Monday, September 15, 2014

Too Cool for Scool Egg Mousse Pack Review

Hi girlies! Let me share my experience on the Too Cool for School Egg Mousse Pack today. I bought it at the Bonjour sale for HK$49 (see blogpost here) which I thought was a complete steal because its original price is about HK$1xx. I've heard about this product before so when I saw it on sale, I immediately picked it up. If you haven't heard of Too Cool for School yet, this is a Korean brand, and you can find quite a few Too Cool for School stores in Hong Kong. I'd say their products are in the low-to-mid range prices. 

Honestly, the thing that sold me was the oh-so-cute packaging that makes you think you can eat out of whatever that comes from it! Am I crazy or what?

To use it, simply pump the product on dry palms, then apply and massage gently on face. Leave it on for about five or ten minutes until all the products has been absorbed. Then wash your face with warm water until all the residue is gone.
It's so interesting that the foamy substance would disappear after a while! But prepared for a ticklish and fuzzy sensation during that few minutes. After using it, my pores immediately appear to be minimized! There's a slight tight sensation after... I guess that's why the pores appear smaller! However, this effect doesn't last for too long, at least you won't be able to see it the morning after. Unlike other similar products, I don't think this product is made for anyone to apply right before sleep time. It's much suitable to provide a quick fix right before a big night out or a photoshoot. It's super efficient as it only takes several minutes before you put your make up on.

Effectiveness: My pores are immediately minimized after using it. I love that it only takes around five to ten minutes for this result. However, the effect is only short term so I suggest using it just for a quick fix if needed. There's essentially no benefits to do it right before sleep time.
Packaging: Super cute and quite light.
Price: Reasonable
Repurchase: On the fence. Even though it's effective, but it's only short term. I don't have problematic skin so I don't think this is extremely useful for me. I rather spend my money on something that's beneficial on the long term at the moment.
Verdict: If you're someone who's looking for a quick fix to minimize your pores before going out, this is the product for you.

Much love.