they were fine. I wouldn't recommend sizing up because the boot will just go higher up on your thigh. I'm a 6/7 and I got a 6. : )

I WISH they had the taupe booties in my size. argh. So upset.

Tasja said...

I do EXACTLY the same things :D
execpt for 1. since I wear foundation and then I feel that it is better that I use powder.
And 2 is my holy grail thingy. I love it because it doesn't smudge but it also goes so natural with your eyeshadow ^^

I love this post ^^ I think that I'm inspired, maybe going to do one too about my fave tricks :)

TOPCOAT said...

Great post darling! xx

Ariana said...

Great post.

suki pooki said...

o0o0 the perfume sample idea is genius! I've never though about that before, and to think of all the samples I've thrown away! Though Im not a perfume person you never know when you (or the person beside you) will need it! and I can't wait to give the lipstick blush a try!

I did a post about my disney world trip on my blog but if you want more (and I've got lots lol) of detail feel free to leave me comments on what you'd like to know! When are you and your bf planning to go? During spring? If so I think the weather will be lovely, since I know it's still a bit chilly there in January!

I really want to visit Harry Potters park too but I don't have enough time to venture out of disney world BOO and I never knew that universal studio park tickets would cost more than disneys! ahhh! I have a lack of funds already so I had to say bye bye to Hp world =(

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Tam said...

Really helpful tips for making the most of makeup! Thank you you are a life saver. :)) *so happy*